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By Celeste Yarnall, Ph.D

The Greenlip Mussel, AKA Perna canaliculus  or (GLM) ~ is a natural and far superior alternative to fish and flax oil for our daily Omega-3 needs

Most of us have heard about Omega-3’s and just how dearly loved they are in the wellness community today. Recent findings about all the conditions that Omega-3’s may benefit, may be found at this link courtesy of our friends at Greenmedinfo have as usual, done an outstanding job of compiling some of the best findings on Omega-3s health benefits. New finding are being published all the time on the value of Omega-3 from everything to helping us burn more fat by taking it before exercise to how it helps our brain.  But I have a different little treasure from the sea to share with you and bring to everyones attention which I have been investigating for 6 years now!…

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