My first San Diego Comic Con!

By Celeste Yarnall, Ph.D and

I have had many request from fans and friends to write this blog and tell of my husband Nazim’s and my adventures at our very first San Diego Comic Con! So here goes!

San Diego Comic Con 2012

I was a late -comer to the Celebrity signers schedule to appear this year but when we learned that both William Shatner and Roger Corman were slated to be there we couldn’t resist accepting their kind invitation to appear Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I am honored as some of you know to be interviewed in Bill Shatner’s new documentary, Get a Life and also had the pleasure of starring in the Velvet Vampire for Roger Corman. In fact I did the voice commentary on the first time release of the Velvet Vampire DVD’s this year!

Since San Diego was completely sold out for parking in hotels and also nearby parking our adventure began when we drove from our home in Los Angeles County to Chula Vista, CA which is about 7 miles from the Mexican border. Please understand that Nazim and I are a bit spoiled and usually stay at a Marriott or Hilton when we do conventions but you know what? We were grateful to have found a double room and July is a special month for us, it marked our second wedding anniversary on the second of July, Nazim’s birthday on the 19th and the 26th for me…so we thought what the heck..lets go to San Diego and do this for our July celebrations…Nazim being from London had never been there before and he really wanted to see the San Diego Art Museum at Balboa park! We took an extra day after the convention to relax there a bit which was just beautiful but that is another story! This is the Comic Con adventure!

We had a great drive down to San Diego and arrived on Thursday afternoon. We checked into what seemed like the last vacancy for accommodations for the week-end in the whole San Diego area…. The ChulaVista Vagobond Inn…Inn is stretching it a bit….it’s a very old motel but we thought much time will spend in the room? It’s clean, has a fridge and we’ve made it safe and sound!

Ok, we weren’t entirely alone…we had ants..but such is life in the country, right? We can deal with ants..we live in SoCal, afterall..a little soapy water always does the trick and Voila, the ants are manageable… and indeed we were able to deal with our little visitors.

Our MOXXOR-MOBILE Ford Explorer was showing itself off right in front of our un-glamorous but still comfortable and convenient, that car of ours is powerful branding no matter where we go, even a Motel, we still get noticed! Check out MOXXOR at http//www. and see what we are raving about!

The MOXXOR-MOBILE awaits us to carry us off to Del Coronado Island!

It was amazing as way out here in Chula Vista, our friendly Vagabond Inn is actually chock full of Comic Con folks so we decide to head over to real some real luxury and nostalgia at the Hotel Del Coronado for a nice dinner!

                                                                  Nazim and I find a nice person to take a quick snap of us!

Nazim and I took this one of ourselves on the Del Coronado beach after dinner!

The Hotel Del Coronado you might recall was where the famous film Some Like it Hot was filmed starring Marilyn Monroe!

Friday is my first autograph session and I have the late shift. This is the only show I have ever done where you can only stay at your autograph table/booth for a few hours. It seems they have so many celebrities to accommodate that we all must rotate each day! So the day started off with us trying to figure out how we would get to the San Diego Convention Center since we were told the parking was completely sold out as were the surrounding structures. We had the option of taking a cab or a cab to a hotel with a shuttle service. I found us a limo service and thank heavens for these wonderful people as I remembered that I had asked to have the option of coming in through the loading entrance when I filled our my Comic Con Celebrity Guest form! I didn’t know exactly what that meant but did it anyway…and that was a lucky break! So we waved good-bye to the ants and got picked up in style in our Lincoln town car. Nazim and I finally made it to the loading dock in our luxury vehicle and great driver.

Left of frame Love King and me, Celeste Yarnall at the celebrity loading dock entrance at the San Diego Convention Center for Comic Con 2012!

Now that was really something getting through the masses of people all around the structure as we could clearly see what 125,000 people in attendance looked like. The first person we met at the loading in area, was the incomparable Love King! Love called Catherine Morrison for me, our amazing coordinator who sent an escort for us to take us to the green room while we waited for my turn to set up for the afternoon!

Everyone of us have been or are fans of certain shows and my favorite just happens to be Ancient Aliens. Well guess who I had the pleasure of setting up next to? None other than Georgio Tsoukalos star of Ancient Aliens, who I had met on another occasion at a MUFON meeting where Georgio was going a presentation. I told him that I had seen his good friend and Ancient Alien co-star’s book on Elvis’s desk in Memphis and Georgio asked if I could ask my friends at Graceland to take a picture of the book which is right on Elvis’s desk. I did and they graciously complied and he sent it off to Eric Von Daniken! So here we are now at Comic Con and we have some lovely mutual friends who also co-star on the show quite regularly, authors Filip Copens and Kathleen McGowan!

It was great spending this Friday afternoon working side by side with Georgio as we greeted fans and took some photo’s together. He gave me one of his fabulous Ancient Alien’s necklaces which I really love. I also met his adorable girl friend, jewelry designer Krix Beeble!

Georgio on my left and my husband Nazim right of Frame!

Now on the other side of my piped and draped space I had Butch Patrick of the Musters and next to him reality stars from the Amazing Race

Vyxsin and Kent!

Kent on the left, Butch Patrick, me Celeste and Vyxsin on the right of frame!

We all are the last shift of the day and work the show until closing! Nazim and I head back to Chula Vista stylin’ in a gorgeous black SUV as our driver just did an airport run and didn’t have time to change cars! The car and driver are adding an extra $170 a day to our costs but how else can we get to the convention center with no parking available. A taxi was about the same price!

We eat locally that evening at a Black Angus steak house…incidentally they no longer use Black Angus Beef…who knew? Corporations are so sneaky these days. The original Black Angus company sold out their chain of restaurants and now are a bit of fraud with that name of theirs being used and not serving the famous Black Angus Beef!

Saturday’s adventures take us back in style in our Lincoln town car and I set up next to the adorable voice actress, Debi Derryberry.

I’m a bit upset here because I made a sizable sale to a very nice fan and thru in some free extra signatures’s and Nazim thought I took the money and I thought Nazim took the money for the sale….hmmm both of us were money changed hands for the sale. This fan is now no where to be found! Sometimes we all get to talking and forget to do the business! Most of the fans never realize the really big stars get all their expenses covered but we on the other hand pay our own way! But all the people were really nice and the costume parade is amazing. Sometimes you can’t believe what you are seeing!

One of my Facebook friends found me at my corner of the con, to tell me he saw the premier of Bill Shatner’s, Get a Life documentary and said I have a nice interview in it! Can’t wait to see it. Apparently I set up a thread that Bill takes off with regarding Star Trek being our answer to mythology today!

Saturday night is the night of the big Comic Con costume party and the entire Sails Pavilion around us starts to be broken down and this is clearly a signal to get out of Dodge quickly!!!

Sunday the last day of the convention who ever my neighbor was supposed to be never showed up so we worked the show until the bitter end as it came down all around us! After Nazim snapped this shot of me at my table below, he took off downstairs and took some very cool photo’s of the happenings there!  Just as we began packing up who comes around the corner but none other than the person who had forgotten to pay me! I explain what happened and throw in a free picture for his honesty! All’s well that ends well!

We finish packing up our gear and get loaded back into the Lincoln town car and back we go to Chula Vista. This evening we headed out to Old Town San Diego for some Mexican food at Acapulco at celebrate the close of my very first San Diego Comic Con!

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