Busting the fat myth: What you thought was bad is good again!

What is Moxxor and why is it the best Omega-3 and antioxidant out there?

Here at CelestialMusingsBlog.com, I would like to remind you all  that when practicing The Art of Wellness we may not all really be aware of just how important good fat is in our  own daily diet.  You may also not know just how much of the right fats are needed and therefore a little history about how certain fats caused all the problems in the first place which led to the myth’s that still abound about fats in the diet today. Essential Fatty Acids which contain Omega-3’s are of critical importance daily.

My favorite essential fatty acids come from a company called Moxxor, and of course your MoxxArt team (my husband  Nazim and I, Celeste Yarnall) are here to help you discover it for yourself.

Nazim and Celeste

I always recommend Moxxor to my friends and clients for themselves, their entire families,(including their companion animals) and that is because it comes from a 100% sustainable source which is the greenlip mussel from New Zealand, which contain a unique array of all 18 Omega -3’s known to man. Moxxor produces a cold extracted/organic marine lipid  which is much more potent than  the highly touted (but not sustainable) Krill oil and other fish oils we all hear so much about.

When you see Krill or other fish oils mentioned anywhere remember those that sell them, spend a lot of money advertising them so you will have product awareness and buzz words in your mind when you go to make a purchase.

The advertising dollars they use, have to come out these companies budget from somewhere. Moxxor prefers to let us distributors share the good news about Moxxor thereby utilizing those monies by putting real quality into their product.

The trick the other guys use to be able to afford their big advertising campaigns is by using fillers in their oversized horse capsules. We think we are saving money but  we are not because we are getting only half of what we think we are..I call it a ‘cheap’ trick..the product appears to be cheaper but it is just filled with ‘cheap’ fillers and in the case of fish oils, the cheap filler is low quality olive oil. No thank you, I’ll take my extra virgin on my salad!

Moxxor does not use any fillers or excipients in their product. Moxxor has only 3 organic ingredients, the Greenlip mussel oil, white grape seed husk extract (super antioxidant) and kiwifruit seed oil which provides all 8 natural forms of Vitamin E, all are organic, all are cold extracted and all are from New Zealand. You get three products in one. The greenlip mussel oil is so potent that 2 Moxxor capsules equal over 158 fish oil capsules, which therefore makes Moxxor a cost effective purchase.

Moxxor gives us all a 90 day money back guarantee so we can get a good loading dose started and see how the product tests for ourselves and or our family which includes our dogs, cats and horses, too.

Moxxor is safe for pregnant and nursing mothers too!

Omega -3’s are the number one supplement doctors, including Dr. Oz recommend that we all take daily and they all seem to agree that they are simply a ‘must take’ daily because our diets and stress produces loads of dangerous inflammatory processes. Our bodies don’t us out here because we don’t make Omega-3 in our bodies. We get way too much Omega-6 in our diets which is pro-inflammatory. Omega- 3 is therefore a lot like yin to its counterpart yang.

Now that we know we need to take it every day to ramp down the constant inflammation that life throws our way, with stress and diet, it simply comes down to which Omega-3 marine lipid product to take. Do you go out and base the decision on cost? That is a huge mistake because in order for something like Omega-3 to be  inexpensive they must cut corners on quality, use fillers, etc., and your body is not the place where you want to cut corners. Cut Starbucks out before you resort to cheap fish oil or worse yet flax. (experts agree that the benefits of Omega-3 despite the hype you read is only found in marine lipids (oils). ie cold water fish or shellfish. The wonderful thing about Moxxor and the greenlip mussels is that there is no protein or carbs in the oil so therefore there are no seafood or shellfish allergies.

Just like your mechanic recommends and uses the top oil for your car’s engine, we need to use the top oil for the one thing in this life we cannot replace, our own bodies.

If Moxxor resonates with you, you can order on line and just make the simple substitution of Moxxor for your healthy Omega-3 regime from now on, over the cheaper fish/cod liver/krill oils.

In fact I felt so strongly about what I learned that I fed my remaining cod liver oil capsules when I got my first bottle of Moxxor to my outdoor potted plants. I had researched Moxxor enough to know even way back then that I didn’t want to ever put that fish oil stuff in my body again.

It’s been two years now that Nazim and I have been taking Moxxor and we cannot be without it. Hence my reason for sharing it with you all here. See http://www.MoxxArt.com/

Moxxor, A Powerful All Natural Omega-3 and Antioxidant from New Zealand

When you click on this link to my MoxxArt website you will see I have included a little video of me sharing how I feel about this amazing essential fatty acid product as opposed to fish oil and what it has done for me. Or you can click right here and see my YouTube Moxxor presentation: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kytV7gzExqk&feature=share

I think it is very important to make a distinction when it comes to which brands to support with our dollars today so that we can help separate those companies who practice ‘conscious commerce,’ sustainability and use all green, eco friendly and bio-degradable materials. We have a powerful vote with out dollars every time we make a purchase.

In that spirit there is fish/krill oil and then there is Moxxor. I have tried them all and this is the first supplement I have ever used that ticks all my ‘pickey’ boxes.

I wanted to muse a bit about the importance of fat with you all today so that you could  make the dietary adjustments necessary to improve your health and also suggest you consider having Moxxor be part of your own nutritional supplement protocol. Here is another great video that shows you where Moxxor comes from and you can actually see it being made right here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ieBjKSoXsrY&feature=player_embedded

As a holistic life coach for both people and pets (author of The Complete Guide to Holistic Cat Care, with renowned veterinarian Jean Hofve, DVM, who serves on the Moxxor Veterinary Advisory Board, I love to share my knowledge in certain areas. After 20+ years of research as to  what I find that really works out there and separate the good guys from the people and companies that use ‘hype’ to try and sell us things, I make no apologies for mentioning the brand names that perform well for me and my family and my clients. I am honored to be a member of the Moxxor Holistic Advisory Board. We board members incidentally serve as unpaid ambassadors for just how great this product is. Other companies have to pay hefty fees to those that endorse their products…Moxxor does none of that!

You will find that here I will be very candid about what I find that works. And if it works and ticks my ‘conscious commerce’ boxes I will find a way to make it work for me financially, too. There is an investment opportunity here as we pay Moxxor forward, that is well worth exploring. Nazim and I are building a global team in order to share Moxxor’s heath and wealth building opportunity far and wide. Don’t hesitate to ask us for more information in this regard.

Also, please note that if you are interested in my Holistic Life Coaching services you can make an appointment through my  Celestial Pets or Art of Wellness office at 818 707 6331. My goal is to be of value in any way I can and no purchase when you call us is ever required.  Also see http://www.CelestialPets.com

Now, let’s take a look back and see how fat changed our dietary paradigm here in America for the worst! It all began with one fat in particular called, Crisco and all the myths about fat being bad for us and or ‘fattening’ sprang from this can, which virtually “changed the way Americans cooked and ate.

Dr. Mercola, shares in this chapter of his newsletter at the link below, that it has taken 90 years to debunk the myth that hydrogenated vegetable oil (trans fat) is healthier than animal fats (saturated fat)—a myth created and maintained primarily through wildly successful marketing and one seriously flawed hypothesis.

In more recent years, numerous studies have confirmed that saturated fat consumption is not associated with heart disease. On the contrary, it appears to be associated with improved heart health and decreased risk of heart disease both Dr. Mercola and I and other nutritional experts believe most people need upwards of 50-70 percent healthful fats in their diet for optimal health.”  Keep in mind, he is also marketing his own line of privately labeled supplements which is perfectly fine. The interesting thing about this is that Moxxor will not sell Moxxor to third parties so even he resorts to Krill oil for private labeling which so many important doctors in the spotlight do today. Personally I find the fishing industry pretty horrendous and granted there are a lot of Krill in the sea but where they spread out nets as big as Texas just happens to be in the most sensitive waters on our planet..the Whales feeding grounds. There are so many ecological reasons to support Moxxor and the greenlip mussels of New Zealand rather than perpetuating the over fishing and pollution of our oceans by the  huge commercial fishing industry !

Moxxor maintains the quality of its product by controlling every aspect of  production and proprietary blend, from their own state of the art wild greenlip mussels, encapsulation method and bio-degradable packaging. They will not interrupt any step of this journey to sell out to some other company and risk them using inferior ingredients or cutting down on costs that could affect freshness. Moxxor’s proprietary blend is like a rare form of gold that comes from just one mine in the whole world and they keep control of it!

A bit more history and just how important good fats such as coconut oil, raw butter and raw cream, etc. are, can be found here at Dr. Mercola’s very well written full report: http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2012/05/31/coconut-oil-for-healthy-heart.aspx?e_cid=20120531_DNL_art_1

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