We are taking pre-orders on my new pocket sized Celestial Trek book which shares my thoughts on what being on Star Trek has meant to me. The book is 20 pages long and is designed by my husband Nazim Artist. It is filled with beautiful art and imagery! For a limited time since I have just a few copies available to share with you because we don’t want to stock pile books, I will make available and autograph each one to my Facebook friends and subscribers and also include as a gift with each order, an autographed photo of me from Star Trek! This is a $60 value available now for a limited time only at $40 plus LA sales TAX @ 8.75% and shipping/handling of $8.00. Let me know if you would like yours personalized or just signed. Via credit card or PayPal at tangokitties@yahoo.com!


It is becoming more and more of a Star Trek reality check every day!

I wrote a blog recently both here and for Care2 on What Star Trek Taught Me! See: http://www.care2.com/greenliving/what-being-on-star-trek-taught-me.html?page=1

We are clearly smack dab in the middle of findings that just might stand the current paradigm right on its proverbial ear!

If you read either of my blogs about Star Trek and its influence in my life, you might recall that the topic of the God Particle or Higgs boson is one that I included recently as it is of  very special interest to me. I consider myself spiritually connected but not aligned with organized religion in any way, but rather a student of them and an outside the box thinker. I touched upon the subject matter of the God particle in my blog, What Being on Star Trek Taught Me both here at Celestial Musings Blog…

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