Divine Complements Forever ~ Finding Everlasting Love with Your Soulmate

Rose Nebula Labyrinth (Venus Transit) by Nazim Artist ~ Oil on Canvas ~ 30 x 40 inches

I am very pleased to share that my beloved husband, Nazim Artists painting Rose Nebula Labyrinth is gracing the cover of a new ebook and Kindle book on Amazon, by Ariadne Green entitled, “Divine Complements Forever  ~ Finding Everlasting Love with Your Soulmate,

Ariadne shares with us from her website:

Dear readers and soulmates everywhere, Many of you have asked for it,  yearned for it, prayed for it, dreamt of it and looked around every corner for it.   You questioned if it really exists, read differing opinions and meditated for the resounding truth about it.  What is “it?  OK, yes states Ariadne, it’s…..well three things:  an everlasting love, a soulmate and a book with many of the answers to understanding soulmate relationships.  And  there is also more good news!  A Kindle version of “Divine Complements Forever: Finding Everlasting Love with Your Soulmate” has just been released with a print version coming soon. 

Ariadne’s first book, “Divine Complement,”  offers an in depth exploration of the topic of soul mates.  In it she shares many heartfelt stories about present-day Divine Complements on the path of renewing the vows of the earliest bond between them, the Stellar Promise.   In it are stories of extraordinary devotion where twin souls found the true meaning of relationship as a faithful and often-relentless quest for love and service to each other.


“Deep inside our hearts we know this thing really exists.  We wish to sanctify it, to make it our path to higher consciousness and to graduate from the lessons we’ve chosen to fulfill with that one special person we call beloved.  We fully expect that that one partner, “made in heaven” and delivered to our door, will stick around beyond the first argument to make the “happily ever after” happen.”

 Amazon’s brief summer states: The topic of soul mates has fascinated the romantic to the most rational cynic looking for the perfect match to complete them and to fulfill their greatest desire for a meaningful love-filled relationship. Until now, seldom was an adequate definition of ‘soul mate’ offered and little could be explained about the dimension of spiritual collaboration through which two come together in often miraculous ways, even from opposite sides of the globe, to meet, match, and fall in love.

Spun off from Ariadne Green’s earlier book, Divine Complement, this enlightening book examines the worldly and otherworldly twists and turns of soul mate relationships. In it are countless stories of extraordinary devotion as well as complete failure, as couples tried to establish a lasting commitment despite the many karmic tests along the way.

As examples, Ariadne discusses Jesus and Mary Magdalene’s legacy and destiny to punctuate the book’s premise. And she goes on to discuss such topics as, same-sex complements and soul mate dreams that prove soul mate relationships are often a never-ending saga of psychic interaction at unseen dimensions.

This deeply psychological and spiritually enlightening book will appeal to anyone looking for their soul mate, those seeking to confirm the spiritual bonds of a present or past relationship, and those who seek deeper understanding and wisdom on the nature of the soul, divine destiny and the sacred path of relationship.

Now the story of how Nazim and I met Ariadne is also a cosmic connection in itself. I connected with her on Facebook because of a beautiful rose photograph she had posted that I found googling rose images for a blog I was writing on the Essence of the Rose for my Care2 Celestial Musings blog. It was a twin centered rose with a lovely story that went with the image. Nazim had just finished a cycle of art for his recent show at the Barnsdall Gallery Theatre in Hollywood called The Butterfly Nebula!

Nazim and I also had a rose bush in our garden that produces twin centered roses and I cut one for Nazim to see up close. We both could see the twin soul, sacred lovers nestled in the center of the rose as Ariadne has pointed out that she found in her own rose! This then led to Nazim creating a beautiful watercolor  on archival paper entitled, “Kissing Roses!”

I connected Nazim to Ariadne as well and we both chatted with her by phone and found many spiritual connections. Nazim had also been looking at the Hubble telescope images of the Rose Nebula (below) and Ariadne sent us her last book and a screenplay she had written about the sacred marriage of Jesus to Mary Magdalene and the sacred feminine principle. The Rose Nebula Painting was born out of the cosmic stardust that connects twin souls like my beloved and I and chance meetings with other like minded creative beings such as Ariadne Greene often trigger! I hope you all will share this amazing new book with all your friends and fellow bloggers through the portal the internet and Word Press offers us all!

Here is Nazim’s feelings about what the Rose Nebula painting meant to him:

The Rose Nebula Labyrinth compliments the painting the Butterfly Nebula reflecting the natural evolution of the Nebula picture cycle. The figures that were revealed to each other in the Butterfly Nebula now converge in sacred union enacting the ‘herios gamos’. The scared male/female mytho-dynamism takes shape within the matrix of the rose the symbol for Venus. The doves also symbols associated with the Venus cult balance the pictorial energy as the gold and silver lines of the labyrinth trace the contours of the bodies to form the six petal rose which lies at the heart of the rose, in essence the rose within the rose.

The painting coinciding with the astronomical phenomena of the Venus Transit depicted in the lower left, is balanced by the orbit of the planet Venus around the Sun top right of the picture  See: (Rose Nebula painting top of page and Rose Nebula space image bottom of page).

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