Are You Getting Enough Magnesium Daily?


Do you ever simply hurt after taking a walk or doing your daily exercise routine after you have missed a few sessions? Or do you ever wake up with an excruciating leg cramp? I have just begun a new regime … Continue reading

The Rejuvenate Shake!

Integrated Health’s flagship product, Rejuvenate!

Have you tried the best shake on the planet for either weight loss or all around optimum health called Rejuvenate? You can mix your favorite organic fruit or veg, and or juice plus 2 scoops of Rejuvenate and blend in … Continue reading

Green tea helps to lower Blood Pressure and we get it in Protandim!


There are so many reasons to add Protandim to your daily regime and now one of its five famous ingredients is in the news again! That ingredient is green tea! Besides green tea extract,  Protandim also contains turmeric, which is … Continue reading