Star Trek the ongoing and very welcome thread in my life…

Montage of scenes from The classic Star Trek episode, The Apple featuring Celeste Yarnall as Yeoman Martha Landon and David Soul as Makura

You may have already read my blog about what I learned from being on Star Trek but it seems this show just goes on and on as there is a brand new documentary just being released which I have been interviewed in as well and this one is done by Captain Kirk himself. You can check it out here and I will soon also be appearing at the San Diego Comic Con and signing autographs. See

I  had the pleasure of a chatting with Bill Shatner the year before he filmed this documentary (2010) when he was filming the ‘Captain’s’ documentary/DVD and this is the original encounter he and I had. I think all that remains in the DVD version is only just a moment or two of this with the greeting hug and kiss we exchanged making the final cut. Here is the original encounter that a fan caught on film and put on YouTube

I will also be appearing at POP Con LA at the Los Angeles Convention Center July 5-8th and also at  Creation Entertainment’s Star Trek Convention, August 8th -12th, 2012 at the Rio Hotel and Convention Center. See for details.

You can check out my blog at this link: right here at my Word Press Celestial Musings blog!

4 thoughts on “Star Trek the ongoing and very welcome thread in my life…

  1. Every day the show/life goes on. Your life has been and is amazingly interesting. Thank you for sharing it with us all.

  2. Hello Celeste,

    Your blog link was forwarded to me by a friend. I must say it is very interesting reading and I love the positive energy that it exudes. What an interesting lady you are! My friend also said that you are working on a book to share your anti ageing philosophy. Could you tell me when it might be published please?

    Kind regards and keep up the good work!

    • Thank you for your kind words, Annabelle. My book is in a bit of a holding pattern at the moment. I am investing much of my time, right now to my husbands and my Art of Wellness Collection which includes myriad of health and ‘wealthness’ technologies and I also focussing much of my energy in developing this blog in order to be of value to people by sharing it widely. I would be honored for people to find ways to enrich their bodies, minds and spirits here and then of course continue to share it, then perhaps I will be able to pull from here that which I need to make the book(s) come together cohesively. I feel like I am personally a work in progress with new growth and knowledge coming my way everyday. Perhaps that is why I can’t finish it (LOL). I also thought it might be a wonderful series of books much like the Chicken Soup for the Soul concept which would allow it then to never be could therefore just grow and grow. I would need the right publisher to jump on board with this idea. My fascination is with our belief systems and the power they have over us.

      You might also like to read my blog(s) on the documentary film my husband, Nazim and I are co-producing for Emmanuel Itier (we are also helping to bring in some needed investment dollars to finish the post production and get it ready for Oscar contention. It is entitled Femme: Women Healing the World and if you watch my video clip which is on YouTube I share a bit of the belief system paradigm that I feel is so important as it empowers every woman on the planet to realize how important she is. See:
      In the meantime I am available by appointment for my usual fee of $100 per hour, for what I call holistic life coaching telephone consultations for both people and their companion animals. The subject matter for these consultations is the Art of Wellness and to help guide people to the right protocol for their individual situation and belief system.

      It’s lovely to connect with you and I would be honored to have you follow this blog so that I will hear more from you…right here at my Celestial Musings blog. Love and light, from Celeste.

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