The Importance of connecting to the Earth’s Magnetic Field!

Here’s Some Celestial Musing for you to Ponder Today!

We used to walk barefoot on the earth every day in ancient times and even more modern times, now we are separate from the Earth 24/7 in our modern society!

We are missing the direct contact of the Earth and the wonders of the Earths magnetic field!

It’s almost like we are living on the moon today because our shoes, our bed, our cars, our furniture, everything is keeping us separate from feeling the Earth, the sand, the sea which our soul longs to feel beneath our toes!

Just enter either the words oxidative stress or “inflammation” into a ‘google search’ or the search box at the U.S. National Library of Medicine (Pub Med) website and you’ll get more than 377,000 medical research articles to ponder. The very first one goes back to an 1813 paper on inflammation in the eyes. Think about our eyes today exposed to toxic light sources during our dark night, natural sleep cycle.

It seems that in the year 2000 the relationship between inflammation and disease really came to the publics knowledge and became a ‘buzz’ word everywhere we look. Inflammation was really only thought of as the body’s urgent response to injury and infection and that is what it is supposed to be. That is healthy inflammation and also referred to as acute inflammation. Researchers today are concerned with the chronicity factor, that is long-term, or put more simply how ‘chronic inflammation’ and/or oxidative stress is now known to be the underlying cause of the most common of health disorders, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and neurodegenerative conditions. More than two-thirds of the 58,000 or so articles on chronic inflammation have been published in the last 12 years. Some 45,000 diseases are directly related to cardiovascular disease. The way we recognize most of these inflammatory disease processes is because the name of the particular disease includes ‘itis,’ usually but not always!

Today there is a wide and growing interest in chronic inflammation research

In the 1980s, medical investigators started to take notice that immune cells congregate at sites of diseased tissue in the body in a wide variety of apparently unrelated disorders. One of the earliest observations involved atherosclerosis, where the lining of arteries become inflamed and damaged, and develop into a potentially life-threatening conglomeration of fat and debris, the basis of plaque. Russell Ross of the University of Washington identified the presence of macrophages in atherosclerotic tissue, white blood cells known to flock to sites of inflammation. During the next twenty years, arterial disease became increasingly linked to an inflammatory process. By 2000, ongoing studies by Harvard researchers led to the breakout conclusion that cardiovascular disease was inflammatory in nature. By 2004, “smoldering” inflammation had been incriminated as the silent menace behind multiple diseases. The chronic inflammation revolution took center stage worldwide on magazine covers, page one in newspapers, and TV news headlines. Inflammation research became a dynamic growth industry in mainstream medicine. Everywhere they turn, researchers uncover evidence that inflammation ignites and feeds chronic illness.  But yet all modern medicine offers is drugs, such as beta-blockers, statins and then on to surgery after surgery!

We live right upon the  surface of a huge anti-inflammatory ball  and that is our Mother planet herself and her surface that’s design-by-nature offers a magnetic field which we are quite comfortable  living  in and lying upon.

The magnetic field varies slightly around the world but we adjust to it quite nicely when we are in each location. There is a strong argument being made in many circles of how contact with the Earth, either by being barefoot outside on the ground, sand, grass etc., quenches inflammation by allowing the Earth’s infinite supply of negatively-charged electrons to rise up into the body and put out the chronic inflammation that  an abundance of unquenched free radicals cause, which is something we hear so much about.

The theory of the Earth as an anti-inflammatory provider is still just a theory but many don’t know how else to explain the way that the Earthing concept, which even has a book title to its credit, ramps down inflammation. We have other tools to help aid this age old remedy today as well but still we need to get our feet out of our shoes and walk upon the Earths surface again, lie upon it, put our back against a tree trunk again as our Native American ancestors did and still do!

But what about aging? It certainly seems true from all the research to date that chronic inflammation is the main cause of aging or a major factor accelerating aging. Can reconnecting with the Earths magnetic field slow the aging process due to its obvious and remarkable impact on inflammation?

It certainly seems that we need to pull together multiple modalities to achieve that all important yin/yang balance or homeostasis which is also a word we hear used often to describe the mechanism where our body is harmonically balanced.

What about senior citizens?

Improving the health of older people can – and must – be one of the goals of modern gerontology (the study of aging) focuses upon. It is imperative in order to decrease the alarming rate of hospitalization, risky and frequently injurious administration of multiple medications, and soaring age-related disease-care costs usually resulting from Cardio/vascular disease which is the number one killer globally, cancer being second and Western medical treatment (Iatrogenic) falling into third place according to many researchers. Physiological functions naturally decline with age and negatively influence the absorption and/or metabolism of nutrients, a degradation process further compromised by drug side effects and interference. Wouldn’t it be nice to have knowledge of protocols that can be done at home that can be used daily and in the sleep cycle to help us activate our own inner healing systems and our own anti-aging mechanisms? Keep reading.

What about the natural slowdown of our cells? Can we address that issue?

The natural slowdown occurring in cells and tissues with advancing age are responsible for an increased risk of disease and death. Part of this process involves the aging of the immune system – called immunosenescence – characterized by a chronic low-grade inflammatory status of the whole aging organism. This process has been referred to by some researchers as ‘inflamm-aging.’ More than 300 theories have been put forward to explain the reduced functionality associated with aging but none fully explain the immunobiology (physiological functioning of the immune system) of senescence. The modern preoccupation with drugs and vaccines have replaced treatments that for 1000’s of years enhanced the immune system such as Ayurvedic therapies and Chinese medicine, including acupuncture. Instead these so-called preventative drug type options load the body with a toxic overload that it ceases to be able to deal with eventually. Even dentistry with its use of amalgam materials, implants mercury near people’s brains, whilst these deadly vaccines pushed year after year from the day of a babies birth up to the time of a persons death, cause us all chronic brain inflammation, as well.

The lack of Omega-3 in our diets is certainly a huge part of the problem as the Western diet instead of the perfect ratio of one to one (Omega-3 to Omega-6) we find ourselves at about 30-1, a condition that produces and puts the body in a state of chronic inflammation. My product of choice is Moxxor and I also recommend it for our animal companions, even horses, to help them and all of us, ramp down the chronic brain inflammation received from the barrage of vaccines  received, as well.

Here are just a few of my current recommendations to delay the aging process?

1. Healthier nutrition, although somewhat controversial today my belief is that we are natural omnivores and eating a balanced diet of pasture raised meats, wild caught fish, free range poultry, raw organic milk/butter/cheese and ample organic non GM) fruits, veggies and nuts along with drinking plenty of  healthy pH balanced water along with maintaining and or reinnoculating your own  population of beneficial bacteria (microflora known as pro and pre-biotics) in the gut. This is crucial for our inner terrain because it is a major part of the immune system. We also know that a healthier diet includes caloric restriction and even a controlled cleansing fast if only for a day. People worldwide all tend to overeat when they can, and where food is plentiful,particularly the wrong kinds of food and drink, they put on belly fat, an actual source of increased inflammation in the body.

2. Exercise. We’ve all heard this many times however lets not dwell on the subject but suffice it to say even getting up from your desk every 20 minutes is beneficial. Exercise, even a minimum, is good for your body and spirits. I especially like using my BungyPump Poles when I take my walks as they increase core strength and give your arms a work out too! Contact me personally on how to acquire these walking poles from Sweden.


3. Antioxidants have the potential to increase longevity by curtailing the effect of oxidative stress on the body. Oxidative stress means rampant, free-radicals that damage healthy tissue throughout the body. Such damage creates chronic inflammation. My product of choice as a boost to MOXXOR’s Omega-3 is Protandim . You might also enjoy watching this ABC Primetime special on how all the buzz started on Protandim. But I feel Protandim works great with MOXXOR as I said because Protandim contains 5 synergistic, vegan herbs  which are quite naturally antioxidant on their own but in this patented synergy they have proven to provide what is called  NRF2 activation!
Watch this video presentation to see if Protandim will fit in with your supplement regime as it does mine, and you can then order it here.

Just simple contact with the Earth each day can counteract free radical damage by providing the body with an abundance of electrons.

Electrons are the power behind antioxidants, and so they consequently prevent or reduce inflammation. Such effects produce a relaxation of the body, and thus a reduction in physiological stress. Stress resistance = ability to survive, and by reducing stress, simple Earthing improves the ability of the body to survive. A simple way to accomplish this is to have a great morning health shake, my choice is the Rejuvenate family of shakes from Integrated Health  Do take your MOXXOR and Protandim  with your morning shake and a digestive enzyme (I like one called Digase which comes from the same website as Rejuvenate where there are also other great products offered, such as Vitamin D with K2) and then go for a little walk, barefoot even if it is just on a tiny plot of grass, or earth for a few minutes. Make this habit to each day with your dog as well who also benefits from getting his paws connected to Mother Earth. See my new book PALEO DOG for all the rules and tools to rear a healthy canine companion.


Why not get your shoes and socks off, at least once a day and touch the ground with your feet. Even concrete or stone is good! Let the sun caress your skin for a few minutes each day as much as you can expose to it!

One of the key factors in this overall equation is chronic antigenic load, meaning the lifelong exposure to a variety of infectious agents for a period much longer than previously encountered during human evolution (because people are living longer than ever).

Think about how fluoride in our water and tooth paste for instance adds to our toxic daily load.

Think of airport scanners and other devices that emit radiation. Acute inflammation is how the body neutralizes dangerous/harmful agents, but later in an extended lifespan, such inflammation fails to become effectively countered by an aging immune system. One reason for this could be a lack of connection with the Earth’s supply of electrons.

Modern lifestyle and footwear separate us from the ground’s electron supply. We refer to this common reality as an “electron deficiency” and suggest it is an overlooked cause not only of chronic inflammation but perhaps the ravages of aging itself. I am looking into healthier footwear options right now, since contact with the Earth appears to dynamically boost the body’s own self-repair and healing mechanisms. This suggests that ‘inflamm-aging’ may be the result of long periods without contact with the electrons of the earth, besides the lack of exercise, healthy diet/supplements and stress and also just being out of sinc with the Earth’s magnetic field.

Take a look at my blog here for a refresher course on many of the benefits of the patented multi-dimensional field that the BEMER device provides you, your family and your companion animals!

Our BEMER is located in what we call our sacred healing space. It is surrounded by Nazim’s holistic artworks, located near our aromatherapy nebulizer, and near healing sounds and sound therapy, as well!

Using the BEMER device once or twice daily is so easy and pleasant. Your companion animals can use the very same device you do.

Using the sleep system after daily use for about 6 weeks allows your body a cleansing and regenerative cycle as well. BEMER’s patented multidimensional wave pattern signal is a simple solution for the disconnect we all seem to be experiencing in our modern world today! You can get more information at my BEMER website

Please do feel free to contact me regarding any or all of these protocols contained in this blog! You won’t find any of this on the news at night or on infomercials, because hat is reserved for Big Pharma’s drug commercials and the usual fear tactics released to control what they refer to as their herd of customers.

Don’t let Big Pharma control you and make you part of their “herd” medicine…keep exploring alternatives and I will keep sharing what I learn for both you and your companion animals!

5 thoughts on “The Importance of connecting to the Earth’s Magnetic Field!

  1. I have enjoyed reading your blog Celeste,I will let many of my friends know about you.and help you get more readers. I wish I could do all of the things that you do, but I do well to just take what I do for the chronic bronchitis. I am feeling better, but I still have not been able to gain back the weight that I lost 6 yrs ago after my surgery, and I have always been very health minded, never smoked and still try to eat a healthy diet.But my surgeon said that the dissecting aortic anureyson was genetic. My Mother had the same and she passed away in 1996.

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    • Celeste, Thank you for sharing your wonderful research. Even my doctor is onboard with all of this. He says non-leather soled shoes are a problem. I have looked for leather soled ones, but have been unable to find much. My feet are narrow, so that eliminates most of the ones I do find. Do you know of a good source for leather-soled shoes in the U.S.?

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