A Celeste Update and a Request from Me (Therese)


Dear Celestial Musings Blog readers,

Many thanks to all who have helped so far. I really appreciate your friendship and support. Please help me to reach my goal if the spirit moves you to do so at http://www.gofundme.com/kvo9xs and don’t forget to mention Trekkersrapbook. Much love to you all.

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it's all in the mindDear Friends,

Could you please do me a favor? In this past month since I suggested it, I have only seen about $70 donated from trekkerscrapbook readers (including my two) and I’m wondering if  perhaps some of my readers here have donated, but have not included the words “trekkerscrapbook’ in their accompanying note?  If any of you out here have donated to Celeste, PLEASE let me know here so I may tally the total up. I am hoping to raise $1500 for Celeste through this site alone, but it is only possible if I know who has donated and how much — the easiest way for me to see this is for you to write “trekkerscrapbook”  or even “TS” in the comment section when you donate.  Please donate early and often! For every little bit helps! When we reach $1500 in donations, I’ll get to have an exclusive…

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Yeoman Pride!


Thank you Therese for this wonderful post!

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Something for the underdogs of Starfleet — The Yeomans!*   In memory of Grace Lee Whitney <3

yeoman pride

(*And before the nit-pickers complain, I know that Miss Piper from The Menagerie was never addressed as Yeoman, and that Wong from Court Martial is actually an Ensign, but they both look great here, have very similar jobs and deserve credit where credit is due! – !)

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Obama, Hillary/Bill, Bush, “income inequality and violence”


let’s muse on this and form good belief systems that might serve US this time in stead of the fat cats in DC???? The Clinton’s are fat enough although I would love to see a woman be president but the woman has to think like a woman not patriarchal despot.

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Obama, Hillary/Bill, Bush, “income inequality and violence”

The big lie

by Jon Rappoport

May 3, 2015


“There are lots of ways to destroy communities. One of the most successful is: take jobs away. Cancel jobs. Then, cover this plot with lies about poverty and inequality. Set race and against race: tap into human feelings and the mind in their vulnerable areas—where hatred and rancor can be stimulated. Thus, distract everyone from the truth.” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

The US, England, Australia, Canada— everywhere you go you see the same specter and the same lying politicians:

The specter is Globalism and its effects—the open secret mainstream pols refuse to talk about.

The Globalist truth is simple, and it has been simple since the 1940s: If a government pushes a policy that sends jobs to foreign countries where labor is cheap, economic ruin follows at home.

It doesn’t take a genius…

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My Weekly Spock: Full of Grace


RIP dear friend and fellow Star Trek Yeoman, Grace Lee Whitney.

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With the news that dear Grace Lee Whitney passed away on May 1st, it seemed only logical to have some pictures of Leonard and Grace here.   Rest in Peace to two wonderful souls. <3 (I’ll post a full tribute to Grace soon) I love the last one on the movie set.

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Adequate and Well-Controlled Studies Proving Medical Efficacy of Cannabis Exist but Are Ignored by Marijuana Schedulers

If we can get Cannabis declassified as a dangerous class one drug we will be able to see much more research be done.

Adequate and Well-Controlled Studies Proving Medical Efficacy of Cannabis Exist but Are Ignored by Marijuana Schedulers.

Beginner’s Guide To The Endocannabinoid System — The Reason Our Bodies So Easily Processes Cannabis


Very valuable information is contained here. Please read this as it is going to be very important to the future of medicine.

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In the future, perhaps 20 years from now, cannabis-based medicines will have a prominent place in the worldwide pharmacopeia again. Indeed, we might have even gotten there much faster if it hadn’t been for the draconian interference of the U.S. government. To this day, they are still blocking researchers from accessing cannabis to study. Countless thousands have died suffering and millions more continue to be denied access to plant-based medications that could not only mitigate their misery, but also possibly even cure them.

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Celeste Yarnall Update — Let’s Make This Happen NOW!!


I love this from trekker scrapbook.com and am so appreciative of any help you all can give me. I am raising funding for advanced personalized cancer treatments that will use my banked live tumor sample tissues to make special vaccines for me personally. You may have seen some of these treatment options shared recently on 60 minutes. Plus this is all out of pocket as insurance doesn’t cover it. My husband and I will have to travel regularly to most likely the Cayman Islands to get these treatments which my oncologist if very excited about. We need to raise an additional $25.000 to help prolong my surviving ovarian cancer. Please help me beat this terrible sneaky form of cancer. All my love for what ever you can donate..the minimum accepted at gofundme is $5 and up and we appreciate it very much. If a lot of people do a little bit that will be fantastic. We also have a stack of bills and more coming that insurance won’t cover and then just basic home health care costs as well. xoxo

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Hey Kids,

As you may recall from my last update, I issued a challenge to all of you to raise $1,500 for Celeste’s cancer fund, and ifwe achieved this goal we’d get an Exclusive Interview with Celeste here.   Alas, so far I’ve only seen one donation (aside from my own) that has the words ‘trekerscrapbook’ on it, and suffice to say. we’re nowhere near the $1500 goal*.  But we can change this.

Did you know that between the “likes” on Facebook for this blog, and my subscribers, Trekker Scrapbook is 1,145 members strong? I challenge 100 of my followers to donate just $15.00 eachTODAY —  Donating is easy- just be sure to add the words“Trekker Scrapbook” when you add a comment to your donation here.  (This is how I tally the donations).  If you can’t send $15.00, send $10 or even $5– every…

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