Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from CelestialMusingsBlog and me, Celeste Yarnall!
Celestial Pets and Imelda and I are here to help you transition to the safe, natural species specific homemade raw food cat diet! NOW is the time! Don’t wait for the next recall of commercial pet foods to bring tragedy to your beloved cats and kittens! They’re never too young or too old to go RAW! Email for some good old fashioned ‘paw holding’ to get you and yours on the road to optimal health and well being! xxoo


By Celeste Yarnall, Ph.D

The feline has emerged through the stages of evolution as an obligate carnivore, which means that all cats, from the domestic house cat to the Bengal tiger, are creatures whose carnivorous nature is 100 percent dependent on their species-specific diet: fresh raw prey. Everything about the cat, from its unique physiology to its behavior, demonstrates that what it needs to achieve optimum health depends on fulfilling its strict dietary requirements.

The Carnivore’s Teeth

A cat’s mouth contains four long teeth called canines at the front of the jaws. He has sharp serrated teeth at the back of the jaw, which are used to grasp and tear the meat from the bones. These teeth contain an array of pressure-sensitive nerves. When a cat grips a mouse with his canines, his teeth find the space between the mouse’s vertebrae and deliver a quick, clean, killing bite. Remember…

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