More BEAM me UP!


Here is the latest Vasomotion video that shows what happens to the microcirculation in the colon of a chronically stressed person within a minute of switching the device on.

Disease starts with a deficiency in the cells.

All cells need the same 3 things –nutrients, oxygen and waste removal – in order to produce enough energy to run your body.

These 3 things are delivered through the blood and the circulatory system.

If the cells don’t receive what they need, they can’t perform their functions, and your health suffers.
95% of diseases trace back to insufficient blood flow.

Conventional methods increase blood flow by only 5-10% and have side effects.

This amazing European Medical Device helps increase blood flow by up to 30% with no side effects, so your body can work efficiently, heal itself, and you feel good again.

In my opinion there is truly nothing else like BEMER available today and after seeing Dr. Berka’s presentation, I am totally convinced and thrilled with my purchase of the BEMER.

Feel free to share my personal BEMER website with your friends and medical colleagues as this is an FDA registered Class 1 patented device with multiple exciting clinical trials in its arsenal of proof! You can purchase right from the website or we can arrange a demonstration and personally we have a great rent to purchase option available privately through our team.  

One of the things I especially like about BEMER being included in our Art of Wellness Collection, is its ability to help deliver our powerful nutraceutical supplements out through our microcirculatory systems in our bodies such as MOXXOR, and Prime My Body Nano-enhanced Hemp Oil

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