BEMER Technology


BEMER technology offers a unique, drug free, therapy system for the whole family , including our companion animals.

Here are some of the major physiological parameters that are quantifiable, repeatable and consistently improved with BEMER treatment are:

  • Micro circulation
  • Macro circulation
  • Partial oxygen pressure
  • Protein bio-synthesis
  • ATP production
  • Immune system
  • Analgesic and anti-oxidation regulation
  • Repair mechanisms

Improvement of the above parameters enable the body to effectively activate self-regulation and self-healing mechanisms. The body already “knows what to do” if energetically enabled at cellular level to do so. In fact, the body is trying very hard to do just that ever since we were born. Our lifestyles however, are generally not conducive to keeping our bodies in optimal shape.
What the BEMER will accomplish is to compensate for some of the lifestyle damage inflicted upon it by improving the key parameters (and some others) listed above.

The BEMER does not replace any existing medical treatment but it represents another tool in the toolbox of medical treatments. It certainly constitutes a new paradigm of improving health, vitality and quality of life as it is process-based and not indication-based.

therapy on bemer

A major difference however is that there are no negative side-effects, no possibility of overdose, completely natural, compatibility with all other known medical treatments and an extremely easy home treatment option. Best attribute: It really works! The best test, try it out for yourself.

However, please note that even the BEMER does not replace good diagnosis and examination by a qualified medical practitioner.

What you read on this blog about BEMER from time to time, is the best possible currently available information with regard to the BEMER based on research, medical findings and millions of applications by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. This research is only verified with the BEMER and the effects are not automatically transferable to other “apparently similar” devices.

bemer lady on pad

The BEMER represents state of the art evidence-based medicine, its breakthrough methodology is protected by international patent, The BEMER is registered as a medical device with the appropriate authorities in countries where it is marketed and way ahead of ordinary Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapy Devices offered under various names and guises.

There will always be a host of devices “out there” based on gullibility, placebo effect and sometimes fraud. It is difficult, but not impossible, to discern the effective from the fly by nights. Investigate the BEMER and make up your own mind.

The BEMER has no competitors, only admirers.

No matter what age or condition you are in, if young or senior, if ill or top fit, sportsperson or lack-of-exercise type person,
you can benefit from a scientifically developed, medically accredited and proven method of
health care, to maintain, regain and boost your vitality, physical & mental performance and Quality of Life.

Are you aware of the possibilities of modern physiological regulation treatment using
the BEMER system?

The BEMER was introduced initially 15 years ago, however the new BEMER Classic and Professional versions were introduced two years ago and it has helped thousands of people in their effort to maintain and regain their health in case of illness, chronic and acute, fatigue and stress, to regenerate after surgery, accidents or injuries big and small.

With our fast-moving, highly stressful living conditions, the BEMER certainly improves the regular user’s Quality of Life and improved resistance to illness.

The BEMER provides a modern answer to the most pressing health problem today: boosting the body’s own built-in capacity to heal itself and to enable the body’s own physiological regulation to perform optimally.

Tens of thousands of people in over 50 countries already reap the benefits of using the BEMER treatment in the comfort of their home: it is safe, it is non-invasive, it has no negative side-effects and it is as easy as lying down on the BEMER for 8 to 20 minutes daily.

The science behind it is independently verified, quantifiable, repeatable and consistent. The BEMER is Evidence-based Medicine in the truest sense of the word.

These days, more and more people are sick. Yet never has the level of medical technology and never has so much money been spent on maintaining and regaining lost health and vitality. Why are we still mainly subject to “sickness management” instead of real HEALTH CARE?

Vascular ailments, immune system deficiency and age-related diabetes seem to affect more and more people at an ever younger age and other chronic illnesses are rampant. Obesity is on the increase. What are the causes?

Much of the air we breathe and food we eat is certainly not beneficial to our health, while our modern lifestyle also precludes sufficient exercise and proper breathing. The result is decreased cellular energy production which has a detrimental effect on the body’s self-regulation and ability to heal itself. Every symptom of an illness has at its cause a cellular deficiency of some sort, mostly lack of the life-energy called ATP (Adinosine Tri Phosphate)

Proper blood circulation is essential for the body’s cells to receive nutrients and oxygen. Oxygen absorption and diffusion to all parts of the body activates the cellular metabolism, the immune system and other vital processes essential to recover from chronic illnesses, post-operative surgery, injuries and to maintain good health.

Fortunately there is a solution: The remarkable BEMER which is a health and vitality device whose time has come!

The BEMER is scientifically validated, proven by millions of applications a year and is registered by the FDA as a class one medical device.

Take your time to browse my BEMER website at

For those of you residing in the greater Los Angeles area my partner is an integrative MD who offers BEMER therapy in his Woodland Hills, CA clinic. Please let me know if I can be of any help with a referral to him or provide you with any information on pricing, testing the BEMER, rent before you buy and financing options.

Your health, vitality and Quality of Life is worth it.

The BEMER Device

The BEMER Device

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