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By Celeste Yarnall, Ph.D

The Greenlip Mussel, AKA Perna canaliculus  or (GLM) ~ is a natural and far superior alternative to fish and flax oil for our daily Omega-3 needs

Most of us have heard about Omega-3’s and just how dearly loved they are in the wellness community today. Recent findings about all the conditions that Omega-3’s may benefit, may be found at this link courtesy of our friends at Greenmedinfo have as usual, done an outstanding job of compiling some of the best findings on Omega-3s health benefits. New finding are being published all the time on the value of Omega-3 from everything to helping us burn more fat by taking it before exercise to how it helps our brain.  But I have a different little treasure from the sea to share with you and bring to everyones attention which I have been investigating for 6 years now!…

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Golden Heart Unicorn ~ Mixed Media on Paper ~ by Nazim Artist

My husband Nazim Artist created this beautiful graphite and mixed media drawing on watercolor paper this week. Here he expresses the urge that compelled him to make this 22 x 30 inch art work! “This drawing is a graphic exploration … Continue reading

Star Trek the ongoing and very welcome thread in my life…

You may have already read my blog about what I learned from being on Star Trek but it seems this show just goes on and on as there is a brand new documentary just being released which I have been … Continue reading

How Can you be of Value to Someone Today?

“Surround yourself with people who are going to take you higher.”  ~ Oprah Remember there is no such thing as no..this a negative response that you have created which is part of your own self imposed limitation network. How does … Continue reading


My tribute to the Zimmer Children’s Museum broke this morning on my Celestial Musings blog at Care2! We understand that the exhibition will run through the summer by popular demand. I hope if you are in the area you will see these works of art including my husband Nazim Artist’s and support this wonderful program!

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My husband Nazim and I have transformed our home into a place for Nazim to exhibit his art. We call this our Celestial Gallery and it occurred to me that everyone can do this! Why should we always keep the same pieces of art in the same place? People often reject the idea of buying art because they already have something on a particular wall. Ask your self is everything in my life perfect right now? Have I found the love of my life, is my health perfect? Do I love my job? Am I earning the income necessary from doing something that me brings me joy and also does that job provide me with the opportunity to own my own life and have time to spend what I earn doing what I love to do? If life is not perfect ..change up your surroundings by bringing in a new…

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Is it Time for Women to Heal the World? We Say YES!

Every now and then we need to stop and see the amazing things women are doing to be the healing we all want to see take place. One amazing filmmaker sees how desperately women are needed right now to heal … Continue reading

Transform Your Home or Office into Your own Art Gallery!

My husband Nazim and I have transformed our home into a place for Nazim to exhibit his art. We call this our Celestial Gallery and it occurred to me that everyone can do this! Why should we always keep the … Continue reading

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By Celeste Yarnall, Ph.D

Doctors the world over know that decreased oxygen utilization by the cells causes the aging process. The NanoVi device is the only known method of significantly increasing oxygen utilization, without introducing extra oxygen to the body…

I would like to share A BIG part of my anti-aging regime with you that I have used for many years AND it just got better!

I have been fortunate to witness the technological evolution that has brought us bio-identical signaling. I first met the people behind it six years ago, after my anti-aging, MD introduced it to me as he offered this particular technology to his patients in his office. It was a machine that had a nasal cannula attached to it and I sat in  a comfortable chair and breathed through the cannula much like you see people do with oxygen, only I was not breathing oxygen. I…

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“Pegacorn” by Nazim Artist

“When you have reached the end of all the light that you know and it’s time to step out into the darkness of the unknown…. Faith is knowing that one of two things will happen. Either you will be given … Continue reading