How does BEMER differ from other so called PEMF devices?

There is nothing on the market today that can compare with BEMER! But, how does BEMER differ from other so called PEMF devices is a question I am often asked as there are websites that pop on search engines that challenge or offer cheaper devices than BEMER. What are we to believe?

Not All Magnetic Field devices Are the Same! 

Magnetic fields, and in particular electromagnetic fields, have been around for years. In the past the therapeutic effect of electromagnetic field treatment was controversial, inconsistent and inconclusive. The BEMER changed all that!

Prof Dr W A Kafka, the inventor and patent holder of the BEMER was able to determine and quantify the active ingredients of magnetic field therapy and built those insights into the state-of-the-art, patented BEMER device.Interaction of the BEMER electromagnetic field with the human organism (as well as animals) was scientifically and independently investigated since 1998 and found to be consistent, quantifiable and repeatable. The BEMER and BEMER3000 are registered Trade Marks and may not be used by representatives of other Electro Magnetic Treatment devices, although there tend to be some EMT manufacturers who “ride on the BEMER results/successes fraudulently”, fooling the public by systematic deception and making irresponsible claims. Most of these EMT devices marketed in the USA, Europe and South Africa are not registered with governing bodies such as BEMER is.

Only the BEMER contains the special Prof Dr Kafka pulse which caused the breakthrough of consistent success in electromagnetic field therapy! No other electromagnetic therapy device in the world contains the unique and patented KAFKA pulse which distinguishes the BEMER from all other EMT devices. Prof Kafka has never worked with or corroborated with other EMT device developers or manufacturers, least of all in South Africa, and statements to the contrary are rejected by Prof Kafka. Legal steps are being taken by Prof Kafka and Innomed International AG in this regard.

For your own protection, please take note that such unethical operators in the field of magnetic field treatment make false claims in terms of product characteristics such as the pulse, medical results and by their presumed association with BEMER. Besides being highly deceitful, such behaviour also contributes to the fact that electromagnetic field therapy tends to be seen by medical practitioners and the public as unprofessional and controversial.

There is only one BEMER containing the original Prof Dr WA Kafka pulse; only one BEMER legally registered with the FDA in the USA and the SA Dept of Health, other agencies worldwide and scientifically proven and that is BEMER Classic and BEMER Pro and can be used by the whole family including your companion animals.

Feel free to contact me for prices to purchase, rent, or finance  the BEMER Classic or Pro set.

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    Our SoCal BEMER event presentation is Wednesday October 10th commencing at
    6:30pm until 9:30pm
    6241 Crescent Park West Los Angeles, Ca 90094. The Dorian Club Room (first floor) in West Los Angeles, California.
    If you cannot be with us in person I can email a you a Webinar presentation to watch on line. Just email and let me know if you would like me to do this.
    If you can be with us in person, you will meet Joshua Berka NMD, LAc who is dual licensed and board certified in Naturopathic Medicine and Classical Chinese Acupuncture. He lectures all over the world and has a private practice based in Rancho Palos Verses.

    Both my husband Nazim Artist and I feel Dr.Berka’s BEMER presentation is the single best we have ever attended!

    No cost or obligation to attemd just come join us for great networking, healthy snacks and a presentation that will introduce you to a revolution in health care and anti-aging known as ’information medicine!’ It is straight out of Star Trek!

    Here is my BEMER website for a bit more information as well as my blog on BEMER technology here on Word Press and how we use it in our home.

    Please take a moment to watch what happens in the body after just a few minutes on the BEMER and will last up to 12 to 16 hours afterwards!

    Please RSVP to

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