Balance your Families and Pets Omega 3 and Omega 6 Ratio with MOXXOR!

Just as with your own diet, maintaining the right balance of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids is vitally important for your babies and children, and your cats and dog’s health, too. When you strike the right balance, you help your animal companions to sur- thrive. Their immune function… their joint comfort… their eyes, brain, and heart health… are all supported by optimal omega-3 fatty acids.

My research on this topic led me to conclude that MOXXOR was the right choice for my family and me as well as my companion animals! MOXXOR contains only the 3 ingredients you see pictured here! The balance of Omega 3 to Omega 6 in our diets is critical that is why we all need a super potent but all natural source of Omega 3 to balance the ratio of Omega 3 to  the Omega 6 that we all get in our diets today!

When the two types (Omega- 6 to Omega-3) fall out of balance, you and your animal companions can be affected in many ways. The only sign that tells you your pet, and horses too, will surely benefit from extra fatty acids.Dogs and Cats often display just like humans can; dry, scaly, flaky skin or greasy hair or coat. You may have these symptoms plus joint pain, brittle nails, thinning hair, low energy, restless sleep and weight gain. But the ill effects can linger much deeper on all levels for you and your pets. That is why I take and recommend MOXXOR so highly for both people and pets and with MOXXOR there is no need to buy two different products. You can use this supplement of anything with a pulse!  MOXXOR is like an insurance policy since we can’t get this source of cold extracted Omega-3’s easily any where other than New Zealand where the greenlip (green shelled) mussels are found in many restaurants or taken right from the sea! Watch our CEO John Turner’s son, James do exactly that from MOXXOR’s own mussels!  Watch this videos

At one time, we all probably got all the omega-3s we all needed from a healthy diet. But food sources have changed thanks to commercial farming and processing, etc., and if you have not heeded my advice through my books and website entitled Celestial Pets at and you have continued to feed your cat or dog a commercially prepared canned or bagged food, he or she will certainly have a fatty acid deficiency or imbalance because of too many Omega-6’s from the proteins, fats and oils. (remember Omega-6 comes from grain and most meats today are grain fed instead of grass fed/pasture raised. I have been advocating going grain free as much as possible for you and your pets before anyone even heard of gluten! Getting rid of grain in your diet slims you  and your pets down and lowers cholesterol in a healthy way. Good fat is good for you!  All of our diets are too heavy in Omega 6 the pro pain and pro-inflammation diet most of us get every day. Why? Because vegetable oil consumption rose dramatically between the beginning and end of the 20th century, and this had an entirely predictable effect on the ratio of omega-6 to omega-3 fats, especially in the American diet. Between 1935 and 1939, the ratio of n-6 to n-3 fatty acids was reported to be 8.4:1. From 1935 to 1985, this ratio increased to 10.3:1 (a 23% increase). Other calculations put the ratio as high as 12.4:1 in 1985. Today, estimates of the ratio range from an average of 10:1 to 20:1, with a ratio as high as 25:1 in some individuals. This is one of the reasons we have pain in our joints and so do our pets!  Omega- 6 rich diets are pro-inflammation. Also remember that stress causes inflammation, too. Inflammation causes pain!

Look at what the common oils look like in this chart and please note that MOXXOR’s Omega 3 comes from a bi-valve shell fish only found in New Zealand! MOXXOR removes the protein and carb molecules so THERE IS NO SEA FOOD OR SHELL FISH ALLERGY REACTION, NOR BLOOD THINNING! (BUT ALWAYS CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR IF YOU HAVE A CONDITION THAT WARRANTS CAUTION)

MOXXOR is even richer in Omega 3’s than fish and fish oil because it has all 18 Omega 3’s. *You don’t get these extra Omega 3’s, such as ETA (eichosatrenoic acid)  which are so critical from fish or fish oil. Why? Because, these special Omega-3’s interfere with the famous COX2 and LOX inflammatory pain pathways that we see the drug companies touting on TV all the time in their ads. But they can’t get to both these pathways at the same time. This benefit cannot be obtained  from fish/fish oil and that is why fish and fish oil are incomplete. And besides that almost all fish oils are molecularly distilled or estherified using high heat which destroys so much of its real value!


EVEN If your pet’s food does contain added omega-3 fatty acids, unless the source comes from GLM these additives may not be the right ones for your pet. Omega-3s are heat- and oxygen-sensitive,  so processing methods used on Omega-3s  easily destroys their healthful benefits that may have once had when raw. Because creating an Omega-3 is a very expensive proposition, most companies oils are often rancid when you purchase them.  This might be a good time to review my blog regarding the benefits of MOXXOR over fish oil!  See
MOXXOR is conscious commerce too, and is an all green, 100% sustainable family owned company which does not involve commercial fishing. Instead MOXXOR’s greenlip mussels (GLM) are grown wild in their native environment. They eat only phytoplankton which flows in from the South Pole. MOXXOR comes to us here in the US and the EU from New Zealand’s pristine Marlborough Sounds region. MOXXOR is assayed for purity and is guaranteed to be free of heavy metals such as mercury or pollution. It is as close to a raw food as we can get because the GLM are chilled when harvested and the boats that collect them produce no exhaust into the crystal clean water! Dolphins play here!

MOXXOR is the answer for you and your animal family! 

See: and peruse my home page, then click “Shop Now.”  You will get a 90 day money back guarantee. For out of the country orders just click the country you are in first! MOXXOR is available in the UK, EU and New Zealand and hopefully soon if all goes as expected we will be open in Australia! Don’t hesitate to ask me about MOXXOR as I serve (unpaid) on the MOXXOR HOLISTIC ADVISORY BOARD!

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