Cats and Kittens need Obligate Carnivore, Species Specific RAW food, not Dry!

Tonkinese kitties!

Tonkinese kitties!

A recent study presumably designed to determine if carnivorous kitties truly benefit from high-protein diets seems to indicate kittens fed dry food diets with only moderate levels of protein plus carbohydrates have more beneficial gut bacteria. And of course the powers that be want you to purchase their so-called food in bags and cans rather than you being empowered with the right way to make your own home-made species specific food for your companion cats. Profit is always behind spending money on studies such as these, designed to make the way an obligate carnivore like the cat has been eating for 10,000 years look like ‘they’ can do it better..NOT! Please refer to my Celestial Musings Blog on “How to make Homemade
Food For Cats.”

As soon as this “study” was published, headlines appeared around the Internet suggesting “High-protein diet may be unhealthy for kittens.” Yeah, sure! And if you believe that I have nice bridge to sell you in Brooklyn! I raised 11 generations of Tonkinese cats and kittens on the homemade diet raw food diet I recommend with the whole food Celestial Pets supplements I designed with a holistic veterinarian which you can obtain from us, too to help you make your own home prepared balanced, Celestial Pets Cat food recipe!

The study involved feeding biologically inappropriate dry food to kittens and then measuring their levels of certain GI bacteria. Kittens fed the dry formula with lower protein content and moderate amounts of carbohydrates had higher levels of certain friendly bacteria than kittens fed the high-protein/low carb dry food. I always wonder just what happened to the kittens in the study, don’t you? Animal testing raises its ugly head again in the pet food industry!

Big questions to ask before taking these study results or anything put out buy the profit driven pet food industry seriously is: Do we know what levels of beneficial gut bacteria are normal for kittens, or what good-to-bad bacteria ratio is ideal? Also, what impact does biologically inappropriate processed dry food have on gut bacteria?

The goal in nourishing your kitty should be to provide a diet that closely replicates his natural diet, and adding beneficial supplements to fill in any nutritional gaps. This is what I have done for 20 + years!

For the rules and tools of feeding biologically appropriate food just go to our site and please let us know if you would like to get our Celestial Pets newsletter by emailing! You can also order an autographed copy of my Muse Medallion Award winning book Holistic Cat Care for a great holiday gift!

The Complete Guide to Holistic Cat Care, by Celeste Yarnall, Ph.D. & Jean Hofve, DVM

The Complete Guide to Holistic Cat Care, by Celeste Yarnall, Ph.D. & Jean Hofve, DVM

6 thoughts on “Cats and Kittens need Obligate Carnivore, Species Specific RAW food, not Dry!

  1. It’s sort of funny that their reason for an unhealthy diet is the amount of different gut bacterias. It’s only usual that a vegetarian has the most amount of different gut bacterias, then the ones with a mixed diet are somewhere in the middle and for sure an obligate carnivore has always the least amount of different gut bacterias. It just makes me sad, to hear that cats have developed a higher amount of gut bacterias because that simply does mean they are on an inappropriate diet. Nothing more and nothing less. Poor kittens!
    KR Silke

    • Well said, KR and thank you so much for your comment! It makes me sad too as I have devoted the last 20 years of my life to the teaching of how to make a proper homemade species specific, biologically appropriate food for our obligate carnivore companions! I hope you will visit my website at soon to see all of what we do and please sign up for our newsletter there, too! If the link is down just email and request our newsletter.

      • Oh, you can be sure, beside the newsletter I’m already into the whole programme 😉 Since here in Germany is a lack of good material I got your wonderful book, I am in your facebook group and regularly come across your website. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge with us – beside the knowledge it also gives me a lot of confidence to know I’m doing the right thing feeding my cats on a raw diet. Kind Regards, Silke

  2. Thank you, Silke for this wonderful comment. I want you to know you can easily get my very favorite supplement now in Germany and all over the EU which is MOXXOR. I give the kitties one per day to start with and then if all is well go to 3 per week. This is the first Omega-3 supplement I have ever found that is perfectly pure, cold extracted and goes so purrrrfectly with our raw food diet. It contains all 18 Omega-3’s known to man, including one not found in anything else to any measurable degree called ETA. In fact 2 MOXXOR capsules equal a whole jar of fish or krill oil caps because MOXXOR has no filler oils at all and has all those extra Omega-3’s!.

    Just 3 organic ingredients are contained in Moxxor, the greenlip mussel marine lipid, white grape seed husk extract and kiwifruit seed oil (all cold extracted and organic from New Zealand).

    I think once you take it your self and give it to your kitties you will see what I mean AND there is also a 90 day money back guarantee. You will save per bottle if you go in as a preferred customer that way you will get it for the same price I pay as a distributor. If you like it we could work together to spread the word all over the EU and USA as Moxxor does no advertising…..just word of mouth. So do give it a try and see if you love it as I do as it is so easy to become a distributor..the annual fee is just the cost of one bottle of Moxxor and you and I could help so many people and their companion animals….it’s great for dogs and horses, too.

    Check out my blog called, What on Earth is a Greenlip mussel? I did a lot of research on this post..hope you like’ll see how ethical and green this company is too!
    It’s an honor to connect with you! xxoo

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