World’s First GMO Human Babies in the USA!

On Saturday, June 30, 2012, a story entitled, “World’s First Genetically Modified Babies ‘Created’ in US,” by Activist Post contributor Anthony Gucciardi was published and caught my attention.

According to the article, “the ixzz1z7a4wUpK” target=”_blank”>Daily Mail which Gucciardi used for research, is now reporting that the very first (admitted) group of genetically modified babies have been ‘created’ in the United States.”

After I recovered from the shock of this headline and pulled myself together, I wondered if it was really true as I am sure many of you are thinking right now. Corn and soy are one thing, but babies?

Gucciardi states that “the scientists involved reportedly announced the result on the night of June 27th, stating that 30 babies were born using genetic modification techniques. Furthermore, 2 of the babies tested were found to contain genes from a total of 3 different parents. The experiment also lasted over 3 years or more according to the researchers, which may be one of many.” Gucciardi reports, “that the ‘GM babies’ were born into women who had trouble conceiving their own children. In order to ‘birth’ the babies, extra genes from a female donor were inserted into the women’s eggs before they were fertilized. After conception, scientists fingerprinted 2 of the one-year-old children and confirmed that they inherited DNA from 3 adults — one man and 2 women. What this means is that due to inheriting these extra genes through the genetic modification process, they will now be able to pass them along to their offspring. In other words, these genetically modified babies — if allowed to mate with non-GM humans — could potentially alter the very genetic coding of generations to come.”

On the other hand we have another reporter, Rebecca Taylor who has questioned the Daily Mail article and wrote in a piece entitled, “World’s First Genetically-Modified Babies Born, Or Were They?” See: This article is well worth a read as Ms. Taylor closes her query by saying, “So the children born using cytoplasmic transfer are indeed “genetically modified” but this is not a new development as the Daily Mail report suggests. Since it is not dated, I think the article came out in 2001 but is just making the rounds of the Internet now. So while still unethical, this is not a new technology that will be taking off as the new rage in infertility treatments.”

But Just What does the concept of GMO babies business mean to us?

Geneticists state that this genetic modification method may one day be used to create babies “with extra, desired characteristics such as strength or high intelligence.” How do you feel about this potentiality if it is
truly possible or has actually taken place?

The Daily Mail article shares with us that this astounding news comes after it was previously reported by British scientists that scientists were creating human-animal ‘monsters.’

OK these are all just reports but what does the concept that genetic experimentation is already taking place on many humans around the world mean to the future of our DNA? As Gucciardi states, “this has led a large number of scientists to call for new rules regarding the outlandish practice.”

We also see reports that Chinese scientists have already admittedly inserted human stem cells into goat fetuses, and United States researchers have actively researched the concept of engineering a mouse with human brain cells. Beside the horrendous animal cruelty are we seeing the beginnings of some bizarre human experiment a la Frankenstein?

Gucciardi states that experts are now speaking out against the announcement, including leading fertility experts and major organizations. John Smeaton, national director of the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children, said: “It is a further and very worrying step down the wrong road for humanity.”

The question I post is, how do you feel about the possibility of this having occurred or occurring in our near future?

The article which this Gucciardi’s information came from he stated first appeared at Natural Society, a resource for health news and vaccine information.

We also have the BBC News reporter James Gallagher, (Health and science reporter, BBC News) offer at, that there may be “Social Benefits” to this potentiality, when he states that,
“Mitochondria are passed down only from mother to child. “Three-person IVF” takes the core genetic information from mother and father as usual, but puts it into a donor egg which contains healthy mitochondria.

It means the child would have 0.1% of its genetic information coming from the donor.

Prof Peter Braude, from King’s College London, said: “The net effect is an embryo that carries the true parents characteristics in a clean egg with healthy mitochondria.”

I’m sharing this with you all as food for thought and offer you the following links to do further exploration as I think we need to take a hard look at this technology that scientists ‘may’ or ‘may not be’ working with today. But if indeed this report is true then what does it means to our genetic future! And most importantly who determines who is qualified to select the right or possibly the wrong genes?

The following links may be of interest:

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<a href=””></a&gt;
<a href=”″></a&gt;<a href=””&gt;

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