Vaccination: A two Edged Sword for Both Pets and People

Please share this blog with those who are contemplating being vaccinated or vaccinating their animals. There is much new information here that the mainstream media does not share with us!


Let’s Take a Look at the Potential Dangers involved with Vaccination!

By Celeste Yarnall, Ph.D








What actually is vaccination?

Vaccination is also referred to as Inoculation and according to McGraw-Hill Science & Technology Encyclopedia is defined as:

“The process of introducing a microorganism or suspension of microorganism into a culture medium. The medium may be (1) a solution of nutrients required by the organism or a solution of nutrients plus agar; (2) a cell suspension (tissue culture); (3) embryonated egg culture; or (4) animals, for example, rat, mouse, guinea pig, hamster, monkey, birds, or human being. When animals are used, the purpose usually is the activation of the immunological defenses against the organism. This is a form of vaccination, and quite often the two terms are used interchangeably. Both constitute a means of producing an artificial but active immunity against specific organisms, although…

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2 thoughts on “Vaccination: A two Edged Sword for Both Pets and People

  1. Some of you may wish to take my advice in this blog and sign up for the newsletter I highly recommend on this issue, from especially after you read this installment and download what is in vaccines. We ALL have to be informed and stay informed as well as examine all sides of an issue this important before we allow any one of anything we love to be vaccinated. With the worlds population topping 7 million it doesn’t look to me like they want us all to survive does it? We of course hate animal testing, but are we the guinea pigs now for Big Pharma and the world vaccine agenda?

  2. Reblogged this on celestialmusingsblog and commented:

    Could unvaccinated children actually get less asthma and allergies? And if you have asthma or allergies, please look at my website as my research shows that the greenlip mussel oil in Moxxor makes this the right supplement (among 255 other conditions and just overall good health), that make Moxxor an excellent choice for asthma and allergies because of its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties! But also try taking your Moxxor or giving it to your kids with certified, organic RAW MILK! WHY? Because, allergies are spreading so fast you’d think they were contagious. (and most people with asthma and allergies got one or more jabs in their lifetime) Even people who’ve never had allergies before are getting them, now…had a flu shot or other vaccine recently?

    There is however, one group of people who are not vaccinated and who can inhale pollen all day long without so much as a sniffle. They’re the Amish, and a new study in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology confirms that allergies are so rare in these people they might not even have a word for it.

    In skin prick tests of 138 Amish kids from Indiana, just 10 showed a positive response for allergies. That’s 7 percent, versus 25 percent of kids from non-Amish farms and a full 44 percent of kids not from any kind of farm at all.

    What’s their secret? Sadly, you wouldn’t know if you only followed the mainstream coverage. That’s why I do some serious holistically oriented musings!

    Here’s a quote from the widely circulated Reuters news report on this study: “What it is about growing up on farms — and Amish farms in particular — that seems to prevent allergies remains unclear.” Unclear to those who are deaf and blind!

    That was the third paragraph. But much further down, Reuters finally worked up the nerve to mention the REAL reason the Amish don’t get allergies.

    And “Drinking raw cow’s milk also seems to be involved.”

    – a full 406 words into the article –you learn this!

    They can try to ignore it all they want, but raw milk doesn’t just “seem” to be involved. It’s THE reason the Amish don’t get allergies at anything close to the rate of the rest of us along with not getting all those jabs they are imposing globally.

    One study last year even identified the two specific whey proteins in raw milk that chase allergies away: BSA and alpha-lactalbumin.

    You won’t find enough of either in the supermarket stuff that passes for dairy — only farm-fresh certified organic raw milk. Here in California check out Organic Pastures as that is what I have been drinking for years and continue to drink, along with their Raw cream, butter and cheese. And regarding beating allergies, many people say that raw milk is good for everything from digestive disorders to autism. Check it out for yourself..but not through fear tinted glasses…!!!! And please think about the dangers of vaccinating anything you love!

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