The Horrors of the Commercial Pet Food Industry + video!

Many of you know my passion is holistic health care for dogs and cats, you can peruse my homemade recipes and Celestial Pets supplements at http://www.CelestialPets com. You can also order  my books Holistic Cat Care and Natural Dog Care  which I would be very happy to autograph for you personally.

At my website and in my books you will find that I advocate making your own homemade food for your pets, and at last the reasons why I advocate this method of feeding so strongly can be seen with your own eyes. The pet food industry is killing our pets, sometimes quickly as in the 2007 pet food recall but most often slowly and painfully and very expensively for you, your beloved animals companion and caregiver… watch this video and share it widely..take it viral as this is the  video the pet food industry does not want you to know about. Now at last you will understand  and see why I am so outspoken about the danger of commercial pet food, and how it cannot be deemed holistic or natural, ever. Now you will know why  I make my own homemade food for my own animals and then teach people how do this themselves. I  have now been sharing this information and much worse than what you see here as  I have seen it first hand for over 20 years. Feel free to contact my partner Imelda and I at Celestial Pets via email at

The Complete Guide to Holistic Cat Care, by Celeste Yarnall, PhD and Jean Hofve, DVM

Natural Dog Care, by Celeste Yarnall, PhD

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