Transform Your Home or Office into Your own Art Gallery!

Creating our own Celestial Gallery at our home!

Part of the Butterfly Nebula Collection by Nazim Artist http://www.NazimArtist

My husband Nazim and I have transformed our home into a place for Nazim to exhibit his art. We call this our Celestial Gallery and it occurred to me that everyone can do this! Why should we always keep the same pieces of art in the same place? People often reject the idea of buying art because they already have something on a particular wall. Ask your self is everything in my life perfect right now? Have I found the love of my life, is my health perfect? Do I love my job? Am I earning the income necessary from doing something that me brings me joy and also does that job provide me with the opportunity to own my own life and have time to spend what I earn doing what I love to do? If life is not perfect ..change up your surroundings by bringing in a new piece of art that inspires you to action! We can all create a Sacred Space of our very own in our own art gallery at home.

The Butterfly Nebula by Nazim Artist

If you like Nazim’s work do check out his site as all you see there can be reproduced on stretched canvas, hand embellished and signed by Nazim and then glazed with his special holistic glaze that emits healthy air anions into the ambient air surrounding each art work. His special holistic glaze helps to clean the air of mold, fungus bacteria and odors…we have his art work all over our home gallery and they give us and all who come over this amazing feeling of well being, just like when you go outside after a rain or thunder storm when the air is charged with healthy ions! Have a look at and see all the beautiful art works he has done!

Side view of The Butterfly Nebula Collection by Nazim Artist

The black and whites once printed on stretched canvas can be hand embellished, he can even add color such as red and or/gold/silver highlights if you like, and then the art work will be glazed with his special glaze.

“Strength” Graphite on Paper by Nazim Artist

This can be done very affordably if the originals are not in your budget… ie a 24 x 32 inch stretched canvas would run only $350 plus shipping and tax. They don’t even need to be framed as they are gallery wrapped. Let me know if you would like to explore bringing new energy into your home or office and do keep in mind Nazim can also create an original on your wall as he can do a custom mural also. He is available for commissions as well…think about that special dog, cat or horse you would love to have an homage done for as a tribute or your own power animal such as the Phoenix below!

Flame Feather ~ Phoenix by Nazim Artist ~ Available as a hand embellished print on stretched canvas.

2 thoughts on “Transform Your Home or Office into Your own Art Gallery!

  1. Amaizing! Your house is very beautiful as Nazim’s art. I love this post! My house is also a kind of art gallery! =) Here I leave our blog Arrivederci!

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