The MOXXOR story!

By Celeste Yarnall, Ph.D

Since I share so much about how honored and excited I am to be a member of the MOXXOR HOLISTIC ADVISORY BOARD and just how important it is for my husband Nazim Artist and me to be advocates for this amazing product, I thought sharing the genesis of MOXXOR might be of interest to my CelestialMusingsBlog followers. In that spirit I present:

The Moxxor Story!

The story behind MOXXOR begins in the spectacular Marlborough Sounds region on the South Island of New Zealand where the nutrient-rich Tasman and South Pacific oceans collide. In this natural pristine environment grow the greenlip mussel, the source of a powerful and effective all-natural omega-3.

For a long time scientists and researchers around the world had known that the properties of the greenlip mussel found in New Zealand contained a unique concentration of omega-3 essential fatty acids.

In 1975, nearly 40 years ago, a young man by the name of John Turner moved to the small seaside town of Nelson situated close to the Marlborough Sounds to start his own fishing company.

It was there in the Marlborough Sounds that John noticed the first experimental mussel farm. There was much discussion amongst the local fisherman about how the greenlip mussels contained amazing health properties especially for people who suffered from arthritis. After tasting the mussels for himself, John saw the potential of the product to be served as a gourmet shellfish in the finest restaurants around the world. The potential of the greenlip mussels as both a health supplement and as a gourmet shellfish led John to apply for some of the first mussel farm licences in the Marlborough Sounds. This provided John the opportunity to be involved in the dawn of a totally new sustainable marine farming Industry.

John became one of the pioneers of the New Zealand mussel industry along with a handful of other passionate individuals. He also met a number of other enterprising individuals whom were involved in the production of mussel powder for manufacturing into capsule supplements. Along with John, they all had great faith in the potential of the greenlip mussel.

MOXXOR founder and CEO, John Turner

However there were no markets for the farmed greenlip mussels, and that was the opportunity John was looking for. He focused his energies on producing a half shell mussel product for the Industry. As result of his efforts John shipped the very first container of frozen half shell mussels to the USA in 1982. During the 1980’s John travelled extensively to many countries around the world to promote the New Zealand mussels to establish new markets.

It was when John met a young Japanese man in New Zealand by the name of Yoshi Kosuge that really caught his attention for the potential of the greenlip mussels as a health supplement. Yoshi asked if he could buy raw mussels from John’s small factory located in Havelock for sending back to Japan.  Yoshi’s father was the famous Professor Kosuge at Shizuoka University, whom had carried out a vast amount of research on the active ingredients of the NZ geenlip mussels.

Because of John’s interest in the potential of the greenlip mussel as a health supplement, it allowed him to observe the evolution of the GLM capsule from a dry powder to an oil extract product. The new mussel oil capsule was a major breakthrough for the GLM supplement product as it was far more potent and effective than the powder form.

In 1996 John had moved to Tokyo to live, and a few years later his eldest son James joined the family business at the Japan office, and 3 years later was joined by his youngest son Jared also. During those years in Tokyo, John shared his vision with his 2 sons about the potential of the greenlip mussel as a health supplement.

In 2003 John contacted his long-time friend Jeremy Harris down in New Zealand to send samples of mussel oil capsules to him in Japan for evaluation.

The next step was to create a unique and memorable name for their new mussel oil product. John along with his 2 sons created the name MOXXOR, which was made from using the first 2 letters of the words Mussel Oil.

On the 23rd of August 2004 the company MOXXOR Limited was registered and that was the beginning of MOXXOR as we know it today!

You can peruse my CelestialMusingsBlog for more information on the amazing greenlip mussels of New Zealand right here at my blog.

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