FEMME: WOMEN HEALING THE WORLD ~ For all those men and women, who know how to nurture!

Emmanuel Itier, creator of Femme with co-producer Celeste Yarnall.

Here is a film clip of Femme’s executive producer, Sharon Stone for the Femme: Women Healing the World documentary film.

Here is a clip from my message for the film Femme: Women Healing the World: 

And here you get a chance to hear from Emmanuel Itier directly! His words speak volumes about how women can and will truly heal the world and I too believe that will happen. All we need to do is truly act like women and let love guide us! Remember you don’t have to act like a man to be successful in a man’s world..in order to create parity we have to be authentically female to create the equilibrium necessary to balance the power!

At this point in production we need $30,000 to complete this project in time for Oscar contention and Emmanuel can take investments in $500 and/or $1,000 increments, which include associate producer credit and percentage of profits! Be a part of the solution by investing with us or just share this with your friends and network… please do you what you can to help us complete this dream!

Here also for your viewing is part one and part two of Emmanuel Itier himself sharing his vision with us for Femme: Women Healing the World watch them here at these links:



For Mother’s day I wanted to share with everyone my recent interview with a filmmaker who does indeed believe in ‘women healing the world.’ And I am honored to be a part of his new documentary film as a co-producer with my husband Nazim Artist as well as being honored to be interviewed in the film.

Femme is presently in its final phase of completion and hopefully will be finished just in time for Oscar contention for next year. That filmmaker is Emmanuel Itier and his new film project, which I shared previously with my readers at Care2, is entitledImage

 FEMME: Women Healing the World. 

Emmanuel Itier has just become a proud DAD just in time for Mother’s day to precious baby MAX! Besides being a wonderful Dad, he is also the genius behind the amazing documentary entitled, The Invocation which is a documentary about God and a call for Peace…

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6 thoughts on “FEMME: WOMEN HEALING THE WORLD ~ For all those men and women, who know how to nurture!

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    • Thank you so much. We’d very much appreciate you watching our inspiring film FEMME, sharing it as widely as possible, as the message is critical. It can be streamed at my business website http://www.MoxxArt.com which also offers a way to improve our own health and the health of others with a beautiful product called MOXXOR that I have throughly vetted and taken daily for 4 years. When we feel good we can be of even better value to the healing effort. MOXXOR offers to those that this resonates with a conscious commerce business opportunity to that allows us to help others as we pay this all forward. We instill new positive belief systems of partnership, holistic principles for ourselves and planet and then help others to help themselves replicating what we are all doing. This is what our Art of Wellness Collection embraces..a team of like minded people who need to monetize by their efforts of course but truly wish to be of value to all life!

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