More Greenlip mussel benefits!

The Greenlip mussel of New Zealand (perna caniliculous)

Most of you by now know that I do not recommend vaccinations for myriad of reasons but I also recognize that there are situations where they cannot be avoided. However with regard to Moxxor’s Greenlip mussels of New Zealand there is something amazing about it that is not widely known and that is that a double-blind, placebo-controlled study was done in 1999 which brought together Russian and Australian scientists. This study concerned the impact of greenlip mussel oil supplementation on the response to influenza vaccination. Subjects were vaccinated with a live, weakened nasal vaccine; then given the lipid oil extract of the greenlip mussels and the conclusion was that the use of this extract decreased the unwanted inflammatory reaction that is usually present when we suffer from the flu (achiness in joints) and the extract didn’t have any negative impact on the immune response. (per ‘The Inflammation Revolution,’ by Georges Halpern, MD, Ph.D)

This is why if someone does choose to vaccinate for whatever their reasons are, I strongly recommend 2 Moxxor capsules be given at the same time and an ice pack be applied to the site. This is a standard part of my vaccine protocol to help mitigate the damages that vaccination more often than not causes. Moxxor however must be continued daily as our bodies do not make omega-3 so therefore we need to ingest it and or share it with those who have been vaccinated (such nearly everything we love including our dogs and cats) daily.

 Here’s a bottle of MOXXOR which is the best source of the Greenlip mussel oil I know of!

For my complete what to do if and when you vaccinate protocol see:

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“What on Earth is a Greenlip mussel?”
And for my video presentation on Moxxor!

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