Sleep and anxiety meds increase dementia risk!

Far too many people use various drugs to help them sleep each night and rely on medications for anxiety to get through the day.

Many people take both medications for sleep and anxiety which virtually becomes a 24-hour cycle of dependence. This creates   side effects that can lead up to and include death. New research exposes that regular use of these powerful drugs is linked to dementia. If you have ever seen anyone you love suffer from dementia you know how devastating this can be let alone consider having this condition yourself.

Researchers compared  a group of approximately 100 French seniors who took benzodiazepines and similar drugs to 1,000 people who did not over a 15 year period. The ones who took the drugs had a 60 percent higher risk of dementia — and that’s even after adjusting for the usual variety of risk factors, according to the study in BMJ.What makes this even more disturbing is that the drugs they tracked are practically household names — including Ambien, Halcion, Klonopin, Restoril, Valium, and Xanax.These types of meds were never meant for long-term use. The problem, of course, is that people who turn to them for a short-term problem with sleep or stress, for example, end up relying on them day after day (or night after night), and year after year.You probably know some people who are practically hooked on these drugs, even if they don’t walk around advertising it.There could be a happy ending and that is the fact that dementia caused by medication can sometimes be completely reversed by getting off those drugs and onto safe, natural alternatives.Alas sometimes, it’s too late — and that’s why the better plan of action is to not take the drugs in the first place and find a way to sleep naturally and dream pleasant dreams. I like to envision beautiful sleeping places that encourage restful sleep. Just investing in a great mattress can often be the first step and then designing soothing colors that wrap you in comfort. Turn off the technology an hour before bed and if you must do something read something soothing. I take a 1.5 mg sublingual melatonin tab and hour before bedtime.

If you’re on any of these drugs now and looking for a way off — or simply want a little help with conditions such as sleep issues or  the pain that comes from oxidative stress and inflammatory conditions which often begin because the microcirculation in the body is impaired.

I personally use the BEMER twice daily and I also use the sleep system at night. I also love the super nutrition from MOXXOR and I take it before bed as well as in the day time.

The two images below are first the B-Box (BEMER brain) and then our chaise serves as a comfy spot and ‘sacred space’ for our BEMER by day. In the photo of the chaise we are sharing the attachments that come with our Professional BEMER device placed on top of the mat. At night we  simply move the mat to the bed and place the pad(s) under the mattress pad and bottom sheet. BEMER can also operate on an optional battery pack system which is what we use for easy transport between the chaise and the bedroom! You can also purchase a second mat or B-Body as it is called so that you and your significant other can do the BEMER sleep system together. The two pads plug into the same B-Box or ‘brain.’

Here is how we have our Bemer Pro set up at our home in a sacred space type setting. Attachments are seen on the Bemer Pro full body mat. Add music and aromatherapy and we are all set for our daily 8 minute Bemer sessions

For restful sleep, be sure that you are sleeping in a bed and sleep system that is conducive to sleep. Be sure your bed room is completely dark — no LED lights blinking anywhere. Be sure the room is cool and think of it as your cool dark cave.

BEMER is excellent for your pets, too! It is recommended in my writing partner Jean Hofve DVM and my newest book Paleo Dog,


Even premature babies have had BEMER in medical establishments in Europe where this BEMER technology is widely known.


Explore other sleep systems and places to use your BEMER by day and night such as ‘The Floating Bed’ which is an advanced hanging bed system. It’s gentle rocking might just provide better sleep, health benefits and the ecstatic feeling of floating. These systems come with a Memory Foam mattress, a flat sleep surface, adjustable firmness, are durable and are weather proof for outdoor use. They are rated to hold up to 1000 pounds. Here below are some examples of floating beds!

Floating Beds can be  installed  in any ceiling, or outdoors from a beam, gazebo, tree or on portable stands.

Whatever surface you put the BEMER on for the sleep system cycle you will be able to experience the benefits of BEMER activating your own inner doctor to affect regeneration, and detoxification at night and in the daytime when you use the system you will find you have been energized on a cellular level! For more information read my blog entitled, ‘BEMER me up Scotty!

Also please visit my BEMER website and my BEMER=The Art of Wellness page on Facebook!

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