Celeste Yarnall Update 3/1/15 — A Little Worried, Prayers and Donations Please.

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f642dc385d39c5f6231e1f91c886eb91 Celeste with Walter Koenig in “The Apple”

Dear Friends,

Celeste has had a scary week – please keep her in your prayers.  Last Thursday she had to be re-admitted to the hospital and put in isolation with no visitors (save for her husband Nazim) She had a high fever, coughing and retching. Also white count down, but it’s thankfully not pneumonia.  As she updated on her site on Saturday:

My husband Nazim and daughter Cami rushed me into emergency at my hospital Thursday night, quite late. I was burning up and coughing and retching uncontrollably.

We spent the night in the ER doing tests, they started me on a new antibiotic by drip, IV fluids, breathing treatments with a nebulizer, oxygen, and then at 5am I was admitted back into the hospital in isolation on the oncology floor.

My white count is way low so that makes me nutrapoenic, I…

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Celeste Update — $18,000+ Almost Half Way!


Blessings to you all for your love, support and caring. I so appreciate each and every one of you! xoxo

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celeste and friend Celeste and her dear friend Laura Eisenhower at Chemo this past Saturday.

Hi All,

This Week’s Celeste Yarnall Update — the fund is now at $18,007, and every single subscriber and Facebook follower here contributed contributed only $30each, we could reach the $50,000 goal TODAY! 

The good news is that the total is ticking up,  but it still isn’t yet even at the halfway mark!  Please pass this on and contribute what you can.  Again the link:


Celeste had a rough weekend with a long 10 hour round of chemotherapy, and the side effects are awful,  but she is so thankful for all who are helping her through this incredible trek with love, support, prayers, and donations.  We’re going to make it, Celeste!   Love You!

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Celeste Yarnall Update 2/16 — A Rough Week-But We All Can Help!


I love this! Thank you so much treelerscrapbook.com

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celeste threetHi Everybody,

It was a rough week for our Celeste — (Celeste Yarnall, The Apple, as Martha Landon)  On top of endless bills for her cancer treatment, she caught an awful cold/bronchitis bug that forced her to postpone chemo.  As she posted on her site:

Right after returning from the Conscious Life Expo I caught a terrible cold/bronchitis bug which is quite a set back as I have had to yet again postpone my chemo for this week and of course the bills just keep coming in which adds to the stress level but I know with all of your love and continued support I can overcome all the challenges that have come my way lately and rise like the phoenix again.

Yes, we can help Celeste!  At this writing, her GoFundMe cancer fund has reached $15,300, up $1,636 from last week.  It’s slowly creeping up…

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Celeste Update 2/9/2015 — Bit by Bit, an Achievable Goal!


Celeste Yarnall (Yeoman Martha Landon ~ The Apple ~ Update 2/9/2015 — Bit by Bit, an Achievable Goal!

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Hey All,

Here’s this week’s update for Celeste Yarnall’s cancer fund. At this writing, they have raised $13,664 toward the $50,000 goal.  It’s taking a bit of time, but it is an achievable goal! You can contribute here. Please consider Mr. Spock’s calculations in the below comic, and please share this on Facebook, Twitter, emails, everywhere you can! I know we can help Celeste battle and win against this hellish ailment. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could reach the goal in 12 days?  Thanks to you All! We love you Celeste! And Pass it on!

12 days

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Celeste Update 2/2/15 – A Good Start!

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Hey Kids,

Here’s this week’s update for Celeste Yanall’s cancer fund.  As of this writing, the fund has received $9,701,  $6,000 of which achieved the  first goal of having enough money to bank some of her tumor for future therapy.   It’s a good start,  but alas, it is only about 1/20th of the full amount needed ($50,00).  Please consider donating any amount you can to help Celeste on this difficult journey– She is so thankful and appreciative of all of her fans who are helping, and for all your prayers and support!   We’re here for you Celeste!

You can read more about Celeste and donate here.

For Celeste

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BEMER in Space: The Final Frontier


I am very pleased to announce, cooperation between NASA and BEMER! This quote comes right from my formal BEMER website. (link to this page is shared below)

“This is a high degree of recognition and underlines BEMER technology’s widespread acceptance: As part of a research and development project, NASA has chosen BEMER as a cooperation partner for the development of new space suits at the Johnson Space Center in Houston. This joint venture paves the way for the integration of BEMER technology into manned space flight.”

– See more at: http://www.bemer-partner.com/bemerGroup/artofwellness/service/news/news-detail/d/cooperation-between-nasa-and-bemer-1/2014/21/02/4dfb4dca92da4ea3531cee02dd258c17/#sthash.OgsrpgOl.dpuf

I can truly say because of my guest starring role on Star Trek in the episode entitled The Apple, BEMER me up Scotty!

Celeste Yarnall plays Yeoman Martha Landon on the Star Trek  TOS episode entitled The Apple!

Celeste Yarnall plays Yeoman Martha Landon on the Star Trek
TOS episode entitled The Apple!

Please visit my BEMER website at http://www.bemeramerica.com/artofwellness for more information on the BEMER.