Never stop learning..come join us for great information on this cutting edge, healing medical device system that every home should Steve Jobs visualized every home having a computer, I visualize every home having a BEMER and with their finance plan its also affordable! We can’t afford to be without BEMER!



Nazim and I are so excited to introduce you to a new medical device from Germany that we have included in our Art of Wellness Collection in order to help diminish pain and inflammation by dramatically increasing microcirculation. It is called BEMER, Bio Electro magnetic Energy Regulation Therapy.

I would love to invite you to attend an event our BEMER group is hosting Wednesday, October 10, in Playa Vista along with a talented Naturopathic Medical Doctor who will be discussing the science and research behind how this technology works. We will have plenty of healthy snacks, and there will be an opportunity to try a sample session (aka, to “test drive” our BEMER device)!

The beauty of BEMER is there are very few contraindications for BEMER use (contra-incidated for organ transplant recipients undergoing immunosuppresive drug therapy) however when in doubt always consult your own physician before use). BEMER is…

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