Is it Time for Women to Heal the World? We Say YES!

Co-producer Celeste Yarnall with Femme Filmmaker Emmanuel Itier

Every now and then we need to stop and see the amazing things women are doing to be the healing we all want to see take place. One amazing filmmaker sees how desperately women are needed right now to heal the world. And that filmmaker is Emmanuel Itier and he needs just a few more investors to complete the post production on Femme: Women Healing the World. My husband Nazim and I invested because we wanted to do something constructive rather than just complain about the way things are from letting the patriarchy be in charge. See a clip from my interview for Femme here:

It seems all over the internet and social media people tend to post all the negatives and are consumed by doubt and suspicion. Most tend to simply criticize the mess that the patriarchy has left us with. Sorry guys but you do  know its true. Domination, having all the marbles, wasting our resources, declaring war on those that oppose your domination was never the way it was supposed to be! The American Indian’s never knew what a fence was until it was brought here in the first place. Life was lived with a spirit of cooperation not survival of the fittest!

There is an opportunity to invest in Femme: Women Healing the world, the goal of which is to empower women to balance the male female energy on this planet which is so out of alignment.  Emmanuel is welcoming any investment amount and it includes an associate producer credit and percentage of profits.

Femme’s trailer can be viewed here: 

Our global cup is either half full or half empty. If we change our thinking.. we CAN change our world..for the person at a time! Butterfly effect…everything is ‘at effect’ from the tiniest drop of goodness to an whole ocean full. Help us lift up the global consciousness to a point where we see how much we can agree upon rather than how much we disagree! See what women are doing and thinking globally! If you are inspired to join us contact Emmanuel Itier directly if you would like to be part of the healing instead of part of the complaining! It feels so good to give up some silly thing you spend money frivolously on and do something really constructive for others with those dollars This is a powerful message and if we can pull in the last $25,000 we can get Femme ready for Oscar contention. Even if we empower just one woman somewhere on this planet to do something valiant, this investment will be well worth it!
805-452-0878 and

Please read:

Femme: Women Healing the World by Emmanuel Itier

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