Dark Chocolate is good for you! I like Chava!

Chocolate Virtue or Vice?
Chocolate is no longer a guilty indulgence, says Cal Orey, author of “The Healing Powers of Chocolate.” Instead, dark chocolate is a super food that may be a key to living a long,
healthy life.

“In the past decade, studies proved that dark chocolate has many virtues, and, in moderation, can help stave off heart disease and cancer. It can even help you stay slim. There are 300 to 400 compounds in dark chocolate that can help you from head to toe, inside and outside of your body,” said Orey, a health journalist who interviewed doctors, dietitians, and chocolatiers while researching her book.

In addition to life-threatening diseases, chocolate can also help with lesser ailments such as anxiety, depression, PMS, and seasonal affective disorder. Because of chocolate’s antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins, you can get the same benefits as in red wine and vegetables,” she says.

Orey says eating chocolate on a regular basis can add years to your life…possibly by at least five years.”

Many of you may be surprised to see that there has been a recent glut of studies finding that chocolate may benefit health seems almost too good to be true.

A study out of Germany finds pro-chocolate evidence published in The European Heart Journal, where 19,357 adults were followed  for 10 years. The researchers found that those subjects who ate just a tiny 7.5 gram square of chocolate every day lowered their risk of heart attack by 27 percent and reduced their risk of stroke by a whopping 48 percent when compared to those subjects who ate less or none. The chocolate-eating subjects also had lower blood pressure.

As for the amount of chocolate the subjects consumed, comes to about one-quarter of an ounce, meaning that the subjects ate the measly equivalent of one-sixth of a Hershey candy bar daily, or about seven large chocolate chips. That’s not exactly a binge-sized portion, but compared to taking drugs from Big Pharma for prevention, it’s a winner in the flavor department.

Study director Dr. Brian Buijsse says, “To put it in terms of absolute risk, if people in the group eating the least amount of chocolate (of whom 219 per 10,000 had a heart attack or stroke) increased their chocolate intake by six grams a day [again, approximately one chocolate square], 85 fewer heart attacks and strokes per 10,000 people could be expected to occur over a period of about 10 years.” The researchers did not account for type of chocolate consumed, although seemingly as an afterthought, they asked 1,568 of the participants to describe the chocolate they ate in the last 24 hours and found that 57% ate milk chocolate, 24% dark chocolate, and two percent white chocolate.

If there’s a catch, it’s certainly not that those who ate the most chocolate also had healthier diets overall. In fact, the chocolate lovers ate less vegetables and fruits than did the control group. “Despite lower intakes of fruits and vegetables, they still had a lower risk of heart disease,” said Dr. Buijsse.

Also, the study was not funded by the chocolate industry, as were some of the earlier researches, but rather, by the German government and the European Union. It follows on the heels of previous research  that reviewed three earlier studies. One of those studies reviewed data on 34,000 postmenopausal women enrolled in the Iowa Women’s Health Study and found that eating the equivalent of a chocolate bar weekly reduced stroke risk by 22 percent. Another of the studies followed 1100 subjects and found that eating a few chocolate bars a week reduced the risk of dying from stroke by 46 percent.

Researchers attribute the health benefits to the flavonoids and flavonols in cacao, which may increase the elasticity of blood vessels and improve platelet function. Dark chocolate, which contains a higher percentage of cocoa than other chocolates, ostensibly contains a correspondingly higher percentage of these antioxidants. “Flavanols appear to be the substances in cocoa that are responsible for improving the bioavailability of nitric oxide from the cells that line the inner wall of blood vessels” says Dr. Buijsse. “Nitric oxide is a gas that, once released, causes the smooth muscle cells of the blood vessels to relax and widen; this may contribute to lower blood pressure. Nitric oxide also improves platelet function, making the blood less sticky.”

Ever since the word got out from earlier studies about these benefits, many nutrition-conscious individuals have been buying up bars of 70-percent-plus chocolate. But is the evidence convincing enough to ensure that they’re making a good choice? First, consider the fact that no matter how you package it, chocolate contains plenty of calories. A three-and-a-half ounce bar of chocolate (either milk or dark) has about 500 calories, and if you eat one of those weekly, your waistline will show it. It works out to about six extra pounds of body fat a year you have to account for.

Dr. Buijsse suggests a fix: “Small amounts of chocolate may help to prevent heart disease, but only if it replaces other energy-dense food, such as snacks, in order to keep body weight stable.” Of course, there’s also the saturated fat and sugar content to worry about, and in many cases, additives and pesticide residue, I of course recommend you buy organic. Plus, high cocoa content doesn’t always mean high flavonoid content. Because flavonoids lend cocoa a bitter flavor, many manufacturers remove them. The less processing cacao undergoes, the more flavonols remain, so it’s important to find a brand that retains the antioxidants. Some manufacturers have been experimenting with ways to preserve the optimal amount.

“It’s a little early to make recommendations [about chocolate consumption],” says Dr. Buijsse. “But a future recommendation could be that if people eat a small amount of chocolate, they can replace it for something else, maybe leaving out a snack or another sweet.” He says more studies are needed. But I have found a dark chocolate product that I really like, eat lovingly every day and it truly seems to fill the chocolate bill on all accounts. It is called Chava and you can check it out here at my Chava website:

Introducing Chava!

The bold intense flavor, rich velvety overtones and smooth finish of Chava harbor a secret – a powerhouse profile of antioxidants (ORAC 37,208) in every decadent piece. All natural, nothing artificial and always earth-friendly, Chava’s organic cacao is infused with a hyper-potent chocolate extract and Waiora’s Natural Cellular Defense liquid zeolite in an antioxidant explosion that pleases the palate and invigorates the soul.

What Makes it so Unique? Two proprietary blends.

The Original, Only Bursting with Flavor

We all know heavy metals and toxins are everywhere (even in us). To help remove them, Chava provides a powerful dose of Natural Cellular Defense—the original zeolite that aids in cellular detoxification. With over 3 million bottles of this activated liquid zeolite sold, Waiora is the proven industry leader in removing toxins. Containing powerful chocolate and Natural Cellular Defense zeolite in every delicious piece, Chava takes care of you-body and soul.

Click Here to view Chava Vital Chocolate FAQ’s }

Chocolate Nirvana

In addition to the natural feel-good properties of organic dark cacao, Chava is infused with a proprietary, hyper-potent chocolate extract, boasting higher levels of naturally-occurring aldimines, which are known to enhance mood, stimulate energy and promote an overall sense of well-being. Enjoy a little piece of heaven.*

With an off-the-charts ORACFN value and 750mg of Flavonoids per piece, Chava has no artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives or added caffeine.

Chava contains NCD (Natural Cellular Defense)



With five drops of Natural Cellular Defense in every piece – an actived liquid zeolite that removes toxins from the body – Chava offers something no one in the marketplace does.*
 With over 3 million bottles sold, Waiora’s Natural Cellular Defense zeolite, is the original liquid zeolite formula which eliminates heavy metals, chemicals, pollutants and other toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis. Removing toxins that build up in your body is essential to a strong immune system, a healthy body and consequently, a better life.*

Natural Cellular Defense is safe, clean, effective and has been the subject of 13 clinical studies. Natural Cellular Defense was the first zeolite liquid suspension, with a proven track record of success and a published clinical trial; it is the best zeolite product on the planet. Without our manufacturing process, you cannot remove the inherent metals and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from clinoptilolite deposits. Our process took over two years to develop. This process is proprietary and exclusive to Waiora. Nobody else is making a product like this.*

The end result of the hyper-potent chocolate extract is that it is effective in elevating mood, reducing anxiety and worry, increasing motivation and boosting energy.*

The Science Behind Natural Cellular Defense

One of the greatest benefits of Natural Cellular Defense is its ability to rid your body of toxins-the same toxins the EPA, FDA and CDC have declared dangerous. Eliminating these toxins not only helps strengthen your systems and bolter your health, it can help save your life.”
— Rik Deitsch



As if you need another reason to reach for chocolate, here it is.
In addition to the natural feel-good properties of our organic dark cacao, Chava is
infused with a specially formulated hyper-potent chocolate extract.
 Modern Science reveals that few foods are as complex in form and function as cocoa. Among the many components, scientists have now identified previously unreported aldimine compounds in cocoa that support a balanced mood, enhance energy, and increase motivation.

Our hyper-potent chocolate extract is a proprietary cocoa concentrate with significantly higher levels of aldimines than those found in cocoa powder. The benefits of these aldimines can be extended through a special blend of vitamins, minerals, almond and cocoa constituents, bioflavonoids and natural fruit enzymes.

The end result of the hyper-potent chocolate extract is that it is effective in elevating mood, reducing anxiety and worry, increasing motivation and boosting energy.

Check all this out and more at my Chava website and indulge in it today by clicking to shop now!  http://mychava.com/190832  But remember to keep all chocolate away from your pets! We keep ours in the fridge!

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