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Help us create the medicine of tomorrow!

BEMER Group is a worldwide, fast expanding manufacturer of paradigm-shifting medical devices used by individuals, athletes and health professionals around the world. FDA registered in the US and with a well-established brand in the world of professional sports, medicine and general health & fitness in over 40 countries around the globe, BEMER is a rock-solid, state-of-the- art company with a steady growth over 15 years

We change lives!

Reaching our clients directly, BEMER’s award-winning business model and marketing plan is one of the most extraordinary Direct-Marketing models, offering an extremely attractive compensation plan for independent distributors who thrive building their own businesses with superb support.

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If you are a dedicated, extroverted, business oriented team-worker who knows about the incredible power of successful networking, we want to talk to you! We selectively look for qualified, diligent, motivated  people who are ambassadors of wellness to join our team of independent distributors and managers. Think you have what it takes? Join a “different” company!

Some of the things BEMER has to offer:

 The opportunity to share a health technology that is helping hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

 High commission payout. (4-6 digit monthly income not uncommon).

 No quotas. No Territories. No pressure environment. Choose your people to work with.

 Patent-protected market security.

 Excellent support and infrastructure.

 Near limitless market.

Curious? READ on and learn more!

Good Health, well-being and life in general depend on a functional micro-circulation, the blood flow in the tiniest blood vessels of our bodies, known as capillaries. It is exclusively there where nutrients and oxygen, metabolic waste products and carbon dioxide are exchanged with all of the body’s cells. This microcirculatory system represents about 74% of our bodies’ entire network of blood vessels and is therefore one of the most important factors for normal, healthy body function. As we age, our capillaries become less perfused, and the flow of blood to the cells slows. The result is an increased risk of disease, fatigue and premature aging. However, we are able to significantly influence this process with BEMER Technology:

BEMER Technology, a biophysical application to optimize the body’s own natural vitality and wellbeing is the state of the art “Information Medicine”. By means of sending a unique signal to the body, BEMER stimulates the rhythmic pumping action (vasomotion) of our bodies’ tiniest blood vessels – the microcirculation. Distribution of the very essences of life is improved with its use. The benefits of BEMER technology is the support of the body’s own healing and maintaining abilities; they reach the entire body and can be experienced by everyone with no known negative side-effects. The signal itself is carried on pulsed electromagnetic fields. We chose Pulsed Electro Magnetic Fields (PEMF) because it is safe, and because it is technologically and economically feasible. The use of PEMF however, is merely incidental to that purpose and not causal to the biological effects observed. It is just the carrier medium. We could as well use light waves or mechanical waves like ultrasound, etc. That is why BEMER is not to be considered a PEMF device per se. It is in fact very different from the many PEMF devices that are advertised on the market which really have not much in common with the BEMER technology at all. However, the Internet is full of self-proclaimed “review” websites who misrepresent material facts about the BEMER technology and its brand. BEMER is one of the pioneers and at the forefront in the new field of “Information Medicine” and with this, shifting an entire paradigm of holistic and preventive medicine and its therapeutic applications. It is compatible with and complementary to conventional medical treatments and procedures. A fast growing number of hospitals, medical professionals (physicians and practitioners) as well as athletes and individual BEMER enthusiasts of all demographics in over 40 countries around the world are successfully using clinically proven and FDA registered BEMER devices to improve the quality of their lives.

Please watch! 

The BEMER Signal is the result of 15 years of ongoing scientific research (clinical trials, double-blind, placebo controlled studies in addition to the FDA study which is currently being conducted) in collaboration with independent research facilities such as medical faculties of diverse universities, independent institutes, health professionals and BEMER Group’s own research resources. Hundreds of thousands of BEMER applications all over the world and empirical observations by means of real-time images, using combined hi-tech intravital microscopy and laser-doppler flowometry, have ultimately led to the patented BEMER signal configuration. Since 2012, NASA is contemplating the possibility of integrating BEMER technology into their own developments as the BEMER signal is recognized as the most researched, most advanced and most effective signal for the enhancement of microcirculation and other physiological regulatory processes. In metaphoric words, it is precisely this unique signal configuration that constitutes a newly deciphered letter in the alphabet of a universal signal “language” that is understood by the body to trigger physiological processes. With these discoveries, BEMER is at the forefront in the new field of “Information Medicine.”

We often hear or read about different brands of “PEMF” devices who base their claims on the effect which pulsed electromagnetic fields somehow have on our bodies. It is often mentioned that biological effects are caused by certain energy outputs and frequencies which are to be high or low or user adjustable, etc. However, what is really important (and yet often neglected) is actually the presence of a very specific signal configuration in which the waveform plays an extremely important role as well. This specific signal configuration is what constitutes the “information” which is transferred to the body and which appears to cause the observed effects. In other words: It’s not the pulsed electromagnetic field per se, but the “information” carried by the field. Think of radio-waves which modulate our voices and carry spoken word. If the station is on air but nobody speaks, there is no information. So, the field is only the carrier medium. Indeed, just like PEMF can be used, other media could be used as well, for example light waves. In fact, BEMER research recognized this fact and developed light applicators which produced the same remarkable effect as its PEMF modules.

Analogies may help us understand this technology much easier!

Let’s imagine the BEMER signal as a popular song, as a beautifully composed sequence of musical notes (signal configuration) and its accompanying lyrics (information). Playing these notes in the right order, with the correct rhythm and with the right volume, we are able to recognize a well-known melody. Interestingly enough, it does not seem to matter what instrument we play the melody on. Whether played on a piano or a saxophone (carrier medium), we always recognize the song. The melody catches our attention and makes us receptive for the lyrics contained. And given these exact lyrics, that song becomes meaningful to us as it tells a story or is associated with memories, hence able to trigger emotions or other reactions. The song is the signal, and we react to it. So, if you will, the BEMER signal is just that song to our bodies.

But should users be able to adjust the signal, as other manufacturers suggest? Let’s look at the analogy again: If we changed the notes, changed the sequence, the tones, the rhythm, etc. of a complex composition, we would most likely change the melody beyond recognition. No one would recognize the song anymore. The uniquely characteristic melody is lost and with it, the song itself, the memories, the associations. Unless we were skilled and talented composers and musicians, by changing the notes and rhythm we would most likely end up creating a dis-harmonic noise. Additionally, with the lyrics changed to a language we don’t understand, this noise now would have become completely meaningless to us. Chances are we would not react to this type of “signal” anymore. It is as good as ‘honking’ a horn.

This is precisely where BEMER’s research of signal configurations over the past 15 years has led to;  remarkable discoveries and developments of very peculiar and unique signal configurations which must not be altered. It it is important to preserve these signal configuration, unaltered.

Today, the BEMER signal is a well composed “song” carrying precise information which is recognized by our bodies, stimulating vasomotion and thus improving our microcirculation

BEMER Group has evolved to be a cutting-edge technology leader in the field of Information Medicine. Its patented signal configuration is the most effective signal developed so far. BEMER research has only just begun to uncover the elements of the universal “language” in which our bodies communicate and control our biological functions. It is a new holistic paradigm of medicine in which our bodies return to do what they were designed to do best: To live in health.

Let’s take a look at what we might find on line about BEMER technology!

Like almost everything you ‘google’ search today to research, you find some conflicting information, (I know I did when I first ‘vetted ‘ BEMER). Let’s remember that the Internet is an open forum for everyone to explore a vast source of information…and… unfortunately also misinformation. We hope that you will do as I did, and that is come to your own conclusions about the validity of the notorious claims and statements made on websites that say, “Don’t buy BEMER” which are often sponsored by competitors. You will find interesting that some self- proclaimed “review” websites are actually written precisely by representatives of BEMER’s competitors offering alleged objective comparisons. Needless to say that their devices are always found to be the best. Whatever one may think, it seems quite remarkable, to observe that some companies deem it necessary to engage in misinformation campaigns of this kind, posing as “reviewers” and citing scientific work which is in fact unrelated to their respective product. If you wonder why you will never find similar kinds of websites or statements from BEMER, it is because the BEMER company has anchored “ethics” very strongly in their mission statement. But besides that, and quite frankly, BEMER finds such behavior pitiful, unnecessary and more revealing about the author or company who runs these websites rather than the product. BEMER’s success in over 40 countries across the globe is the inevitable result of 15 years of extraordinary scientific achievements, technological developments and ethical business conduct based on integrity. As a mature and competent enterprise, BEMER just does not waste energy on putting others down, and certainly sees its financial resources better spent on research & development and true contributions to science and medical progress than on paying Google for primitive, hostile ad- campaigns, search-engine placement, spam and other non-sense. Instead, BEMER is a company that prefers to share  it’s remarkable achievements with the world.

Ask for the Science!

I would like to encourage you to actually speak with companies like the one behind “Don’t buy BEMER” and ask them directly which scientific work specifically used THEIR particular devices and/or signal configuration. Next to hearing crickets, you will find that a lot of them (if not all) are quite remarkably vague on this significant detail. Instead, they mostly just jump on the bandwagon of generic PEMF research conducted by institutions unrelated to their business, making unspecific and unproven claims as to the applicability of the research to their devices. In other words: The all so often cited science has not much, if anything, to do with their products. Not so with BEMER. At BEMER  you will find clinical trials that have been conducted using genuine BEMER devices and/or BEMER’s signal configurations.

The Truth about NASA

Despite the impressing NASA logo on some manufacturers’ websites (which by the way, is illegal to be used in this context of private marketing), NASA is neither endorsing these companies or any of their statements, nor has the signal used by them anything to do with what NASA is currently researching. In fact, the BEMER Company is currently in talks with NASA about a possible joint venture research project after its signal configuration and its bioactive efficacy had caught the attention of NASA. The “NASA square waveform” proudly cited by one of BEMER’s competitors is, quite simply, non-existent. But despite NASA’s interest and advanced relationships with the BEMER company, BEMER would not abuse its genuinely scientifically motivated relationship and illegitimately stamp the NASA logo on their website in an attempt to “gain some weight”.

Why is BEMER Technology different?

The BEMER signal is not based on mere mathematical predictions and theoretical presumptions about simple wave-forms, but empirically researched through real-time observations using combined intravital-microscopy and laser-doppler flowometry in the Institute of Microcirculation in Berlin, Germany and other institutes. Few research-centers in the world have this multi-million dollar equipment available with which BEMER technology has been thoroughly investigated, researched and developed over the last 15 years. The amount of scientific evidence produced with genuine BEMER equipment, is unprecedented.

What about the FDA?

Another misrepresentation of a material fact commonly found on “review” websites is the claim that BEMER is allegedly not registered with the FDA. This is incorrect  and yet another untruth. BEMER is listed as a medical device and registered with the FDA. The records are available to the public and anyone can  look them up on the FDA’s public website. In fact, BEMER is currently conducting clinical trials as part of an FDA study that will lead to BEMER being the first, and so far only, device of its kind to obtain an FDA approval (not a mere ‘registration’) for its physiological efficacy in its field of investigation.

BEMER Medical Usage

In Germany, BEMER is fully recognized as a class 2a medical device, successfully used in hospitals, by clinicians and hundreds of health professionals across the country. “BEMER Vascular Therapy”, an officially established therapeutic treatment modality, has its own billing codes and is reimbursable by various health insurance carriers. Medical doctors can and do “prescribe” BEMER Vascular Therapy and BEMER devices for home use.

BEMER is one of the most researched and most effective physical treatment methods in its field.  For information and facts about statements made on “review” websites please visit:

As a thriving and responsible company, BEMER is at the forefront in the new field of “Information Medicine,” setting new milestones in the discovery of a paradigm-shifting approach to preventive medicine. The medicine of the future..

We often have  Business Presentation meetings all across the county which we can share with you and or provide you with online information for your review.   My husband Nazim and I call ourselves, The Art of Wellness team and we look forward to connecting with you soon.

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