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The Health Benefits of Smiling!

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“Everytime you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing.”
~ Mother Teresa

It’s so easy in our everyday lives to become consumed by all all the things we have to do, as well as the financial pressures we must endure when money is tight. Feeling down and negative about it all, from time to time strikes all of us, but even when you feel your own stress building up inside you, did you know that perhaps the very best thing you can do is put on a happy face? Yes, even if it means you have to force a phoney smile.

“Peace begins with a smile.”
~ Mother Teresa

It has been said that a photograph or the on camera face of a wholesome female model or actress (perhaps actor), looking right into the camera induces people to buy products–so we know advertisers know the power of a smile! We all inherently know the power of a smile too! We feel good whilst smiling and we feel good when we are smiled at.

Recently however, we find that the simple, natural act of smiling actually helps our health by lowering our heart rate and relieving our stress levels.

An interesting study, took place at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, required participants to hold a variety of facial expressions while enduring stress-provoking situations. The researchers recruited 169 college-age volunteers, of whom half were men and half were women. They were provided with chopsticks and taught to hold them in their mouths while making certain facial expressions. They produced a neutral look, a smile that only involved the mouth, and a Duchenne smile, which is more of a true smile that requires activity in muscles of both the mouth and the eyes. To half of the subjects, the suggestion was made that the Duchnenne smile was to be made like a smile. The other half was simply directed on the muscular action needed.

The entire group of participants were told they would be multi-tasking while holding the chopsticks in their mouths and keeping a particular expression on their faces. The tasks they needed to perform were designed to be difficult and therefore heighten their stress levels. For instance, the volunteers were made to trace a star shape using their non-dominant hand working off a mirror reflection or plunging a hand into ice water (not something we usually would want to smile about).

The researchers monitored the heart rates of the subjects both during and after the tasks. The smilers had lower heart rates than those wearing neutral expressions. The greatest difference was found in those who executed a Duchenne smile that is most similar to a true smile. However, even the participants who formed a smile with their mouths only had lower heart rates than those keeping a neutral face, suggesting that any sort of grin–even a completely fake smile–can be beneficial.

Researchers know today that we produce greater quantities of both adrenaline and cortisol when undergoing stress. This “fight or flight” or as I add even faint reaction, increases the heart rate and affects blood flow to ensure the vital organs of the core of the body are receiving their fair share at the expense of the extremities. Therefore, having a lower heart rate means we are not feeling or reacting to the stress nearly as much.

According to the results of this study, smiling would appear to have some sort of calming effect. In fact, blood pressure rates were also noted to be lower in many of the smiling volunteers, but not all. Since the same hormones in the body that affect heart rate also increase blood pressure, it’s interesting that those results were not as consistent. The difference could possibly be due to high blood pressure being a long-term condition that develops over time and is affected by overeating and other poor health habits, whereas a quickened heart rate is generally short term. Then again, in some people the higher blood pressure could have been the result of hardened arteries, which would not have changed no matter how much one smiled.

Earlier research about smiling has produced mixed results. A 2011 study at Michigan State University in East Lansing found that people who had to be polite all day at work and produce fake smiles ended up with overall worse moods than others. Yet, when those same subjects were told to conjure their smiles based on happy thoughts, both their moods and their productivity levels increased.

Most of us have heard that when we smile we release a chemical message deep within our brain known as an Endorphin. Once released these Endorphins travel down our spine sending feel good messages throughout the rest of our body.

These Endorphins are known to be strong enough to reduce symptoms of physical, or emotional pain, as they
envelop us in a nice warm feeling of well being. They are a chemical of approximately the same strength as another pharmaceutical chemical that we all know of known as Morphine.

Endorphins have that wonderful ability to make us feel happy, and whenever we all smile, we release them. So even if you are not happy when you begin to smile, you will be afterwards, and the more often that you smile then the happier you will feel!

I think, since it costs us nothing to smile and I know I feel better when I do then why not smile as often as possible. If the first thing we would do when faced with stressful people or situations was smile we might unnerve them to such a degree that we neutralize the stressful event right in its tracks. This might even turn into a giggle or full on laugh fest.

It’s nice to see that this has been the subject of scientific scrutiny but, If you think about it, there really is no downside to smiling. It’s time to be proud of our laugh lines which I think are far better than frown lines. And besides stress is very dangerous for all of us: to our mental status, physical health, and overall well-being, it even upsets our companion animals, so for their sake, smile!

A smile may not be a ‘cure all’ but it certainly seems to help us get through all that is going on in the world, or even some of the problems in our own life. It would truly be great if we could truly lower or normalize our heart rate and stress level even if just by a tiny bit; it’s certainly a start.

The act of smiling at or with the one you love can keep you both in the most healthful stage of all known as the honeymoon stage of a loving relationship!


I’ll take smiling over taking blood pressure or anti-anxiety medication or developing a stress-induced ailment. It’s worth remembering that smiling is contagious and you have the power to make other people smile, and you can do this by simply passing your smile on to others.

Let’s starting spreading smiles because they might just turn to all out laughter, just like what happened to these folks on a German train before everyone knew it, everyone was laughing!

It all starts with a smile!

Photo’s of Celeste Yarnall and Nazim Artist by Alan Mercer





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In humans, circulation in the tiniest of vessels, that is, microcirculation, fulfils vital transport requirements: Circulation feeds oxygen and nutrients to tissue and organs,disposes of metabolic by-products and supports the immune system. A restricted or defective microcirculation results in faster aging of cells and is the cause of a number of health complaints and illnesses.

The human organism :: Facts

The human heart pumps up to 15,000 litres of blood through our body every day.
BEMER technology ensures that the blood and its components can be better distributed.
The human body is the site of 21 sextillion metabolic reactions per second
(21,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) .
BEMER technology plays a significant role in supporting the flow of these vital processes.
Medical text books describe over 45,000 illnesses worldwide.

Free radicals are aggressive oxygen connections in the body that interfere in natural processes, influence the aging process in the brain, and can be responsible for rheumatic and cardiovascular diseases, as well as cancer.

BEMER technology has a direct effect on microcirculation

BEMER research has over many years achieved leading-edge results in terms of the biorhythm of local and external regulation flows in microcirculation. The core of BEMER technology is a patented, multi-dimensional signal structure, which effectively stimulates restricted or defective microcirculation. Consequently, it supports one of the most important regulation mechanisms in the human body. This system supports the mechanism that activates your own internal doctor. Your own internal doctor is what enables the prevention, healing, recovery and regenerative processes needed for true wellness. This includes:

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Better effectiveness of training and reduced risk of injury during sport
Strengthening of the immune system ::

The BEMER technology increases the reaction capability of the white blood cells. This enables them to become active quickly when external dangers threaten. On this basis, the entire immune system becomes capable of protecting the body better and more effectively in cases of infection or when the body is under threat as a result of stress or damaging environmental factors.

The body’s self-healing processes :

The body’s natural regulation mechanisms always ensure optimal adaptation to changes in our environment (temperature, water, air, diet). This means that the best possible function of our organism is always ensured. This also means that in the event that these regulation processes are overloaded (illness), the body itself attempts to rectify the defective functions that have occurred.The BEMER technology supports these repair activities (healing process) of our body by improving the working conditions of all cells involved – because an improved microcirculation is the foundation of this process.

Accelerated healing of wounds and injuries :

Healing of wounds is a series of different processes in the body. First of all, the tissue destroyed by the injury (cell groups) must be dissolved and removed. Only then can new, healthy tissue be formed at the location of the injury. This requires effective input from all cells involved in the process. To be able to perform in this manner, the cells must be optimally supplied with nutrition and disposed of; a process that can only be ensured if the affected areas have a well functioning microcirculation. The BEMER technology ensures optimal microcirculation here, and in so doing supports the effectiveness of the cells. The result: fast healing of wounds.

Good reasons for the best technology.

BEMER technology is currently the best researched and most effective physical application method in complementary and preventative medicine.

Latest Vasomotion video that shows what happens to the microcirculation in the colon of a chronically stressed person within a minute of switching the BEMER on: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4MAXLJ3em3U Disease starts with a deficiency in the cells. All cells need the same 3 things –nutrients, oxygen and waste removal – in order to produce enough energy to run your body. These 3 things are delivered through the blood and the circulatory system.

If the cells don’t receive what they need, they can’t perform their functions, and your health suffers.
95% of diseases trace back to insufficient blood flow. Conventional methods increase blood flow by only 5-10% and have side effects. BEMER helps increase blood flow by 30% with no side effects, so your body can work efficiently, heal itself, and you feel good again. There is truly nothing else like BEMER available today.

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