BEMER Special Holiday Promotion!


BEMER is offering a special holiday promotion right now, which runs through the end of 2012.

BEMER is offering those who purchase a BEMER at this time (before year end) and join my team as an Independent BEMER Distributor a gift with purchase option!

BEMER is offering a free B-Body (full body mat) with the purchase of the BEMER Pro (my wholesale cost for this additional attachment would be $740) and this allows a clinical practice to treat two patients at the same time using one B-Box (brain/computer) or for couples to enjoy doing their BEMER sessions at the same time and utilize the dual sleep system with two B-Body mats.

With the BEMER Classic a B-pad is included as a free gift with purchase.
images-3The cost of the Pro set is $5990 plus tax and the cost of the Classic is $4290 plus tax but the shipping free in the USA.
This is a great incentive right now and one which I wish my husband and I had had when we purchased our BEMER PRO, as that second pad would really come in handy for us for that all important dual sleep system for couples.
As Independent BEMER Distributors we have no idea when an incentive like this will be offered, but as soon as we know heard about this one we wanted to share this information right away with you all and right now a BEMER gift is one the whole family will love! The second B-Body (mat) could even be for a well loved pet who sleeps beside you! Animals seem to be very drawn to the BEMER signal and rightly so as it is just as good for them as it is for us!
My husband and I chose to finance our Pro through BEMER’s finance company and we placed a security deposit of 5%, or $325 up front and we now only  pay $157 per month, for 60 months and there is no prepayment penalty should we wish to pay it off at any time. The people from the finance company made it so easy for us.
Once we learned how important restoring and/or maintaining our microcirculatory system really is for our whole family, including our pets, we knew we had to own one ourselves and this has been one of the wisest decisions we’ve ever made! As far as we know, this special offer right now for the holiday is as  good as it gets, deal wise.coco puff on the bemerPlease email me, if you’d like me to share more information with you or if  you have any questions. Also here is my Independent BEMER Distributor website which offers quite a bit more information.Please have a look at this video for a brief presentation of the science behind BEMER:
Visit us on Facebook and please share this post with your friends and family. Let’s all live long and prosper with BEMER!

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