Celeste Yarnall, co-creator of The Art of Wellness Collection is the guest of T.S. Wiley on a Second Opinion

My husband Nazim Artist and I are the creators of the ‘Art of Wellness Collection,’ which as many of you know includes Nazim’s holistic art work. I absolutely love it when I have the opportunity to share this paradigm which includes many holistic modalities and products that we deem beneficial, as I did on T.S. Wiley’s radio show, entitled A Second Opinion.

As a visual today I would like to share with you one of Nazim’s latest paintings, entitled The Rose Nebula to accompany my interview with T.S.!

Rose Nebula ~ Oil on Canvas ~ 30 x 40 inches by Nazim Aritst http://www.NazimArtist.com

Nazim describes what the inspiration and message is that informed this painting!

“The Rose Nebula Labyrinth compliments the painting the “Butterfly Nebula” {Note: a detail of this painting can be seen at the top of the Celestial Musings blog} reflecting the natural evolution of the Nebula picture cycle.

The figures that were revealed to each other in the ‘Butterfly Nebula,’ now converge in sacred union enacting ‘herios gamos’.

The scared male/female mytho-dynamism takes shape within the matrix of the rose, the symbol for Venus. The doves are also symbols associated with the Venus cult and they balance the pictorial energy as the gold and silver lines of the labyrinth trace the contours of the bodies to form the six petal rose which lies at the heart of the rose, in essence the rose within the rose.

The painting coincides with the astronomical phenomena of the ‘Venus Transit,’ depicted in the lower left, which is balanced by the orbit of the planet Venus around the Sun top in the right of the picture.”

~ Nazim Artist

I hope you all will listen to the radio interview I did (at the link below) which aired yesterday, July 3rd, with T.S. Wiley called A Second Opinion. And get the visual sense of our Art of Wellness Collection.

Please note: T.S. is the author of Sex, Lies and Menopause and Lights Out. (I covered The Wiley Protocol in my blog which I first wrote for Care2 and then updated here at my Word Press CelestialMusingsBlog. http://www.care2.com/greenliving/unique-bioidenticalbiomimetic-hormone-replacement.html

This is the link to my interview on A Second Opinion:

T.S. Wiley’s, A Second Opinion with guest Celeste Yarnall

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