The Art of Wellness Collection Presents Home Business Opportunities!

“It is the set of the sails,
not the direction of the wind
that determines which way we will go.”

— Jim Rohn

It is very important today to hold a vision in your minds eye as to the type of life you would like to live. We know that most people choose to work as an employee and earn a paycheck to help someone else achieve and live the life of their dreams. But you can also choose to work for yourself with a home business like the ones share below and have no one to blame but yourself for your success or failure. You simply need to set your sails in the direction you see your life taking. It takes work and courage and of course dedication to work from home but this is the wave of the future and you can start gently by doing one  of these business opportunities part time to start with for very little a very low entry fee.

For example, I have included three very special home businesses which I have thoroughly vetted and use myself every day and rolled them into my husband Nazim’s and my Art of Wellness Collection. I love to share them right along with Nazim’s holistically glazed art works!

“Bold Eagle ~ Endeavor” by Nazim Artist ~ Holistically Glazed

Some aspect of The Art of Wellness Collection usually resonates with folks when I present them with what  I feel will be of value  and then there is nothing better than knowing I have truly helped someone to go after the life they have always dreamed about. Keep in mind that the art you have on your walls should inspire and empower your career path every day you wake up and see it! Check out the Art of Nazim and see if there is something in his collection at that you might like to have either the original of or a print on stretched canvas that would be holistically glazed as well!

Please  peruse our Art of Wellness Collection of products and opportunities for home businesses and see if they resonate with you!

See my video presentation about how MOXXOR works for me and why I feel it is the best Omega-3 on the planet at .

MOXXOR uses no heat in its extraction method, is 100% sustainable and all organic, which for the price of one bottle of, Moxxor plus one or two bottles of MOXXOR shipped to you monthly for your use each month AND Voila now you have your own business..set your sail for the first goal to get this great product for free each month and then go for residual income as you pay it forward to family, friends and new contacts…get healthy and wealthy!

Then check out to see how Protandim might resonate with you as a one caplet per day all vegan super antioxidant and NRf2 Synergizer! You need to watch the ABC Primetime Investigative report at the link above to learn all about that and be sure to check out the recent scientific updates at this link, as well!

But please just try it for 30 days and its luxurious skin cream called TrueScience for the beauty inside and outside approach at and  see if this one resonates (I personally love Protandim and Moxxor together so I take them both daily).

Finally the most amazing technology I have ever experienced is a new FDA registered Class one medical device called BEMER, which comes from Europe. I do this therapy twice a day every day and sleep on the luxurious pad at night each evening for the best sleep I have ever experienced and wake up refreshed instead of aching all over. Once you own a device you can become a distributor in my team and here’s the best news..I have the honor of working with you directly as your mentor and manager to help you set those sails in the direction you would like to sail for your life, your health your energy and your future!

All of these protocols are also great for our whole family including our Companion Animals! Please check out my site for more information!

Please watch:

And then check out my BEMER website here:

Many thanks,

Celeste Yarnall, Ph.D

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