The Rejuvenate Shake!

Have you tried the best shake on the planet for either weight loss or all around optimum health called Rejuvenate?

You can mix your favorite organic fruit or veg, and or juice plus 2 scoops of Rejuvenate and blend in the blender for a great start to your day or as a meal replacement.

Try watermelon blended whilst in season right now with fresh or flash frozen berries, a banana with Rejuvenate Pro (has a berry flavor)

Watermelon Berry blast!

2 scoops of Rejuventate (pick your favorite),
Organic apple juice or other fresh juice

Fresh Watermelon cubes

Fresh or flash frozen berries and or a small banana

tiny bit of fresh ginger or dash of cayenne pepper

and Crushed Ice for an extra blast of chill

Then just blend together:

I also love to take 2 scoops of Rejuvenate Plus, blend Naked Juice Green Machine, a small avocado and a small banana and and a bit of Raw Milk! Sometimes we add an organic raw egg and blend thoroughly..if too thick add a bit more Raw Milk and pinch of cayenne pepper for a little kick!

For the ultimate wake up call take your MOXXOR Omega 3 anti-inflammatory/antioxidant supplement and Protandim anti-oxidative stress supplement with your Rejuvenate shake and then BEMER UP on the FDA registered, Class 2 patented multi-dimensional signal carried on PEMF  medical device!

Rejuvenate even makes a Rejuvenate formula for pets which can be incorporated into our Celestial Pets homemade Raw food regime for cats and dogs!

Rejuvenate shakes are suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians and are not tested on animals. Create your own Vegan/veg versions to suit your own dietary needs!

See for a comparison and site to order from.

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