Graphique Noir Art Exhibition ~ Opening Celebration

I am excited to share that my husband Nazim Nazim (Nazim Artist) has a painting featured in this exhibition. I hope all of you who are geographically close to Santa Ana, CA will stop by to see it. It is a painting of my character in the Irwin Allen classic TV series, Land of the Giants, where I played Marna in The Golden Cage! We will both be there for the opening night ceremonies!

larger format land of the giants

Graphique Noir  

Please join us for this exhibition featuring amazing drawings, paintings, photography and 3D work inspired by the dark and intricate nature of the graphic novel style.


Exhibition Dates:

March 30th – April 27th, 2013
April 6th, 2013, 6pm-10pm


original examples from
Marshall Vandruff’s sketchbook!



prototypes from Lance Richlin’s original concepts for the 
Harry Potter
 Movie Series!



amazing live costumed characterswalking about!


And Experience Art by these Amazing Artists!

Beth Ashby, Renee Bangerter, Marina Bekeshko, Nancy Belle, John Beneventi, Kurt Brizzolara, Kris Buker, Jim Caron, Maria Coletsis, Virginia Lake Crawford, Judy Csotsits, Spencer Davie, Manu DeMey, Jimmy Diggs, Jorg Dubin, Averi Endow, Karl Eschenbach, Kebe Fox, Johnny Fox, D.W. Frydendall, Steven Fujimoto, Ron Gallus, Cynthia Garcia, Judy Gardner, Peter Gaustad, Tammy Greenwood, Karl Hauser, Carol Hayman, Jonathan Howard, David Ingraham, David Jacobs, Pat Johnson, Kirk Kain, Melissa Lambert, Echo Lew, Victor Lunn-Rockliffe, Monika Malewska, Chris Melgar, Matjames Metson, Lola Mitchell, Jordan Munoz, NAZIM NAZIM, Kevin Netteberg, John Nguyen, Hung Viet Nguyen, Sonya Orloff, Nick Pedersen, Karl Polverino, Freya Prowe, Patrick Quinn, Lance Richlin, Michael Allyn Roy, Frank Schaefer, Casey Sharpe, Asha Sheshadri, Heather Scholl, Craig Sibley, Robin Street-Morris, Saral Surakul, Kat Toronto,
John Valois, Marshall Vandruff, Jeff Wack, Keith Webb,
Kurt Weston, Cecily Willis, Loic Zimmermann


Our exhibition celebrates a hugely popular aesthetic found in a plethora of today’s media.
This somewhat “dark” art-form encompasses a surprising complexity of genres including that of the Graphic Novel, PC/Video Gaming, Manga, Steampunk, Post Apocalyptic, Gothic, Anime, and countless derivatives and combinations of all of the above.


Loic Zimmermann, Super Villian


Often, many consider this art “fringe or outsider”…
yet through popular osmosis it has become an influential phenomenon, infusing popular culture through Film, Television, Fashion, Product Design, Advertising, and Music. While Science Fiction is commonly in the forefront of this imagery, the undercurrents of society are often explored through fascinating, sometimes squeamishly eccentric, aberrant and deliciously delirious avenues.


Karl Hauser, A Walk With Pliers

Join us for an event that is not to be missed!


John Beneventi, Modern Man #7





Special Book Signing:

by authors; Ted Shambaris and Derek Lipscomb
of their graphic novel Poverty Pack! 
Poverty Pack

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