Celestial Pets are discussing this!

If you have cats you may wish to read the link I provide below as this is from our Celestial Pets Holistic Health Care for Pets and People, too at Facebook. I feel like I wrote this article myself..Dr. Becker is preaching to the choir here at the Celestial Pets group, but nonetheless her sermon is excellent!

The pet food companies are getting like what Dr. Oz suspected on one of his shows and that is the drug companies create the disease, bring out the drug which was all ready for it and then follow up in the wings with the vaccine..which naturally results in mega bucks and a lot of sick people.

Dr. Oz had both sides represented on this particular broadcast and there was a draw at the end but it left you with a powerful question now lurking in the back of your mind..but yet it was a great debate!

Now the commercial pet food companies seem to be doing the same thing as they have created the diseases that our cats suffer from today by making inferior non-species appropriate foods such as that found in todays kibbles and cans and NOW they come out with what they call prevention foods or special needs food to prevent the various disease syndromes THEY created with the foods they have been making all these years! Brava Dr. Becker and thank you for being a raw meat and raw bone advocate as well!  Read the article here http://healthypets.mercola.com/sites/healthypets/archive/2012/05/11/protein-diets-for-cats.aspx and let us know what you think about it. You can also join our FB page and visit our http://www.CelestialPets.com website. Soon I will learn how to embed these links but hey this is only my second CelestialMusingsBlog post!

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