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Anti-aging with Bio-Identical Signaling

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“The Red Lioness” drinks from the stream of life…

“There is a life stream that flows to you, and this is a stream of clarity, a stream of wellness, a stream of abundance… and in any moment, you are allowing it or not. What someone else does with the stream, or not, does not have anything to do with how much of it will be left for you. This stream is as abundant as your ideas allow it to be.”

~ Abraham

“The Red Lioness.” by Nazim Artist

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The Red Lioness by Nazim Artist

The Art of Listening to the Music of the One you Love…

Are you listening to the music and the resonance  your partner expresses? All of  life is a tango, a duality,  a time to speak and a time to listen. A time to lead and a time to follow. The ebb and flow of yin and yang is ever present. Everything is possible when we listen; with our bodies, with our minds and with our spirits.

“Real listening requires that we get our own reactions and responses out of the way in order to hear exactly what the other person is saying. The first step is to quiet the feelings and thoughts jangling around inside of us and to put aside all reactions and “tapes” playing in our heads, spinning tunes of past feelings and ideas and future expectations.”

~ Christopher Hills

Are you listening to the music of the one you love? How do you learn or teach this subtle art to others?

Artwork by Nazim Artist, prints on stretched canvas with special holistic glazing available through

Tango Resonance by Nazim Artist

Celeste Yarnall and Nazim Artist ~ The Art of Wellness, Part 2

My husband Nazim Artist and I are honored to be profiled by Alan Mercer in his wonderful blog. Alan is an amazing photographer and we hope that you will read both Part one and Part two which just broke today!

Nazim Artist and Celeste Yarnall-Nazim by Alan Mercer

Alan Mercer’s PROFILE blog with Celeste Yarnall and Nazim Artist




Celeste Yarnall and Nazim Artist have been honored by Alan Mercer today in his fabulous blog. Read part one here:

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Miss Rheingold, the beauty contest that taught American’s to vote for style over substance!

The Value of Substance Over Image and Style

This is a photo of the final six Miss Rheingold candidates in the summer of 1963 campaigning to become Miss Rheingold of 1964. That’s me Celeste Yarnall, the third girl from the left.

And a voice on the phone said Celeste Yarnall, you’ve been elected Miss Rheingold 1964!

It was true, one day I was one of the 6 girls in the photo above and lo and behold a few months later back in LA the phone rang and I answered it only to hear that very message!  I became the last elected Miss Rheingold and that was the 25th year of the contest!
Rheingold Beer, founded in 1883, was a New York beer that held 35 percent of the state’s beer market from 1950 to 1960. The company was sold by the founding Liebmann family in 1963 which was the year I got involved in the competition. According to the New York Times way back when, “Rheingold Beer was once a top New York brew guzzled regularly by a loyal cadre of workingmen who would just as soon have eaten nails as drink another beer maker’s suds.” Its VP-Technical Joseph Owades claims credit for Rheingold developing the first light beer.
At the center of its media campaign was the “Miss Rheingold” pageant. Beer drinkers voted each year on the young lady who would be featured as Miss Rheingold in advertisements. In the 1940s and 1950s in New York, “the selection/election of Miss Rheingold was as highly anticipated as the race for the White House.” The first Miss Rheingold was Spanish-born Jinx Falkenburg. The last elected Miss Rheingold was me, Celeste Yarnall in 1964. I received 20,000,000 votes and often made appearances throughout the year at Rheingold’s own Pavillion at the New York Worlds Fair, which was a replica of a 1904 tavern. I was featured on television, radio and point of purchase promotions and traveled extensively making personal appearances nearly every day of my reign as Miss Rheingold 1964.When Nat King Cole became the first major black entertainer to host a television show, advertisers stayed away—but not Rheingold; Rheingold was the New York regional sponsor for Cole’s show. As early as 1965, Rheingold aired television ads featuring African American, Puerto Rican and Asian actors, to appeal to its racially diverse customer base. The company’s headquarters was in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn. Rheingold was the official beer of the Mets and the Jets, and I often made appearances as these events and its advertisements featured many celebrities over the years including John Wayne, Douglas Fairbank, Jr., Jackie Robinson, and the Marx Brothers.
These days even though life as the last Miss Rheingold was many years ago,  I am usually game for almost anything exciting that offers an opportunity to be a part of a bit of nostalgia but when a former Miss Rheingold candidate invited me to come to NYC to attend a  Rheingold girl reunion I thought it was a bit too much of a journey to take from LA to NYC just for one evening and the opening soiree at the New York Historical Society, which is currently sponsoring an exhibition called “Beer Here – Brewing New York’s History.” However, it seems my declining this invitation made me somewhat conspicuous by my absence! My friend sent me a wonderful article where my year is mentioned several times but my name was not…oh well out of sight out of mind. You can peruse this homage to Miss Rheingold here:

Point of Purchase Display Image of Celeste Yarnall, Miss Rheingold 1964

The subject matter right now is rather near and dear to my heart as I have written a book proposal on this amazing election/selection which was kind of like the ‘Mad Men’s’ first attempt at American Idol! It nearly backfired on them as they created such a huge contest that Miss Rheingold herself overshadowed the product…a little beer called Rheingold. Who cared about the beer anyway. The Beer was the means to the end and the happy end was being a part of the selection/election process for favorite  girl each year and that was what mattered  each and every year for 25 years as a new star was born for the people to call their own.
Everybody we talk to thinks my writing partners as my Miss Rheingold book proposal is great ..everyone except the publishers..they don’t think anyone remembers or cares about this amazing quarter century of nostalgia that taught people to vote for image and style over substance. How we looked and how we presented ourselves on camera got us elected…sound familiar. Every politician has a stylist, script writer and image maker in tow everywhere they go. I’d say that has social significance but alas the feed back we get from Big Publishing is we don’t have a big enough platform to launch Miss Rheingold from …I bet we can give it legs with your help right here in the blogosphere…if  this resonates with you all could even help me save this bit of Americana ‘her-story” by sharing it far and wide. I can see it now Miss Rheingold goes viral! (LOL) Hey, why not!
My year was very interesting not just because it was the last year of the elected Miss Rheingold’s but because the day I was notified that I garnered 20,000,000 votes and won it all, was the day before John F. Kennedy was shot. This happy new 19 year old Miss Rheingold went from joy to sorrow in 24 little hours as I was kid fresh from that Camelot ‘fantasyland’ and Jackie Kennedy was my idol..I had the dark hair cut in the flip, the white gloves and the pearls! My heart was broken when I flew into New York to have my photo’s done that would announcement my winning the election..hey with those same 20,000,000 votes I could have beaten Nixon, too!
Perhaps getting out my old  scrapbooks from the box with all my Rheingold memorabilia (including the photo above) got me thinking about Jackie Kennedy and  that  special on her that aired last year on ABC. You know the one where they transcribed the tapes of her expressing her feelings. The ones that couldn’t be heard for x number of years. I was mesmerized by them when they were played on that TV show as they revealed a Jackie I almost wish I didn’t have to learn about.  My  Jackie was not only an angel but the fashion icon that taught us all how to put ourselves together. My image  was helped along of course by the chaperone that  Rheingold hired to watch me like a hawk and tell me what to wear for every appearance. Her name was Fran Klein and I really respected her. She was a bit of everything, kind of like a finishing school embodied in one little lady with silver gray hair..or what you might think of today as a stylist who made sure I dressed and conducted myself appropriately as Miss Rheingold.  My fashion statement was critical to my role as the 25th Miss Rheingold and I made it clear to her that it was the Jackie look that I wanted to have and she didn’t mind that at all as fashion was everything in those days!
I found this great quote which sums it all up beautifully,”Fashion is as profound and critical a part of the social life of man as sex, and is made up of the same ambivalent mixture of irresistible urges and inevitable taboos.” ~ Rene Konig. She was a German sociologist (1906 – 1992), and her words, are just as true now as they were when Jackie inspired us to wear those pill box hats.

Our Nation’s first lady was front page news nearly every day. For better or worse, we gobbled up everything we could about her; from the outfits Oleg Cassini designed for her including, her signature jewelry, even the length of her kid gloves. And of course there was that Jackie hair! Her famous bouffant styles were re-created by hairdressers all across the country because we simply had to have Jackie’s look.

Portrait of Celeste Yarnall as Miss Rheingold 1964 by Nazim Artist

I often find myself wondering why some of us feel we need to emulate some famous persons hair and image.’Could it be that we actually need a role model when we are growing up and that  helps us find our way to become our authentic selves?

I must admit that Jackie came a long as a role model for me at just the right time in my life as I was launching my career as a model and actress. This was the time when young women either went to college to look for a husband or got a job as a secretary until the right husband came along. A career in modeling and acting was a pretty revolutionary concept early in 1963. A woman’s role in those days was to be the woman behind the man you married and the mother of his children. Jackie would be that role model for me, as she seemed to me at the time to have mastered the best of both worlds, career and family. I hoped I would be able to that one day, too.

Watching that Jackie TV special dredged up in my gut the yearnings of what and who I aspired to be all those years ago. Jackie, although a wife and mother, seemed to be breaking free from that stereotypical female image. But after watching that special and hearing those audio tapes of her expressing her  true feelings, exposed an entirely different Jackie than the one we thought we knew. Had her ‘image and style’ been one of those creations that got its start on Madison Avenue just like Miss Rheingold?

Photo used in the press kits for Miss Rheingold 1964

I remember one evening at dinner being seated next to Jackie Kennedy’s sister Lee in a swank New York city restaurant. She actually started talking about the Miss Rheingold contest and me, thinking I couldn’t hear her, but I heard every word, she mentioned the she and Jackie thought this one or that one was the prettiest. Can you believe Jackie Kennedy knew who we were?

By 1964, Miss Rheingold had gained so much popularity that the contest was being referred to as an election rather than the more sexist term of beauty contest. The people themselves, wherever Rheingold Beer was sold, voted for their favorite of six final candidates for the new Miss Rheingold each year and had done so for 2 decades. That is how the Miss Rheingold election became America’s second largest election, next only to our own presidential race and amazingly enough, she would be both associated with the beer but also disassociated from it as a celebrity in her own right. I’d often go to a posh Manhattan restaurant with my friend on my evenings off and there would be a crowd of fans and paparazzi just to get a snap of me going in and coming out! You can bet the columnists of the day would share who I dined with in their column the next day!

Why on earth would I want, in 2012, to resurrect this election and write a book in order to share it with people today? The answer is simple, because this is the very election that taught people to vote for ‘looks and style’ over substance, for beauty over brains and talent. It was the first time this ever happened and ever since this beer-and-beauty idea became entwined and this ‘election’ began to work it’s magic over consumers, our political elections changed, too. This is when the real ‘mad men’ learned they could create and control a branded ‘image and style’ and rule our lives with what they put out through all media sources. And today it’s business as usual for them to bring in the stylists, spin doctors, speech writers, and a whole cadre of press agents along with other expensive professionals who groom and package the people we vote for (from the American Idol contestants to the presidential election itself). Remember the Mad Men episodes revolving around JFK’s running for office and ultimately winning the election?

Even though Mad Men gave us a glimpse of how it worked in the 60‘s elections, the precedent was set long before Jackie and Jack made the White House their home. It all really started when the Madison Avenue boys saw what Miss Rheingold‘s election was accomplishing, most likely as early as 1942 or 43.

The Miss Rheingold election was the first time in American history that people voted in an election solely based on ‘style and image’ alone. It started with beer and beauty being packaged together for the purpose of selling a particular brand of beer. They saw that a beautifully photographed, wholesome, pretty female face, smiling into the camera and looking at the viewer, sent a powerful subliminal message to that person, which made them actually buy that brand and even vote for the person smiling.

Miss Rheingold garnered over 20,000,000+ votes my year and several other years, and indeed she created big profits for Rheingold– people liked beauty with their beer! Men and women alike would vote for Miss Rheingold and even their kids would sneak up and stuff the ballot box for their favorite of the six finalists.

After the first decade or so of the election the winners prize money each year kept going up until ultimately she got a contract for her entire year’s ‘reign’ worth over $50,000, plus I got a wardrobe designed by Jackie’s very own couturier Oleg Cassini. Along with my $50K I got  a Manhattan apartment and chauffeur driven limo’s to take me every where I went.  I got to be the ‘first lady’ of beer for 1964 and their were all those beautiful women who came before me.

Miss Rheingold 1964 was the reigning queen of hearts on the Easterm Seaboard. Who even remembered it had something to do with beer?

Can we learn anything from this trip down memory lane?  Are our elections and selections about who people really are or how they are packaged and ‘spun?’

Jackie and Jack Kennedy were certainly given quite a ‘spin’ in the media back in their day. Her radiant smile, ‘image and style’ exposed a brilliant actress who was masking powerful opinions of the people she entertained and was so often entertained by and we  get to hear them all these years later. A perfect image frozen in time until a tape recorder shows us someone other than who we thought she was. Will time reveal others this way to us?

I’m hoping that by meeting Miss Rheingold we can see where it all began and recognize the contemporary significance of her election to right now. Then, the next time we are called to vote for anyone or anything again, we can truly weigh the value of real substance over ‘image and style and truly think for ourselves. Do you think we can do that or have we become just a bundle of belief systems that the news and Madison Avenue have sold us? Can we still think for ourselves even with them ‘selling’ us someone or something 24/7?

How do we honor the sacred feminine in all life?

First of all I would like to thank you personally for ‘following’  my new CelestialMusingsblog here at Word Press and welcome you to a little corner of my world where I muse about a subject that is a passion of both my husband Nazim Artist and me! We call it, ‘The Art of Wellness,’  and that spirit is all about honoring the sacred feminine and the sacred masculine in all life..the yin and yang of it all!

The Three Graces by Nazim Artist

I will be musing here at this blog on myriad of subjects but returning to this theme often. I also plan to feature guest bloggers with their artistic offerings and images, including my husband, Nazim Artist who painted this image of the three very modern Graces, …also please feel free to suggest topics of interest to you for me to share here.  Both Nazim and I sincerely wish to be of value to you in some way, so please stop by for a ‘muse’ often!

I was ‘musing’ this morning over a beautiful cup of tea in my garden, watching the squirrels eat our newly planted lettuce, (they have to eat too I guess), about a couple of news item’s that I posted on my Facebook page that seemed to provoke some comments, the first being: is a publication that as a writer/blogger, I contribute to often.  The subject of raw milk really gets me going because I love it and have drunk it all my life!
I am a very vocal advocate of a natural holistic lifestyle and I find these raids on our personal food choices and what we put into our own bodies especially upsetting, don’t you? We who have the honor of living in a so called free country should  have the right to put into our bodies what we want in order to nourish ourselves according to our own health philosophies.  For heavens sake if people want to eat Big Macs and Drink Diet Cokes and/or Beer, we don’t see anyone raiding them and yet we pay for all their medical problems in one or another, don’t we?
Why on Earth can’t we all be allowed to eat organic foods and drink natural organic  beverages, so long as we don’t harm others. If we like the friendly bacteria in raw milk how does it become their place to interfere. Bottom line, what we put into our own body and choose to drink should be our own business. I’ve seen spinach recalled more than raw milk!  Just let those of us who wish to drink raw milk alone we certainly should not have to stand by and watch innocent farmers being raided for trying to supply real milk to those of us who want it. It’s all about having a choice. The raw milk organic farmers are known to to be respected because their cows graze on grass and they care for them with love..rather than factory farms full of torture and pasteurization machines! Again, it’s about choice, choice to be vegan, vegetarian, conscious omnivore or whatever you like.
But this post isn’t specifically about the pro’s and con’s of drinking raw milk. I’ll do something on that topic another time..this particular news item merely sent me off on my morning  musings!
However in the spirit of a return of the sacred feminine, after all raw milk flows from our breasts after childbirth so it is something to be honored and something that means a lot to most women who have given birth and then nursed their babies, I shared the following news item:
 After perusing this I couldn’t help further musing about just what is happening with regard to personal freedom. I must say right here that I am fiercely independent politically, and I refuse to be ‘pigeon holed’ into a right or left position, but I wondered why it is today that we see women rights being trampled everywhere. Will more women in power help the situation? Are the women in public positions truly acting like  real women today or are they acting like men in their struggle to break the glass ceiling?  Are they leaving their sisters behind for their own power grab?
One of my friends on FB pointed out that the women in politics today seem to be selling us out! Now this is indeed a subject worth musing about it, don’t you think?
Here is what I would like to offer and please keep in mind or remember if you saw what I posted here recently (you can find it in my archives) and that is that my husband Nazim and I are both co-producers for Emmanuel Itier on his delicious new documentary film project entitled, FEMME: WOMEN HEALING THE WORLD (we have a last push going on to find more wonderful investors to help us complete this film project in the $500 to $1000 range, right now. This investment opportunity includes an associate producer credit and percentage of the profits. Please put your feelers out in your own networks in case you might connect to people who’d like to join us as investors and see that this message gets out there globally. I like to envision it doing for female empowerment, what ‘The Secret ‘did for the law of attraction. Email Emmanuel Itier directly at if  you’d like more information).
I also appear in the film Femme (I have been an actress all my life) and Nazim and I so believe in the films message that we have invested in it, as well.  We want to see it get completed in time for Oscar contention next year.
Here is a bit of what I have to say in Femme:
I feel that there has been a powerful shift since the early 1960’s from women being honored to be women and even a shift away from women being encouraged to honor themselves as women, as the nurturer, the giver of life, to a hybrid kind of woman who has been manipulated to think that she ‘needs’ to be more like men in order to play the game and succeed in business or politics, the so-called ‘mans world.’
Most women have had to work at one time or another in order to be heads of households for various reasons..but instead of being welcomed into the business world with all of our feminine attributes, and being supported with childcare options and  some job flexibility to do our other full time job ‘part time,’ we end up right in the middle of the patriarchy. Women are often made to feel guilty for taking time off to care for family matters….hence my voice in Femme: Women Healing the World where I make the point that we are critical importance to healing the world. If you watched it at the link above you will see where I am going with this statement.
I am not saying by any means in my interview with Emmanuel for Femme, that we can’t or shouldn’t be in business, heck I raised a daughter as a single mom and ran a business, too. But I think we need to not forget who and what we are and what we really have to offer, in the home, in the business world, and in the political arena and in the global consciousness of it all. I think men are slowly coming around to agreeing with us! I have a t-shirt that proclaims, ‘make art ~ not war!’
What is so cool is that I have found thus far, 3 men to invest financially in Femme (I thought only women would write checks for this effort, but one of my male friends stepped up first). Men now see the danger of this patriarchy that they built for themselves in order to dominate and control.  Generations of this way of life has caused the rape and plunder of our planet and its resources (including its women) in an effort to dominate and control it and they now know the need for the balance in life. We have educated them and they are hearing the message. It’s important to learn from men as well not forget what most men learn (and women too) in martial arts and that is that,  the way of ‘zen’  which works much more Lao Tzu stressed, ‘knowing others is intelligence but knowing yourself is wisdom..mastering others is strength but mastering yourself is true power!’ It starts within each of us on a very deep level as we become the change we wish to see around us.
Being sacredly feminine might also be thought of as a ‘knowing’ that the real strength we have to offer comes from our ability to love unconditionally…the mother/goddess spirit  comes from love  first and this  is where the power center is located…  it means we need to release wanting to control everything and everyone and dominate all life. In martial arts, the true way of the warrior teaches not to grab onto power and push back..but works with the power  so that it can flow through its natural channels and be harnessed effectively.
When we  discover for ourselves  how to create a ‘win win’ scenario on all levels and how it important it is to begin with what we can all agree upon and then rationally and respectfully find where we disagree. It’s ok to respectfully disagree and leave it at that or rationally present your case then allowing others to do the same one needs all the marbles…this is what leads to peace, and non violence.. we then harm nothing  and achieve balance, yin/yang or what ever harmonious adjectives you wish to insert to create a balance of power..Now is certainly a perfect time to honor the goddess in all things and put her back where she belongs, as an equal partner.
Emmanuel Itier, our Femme filmmaker expresses it beautifully here in part one of a recent interview:
If you had the chance to be part of this film and be interviewed for it, what would you say to a global audience to help empower women? Here is the trailer for Femme which offers a few other points of view which have been expressed thus far:
 Any one want to offer their own musings about how we women can heal the world?

Nazim Artist

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