How Can you be of Value to Someone Today?

Surround yourself with people who are going to take you higher.” 
~ Oprah

Remember there is no such thing as no..this a negative response that you have created which is part of your own self imposed limitation network. How does this happen? It happens because we start listening to the word ‘no’ when our parents impose limitations as part of our survival program. The burn yourself with fire learned experience. We have allowed our brains to become like Velcro for the negative in life and Teflon for the positive in life. Make your brain open to the experience of love and really feel it resonate in your heart and ‘overwrite’ the negative emotions with loving ones. Learn from everything that happens and love it! We feel and operate at our best when focussed on loving as an action verb! How can you be of value to someone today?

Pine White Butterfly

by Nazim Artist

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