Our  Guest Blogger, Nazim Artist shares his Celestial Musings and his vision, Venus Transit ~ Butterfly Nebula (Apotheosis) for The Art of Wellness Collection.

‘The Birth of Venus’ by Sandro Botticelli c 1486

Tempera on canvas – 67.9” x 109.6” inches

The Venus Transit recently was an amazing transglobal phenomena which has left a powerful energetic trace across the known Universe. Beyond the astronomical scientific calculus, the cosmic paradigm shift into a Feminine quantum consciousness, designed to reset the harmonics of human duality on planet Earth, can be felt most profoundly within the esoteric metaphysical symbolism and creative DNA of mankind. Reality after all has an inexplicable poetry at its core where the bio-chemical physics of impulse that become apparent through sensibility erupt like super-nova to become distilled as art.

So it was with Botticelli’s ‘Birth of Venus’ that became transplanted to the glorious inspirations of a Southern Californian ode. Being married to one’s muse has eternal dimensions that resonate within the poetic realities of one’s life. Often the shared breath and air blows into being a manifestation that finds harmony within a shared aesthetic order. A spark may ignite an awareness of something magical yet anchored to a truth that illustrates the emotional terrain of a holistic togetherness.

The ‘Butterfly Nebula’ (Apotheosis) painting was the culmination of a cycle of artworks that evolved through a period of a few years shifting though time and emotional geography. The work began in London and was resolved in Los Angeles, documenting through art the narrative of the sacred union between the beloved. When the Hubble telescope beamed back new images of the Butterfly Nebula, it happened to coincide with the discovery of my Queen Celeste. The Celestial aspect naturally offered a poetic synthesis that became metaphor for the drawings and painting that followed.

At the butterfly sanctuary in London’s Natural History Museum, these wonderous insects descended upon my Celestial beloved, igniting a series of graphite drawings exploring the urge to capture the poetic velocity of the emotion experienced.

‘Butterfly Nebula’ (Drawing Cycle)

Graphite on paper – 45” x 55” inches

by Nazim Artist

Having transitioned from London to Los Angeles the graphite nature of the work created in London, with its obvious black and white appearance took on the vibrancy of colors that emerged within Californian radiance exposed to the life affirming sunlight of this new terrain.

Here the metaphors nature would suggest sparked new observations and dynamics as compared to the intense matrix of London. Tiger Swallowtail butterflies, hummingbirds, scrub jays, bobcats, mountain lions and coyotes would reveal their elemental presence. The European butterfly references used in the graphite works were replaced by Californian butterflies setting the genesis for the Butterfly Nebula painting.

Botticelli’s Venus seemed to embody the poetic facets that resonated with the conceptual framework I had envisioned for the Butterfly Nebula. The visual impact of the ‘Birth of Venus’ is one which arrests the viewer with a sense of ‘revelation’. The ‘Goddess of Love,’ being born out of a scallop shell (the ancient symbol for the ‘vulva’) expressed through the curvilinear power of line and volume as the entwined male/female winged ‘Zephyrs hover about her. The drama of suspended animation the picture evokes propels the image into a cascading stasis.

The sudden realization of the other is what lies at the heart of the ‘Butterfly Nebula’. Rilke in his poem ‘Magic’ best describes the poetic intent of such revelation;

From indescribable transformation. Flash! Such creations feel and trust. We suffer it often, Flames become ash. Yet in Art flames come from dust…..Here is Magic. In the realm of a spell the common word is lifted up above. And yet it’s like the call of the male who calls for the invisible female dove.” 

~ Rilke

The cathartic rapture of the Butterfly Nebula elude’s to the magical convergence and paradigm shift of two celestial entities forming the heart-fusion manifested in paint.

In the graphite drawings the male figure propels himself fluttering with butterfly wings toward the female figure that appears to guide him toward her.

‘Butterfly Nebula (Drawing Cycle)

Graphite on paper – 45” x 55” inches

Nazim Artist

With the painting (created on a life-size canvas measuring 6’x8’ feet) the reality of the male and female figures project the ‘hieros-gamos’ of their sacred awakening in ecstatic flight. It’s as if they are transformed into one giant butterfly in harmony to the tempo of their cosmic dance, the embodiment of transformational potential. The gold and silver tattoos that appear on the figures are derived from the Chinese Block Letters which are also part of the Japanese Kanji, that affirm ‘starlight’ along with other symbols taken from the runes and Reiki signs which attest to creative power and healing. The painting has a holistic glaze which energizes the artwork elevating the sensory cognition of the image.

The giant Tiger Swallowtail behind the figures reflects the symbolic voyage of being in California with the affirming grace and constellation of the mating Monarch butterflies that is evident within the reverberations in motion with the Venus Transit.

“A light came and kindled a flame in the depth of my soul. A Light so radiant that the Sun orbits around it like a butterfly.”

~ Rumi.

‘Butterfly Nebula’ (Apotheosis)

Oil on canvas – 72” x 96” inches

Nazim Artist


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