Coconut Water, the healthy sports drink designed by Mother Nature!


Here is a bit of good advice..don’t drink Gatorade..drink Coconut Water! Why?

Here is one good reason beside what we will share here that you can check out regarding how we have flame retardant chemicals in todays sports drinks, namely Gatorade.

However there are other reasons why according to Bette Dowdell .

To start with it’s really great for treating dehydration.

A balanced whole food vitamin/mineral, omega-3, etc. program accomplishes even more, especially if you have and use a BEMER to increase your microcirculation, but coconut water’s vitamins, minerals and amino acids help us to heal ourselves.

Our bodies make the enzymes we need via amino acids created from the protein we eat. Some of us can’t always process protein efficiently, so we may not get the amino acids we need, which means we don’t get the enzymes, or find the way to help our bodies make their own antioxidant enzymes like SOD, Catalase and glutathione, which means life gets difficult. If your digestion and stomach acids are not up to par you my not be assimilating the food you eat and then with impaired microcirculation your body is not getting the nourishment it needs to the very cells who need it most.

Therefore when it comes to balancing electrolytes, coconut water vs sports drinks, coconut water wins hands down, so just say no Gatorade with its nasty load of high fructose corn syrup and bromine. You see coconut water has no artificial ingredients or toxins unless the greedy third party folks add them and  it’s healthier than sports drinks.

Getting coconut water to market, which began not too many years ago, takes attention and effort.

Only young, green coconuts offer the sweet water. The brown, older coconuts offer a sour, less nutritious beverage.

And where they come from is important, too. Thailand and the Philippines produce good coconut water. I remember when I was there as an actress filming a movie called The Beast of Blood back in my acting days we drank the water from fresh coconuts everyday.

However getting fresh coconut water to the market place is difficult as it spoils relatively quickly.



Unfortunately, PepsiCo and Coca-Cola Company decided  that the money making boom from the popularity of coconut water was too important for them to pass it by. They bought into two of the largest coconut water companies, ONE and Zico.

Quality and taste all but disappeared. We could all tell the difference once they put their nasty label on it.

PepsiCo uses old past their prime coconuts to extract the water from instead of the younger fresher coconuts. Certainly they only care about costs and obviously their costs went down, but they kept the price the same..they just made a bigger profit.

Then, like everything else the Big Beverage folks, decided coconut water needed standardization. No natural differences from batch to batch would be acceptable to them because they can always make something that was once natural into one of their lab experiments.

To standardize these different beverages,  they would measure the sugar concentration, compare it to a standard and add sucrose (just what we don’t need any more of ) to meet that standard. And because they’re meeting a “standard,” the label doesn’t need to mention the added sucrose. Now this is precisely what you will now see with most all  juice, wine or honey and we are brain washed to think this a good thing..and it is not!

Water from young coconuts has a higher sugar content but  less than half that of  store bought orange or apple juice) but when they use that standard now and the water from old coconuts that now needs sweetening to be palatable, you get less nutritious, less tasty coconut water plus added sucrose. If you tasted the product some time back you will sure know it tastes funky now.

And then there is still the problem of spoilage. They decided boiling it down to a concentrate would be the way they would treat it but we all know destroys the enzymes in food and consequently our bottom line nutrition will suffer. Remember they add water to reconstitute it and of course it is most likely  chlorinated, fluoridated which adds two toxins. Coca Cola we have  heard, adds fluoride to Coke, so why not add that too to the coconut water?

The package you pick up will still say “100% pure coconut water” as if it isn’t processed at all.

Even so, coconut water made  with all these negatives is far better for you than commercially produced sports drinks.

But if you want the really good stuff, Exotic Superfoods freezes coconut water from young Thai coconuts, maintaining nutrition and taste, to create their coconut water.

Harmless Harvest uses “pressure pasteurization,” which, since it doesn’t use heat, doesn’t affect nutrition or taste, either.

Whether or not you can get these brands, you’re still better off to use coconut water for rehydration rather than Gatorade or  sports drinks such as Gatorade. Cheers to your health!





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