MOXXOR is the perfect alternative to FISH and FLAX OIL!

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MOXXOR is a fish oil alternative whose active ingredient comes from a little bi-valve mollusk from New Zealand called the Greenlip mussel. I think most people know by now the dangers and or problems of taking fish oil (pollution, GMO filler oils, over processing, has chemical additives and uses high heat and chemical additives), krill (highly touted but same problems as fish oil and fished for in the whales endangered habitat) and vegetarian sources such as flax (not the best way to get omega-3s and were not part of the studies referenced below), so just substitute MOXXOR Omega-3 as you read this for the term marine lipids (fish oil type fatty acids). And remember MOXXOR is a 100% sustainable resource, never heated or frozen and all organic. See my CelestialMusingsblog post:

Please note in the photograph above that MOXXOR has only the ingredients you see in this photograph. Pick up any supplement you currently take and see what else is on its label. MOXXOR’s  Omega 3s from the greenlip mussels  cause no seafood or shellfish allergies because the protein and carb molecules have been removed leaving only the pure marine lipid (oil).

MOXXOR is naturally preserved with cold pressed, organically grown New Zealand white sauvignon grape seed husk extract which is also a powerful antioxidant for us to help knock out free radicals and organic, cold pressed New Zealand kiwifruit seed oil which contains all 8 natural forms of Vitamin E . I have never found a more pure yet potent supplement product in my 20 years in nutrition.

You all know that there are plenty of nutrients that fight disease — but you won’t find too many that can take on death itself and win.

But marine lipids can do just that, and do it so well it could literally add years to your life — 2.2 years, to be exact, according to a new study from Harvard and the University of Washington.

It’s not just a lower risk of one disease or another. The study of 2,700 American seniors tracked for up to 16 years finds that people with the highest blood levels of the omega-3 fatty acids found in marine lipids such as fish oil have a 27 percent lower risk of death from all causes.

And if you think that’s impressive, you should see how well these marine lipids protect your heart — because high blood levels of Omega-3s may be able to slash your risk of death from heart disease by 35 percent and death from arrhythmia by 45 percent.

Just one omega-3 fatty acid found in marine lipids (MOXXOR has 18), DHA, could cut your risk of death from coronary heart disease by 40 percent and CHD death due to arrhythmia by 45 percent. In addition, the omega-3 fatty acid DPA may slash your risk of stroke, while EPA could cut your risk of nonfatal heart attacks.

Of course, the study in the Annals of Internal Medicine may be new — but the results aren’t.

We’ve seen numbers like these before, and you can bet we’ll see them again, because omega-3 fatty acids are proven to help the heart in a number of very specific ways. They can improve blood pressure, lower levels of deadly triglycerides, and help keep your heart rate steady — and that last benefit has been proven again by another new study.

This one, an analysis of 15 clinical trials, finds that marine lipid supplements can literally help keep your heart beating at a steady rate.

If those were the only benefits of omega-3 fatty acids, one could whole heartedly recommend a marine lipid supplement MOXXOR being my choice to absolutely everyone — men, women, children and even dogs, cats, horses and most all companion animals.

But that’s only the beginning of a very long list of benefits.

Omega-3 fatty acids can support the immune system, reduce inflammation, fight depression, and more. They can even protect the brain in general and help to preserve memory in particular.

In one new placebo-controlled study of young and middle-aged adults, daily supplements of a marine lipid boosted episodic memory in women and improved the reaction times of working memory in men by 20 percent.

But you don’t have to be young or middle-aged to get the brain boost that comes from regular supplementation of marine lipids. Omega-3 fatty acids have shown to help improve mood, memory, and overall cognition in older adults and seniors. And may even turn out to be one of the most important weapons we have in the fight against dementia.

A steady diet of fish is how we humans used to get good quality Omega-3s, but these days, too many fish are packed with dangerously high levels of mercury. Doctors post notices to pregnant women to not consume fish more than once a week, which is really scary.


Did you know that eating produce that is not organically grown causes us even more inflammation, so again here is where MOXXOR comes in beautifully, but we need to help MOXXOR by shopping and eating carefully. The more pro-inflammatory foods you eliminate from your diet the better MOXXOR will work for you. Here is a good resource for shopping for produce but remember you cannot get what is in MOXXOR (all 18 Omega-3s known to man) in your food unless you live in New Zealand and can eat greenlip mussels raw (when they are cooked they lose nutritional value) fresh from the ocean, every day by the dozens. otherwise it is imperative to ramp down inflammation with MOXXOR to keep chronic inflammation and thereby chronic disease at bay. Other supplement companies use either cooked or frozen mussels before they powder them and then extract the oil. You think you are getting a bargain price wise but you are not, they do this to save themselves money because they do not have MOXXORs proprietary formulation and you get a product that may sound like MOXXOR but there is no comparison.

Order MOXXOR at Since MOXXOR does not spend money advertising, more dollars go into the product..that is why it has no fillers, is organic and all cold extracted. I’ll put MOXXART on the map single handedly if I have to because it is the best and most effective supplement I have ever taken in my life. i occasionally get hoodwinked in trying other things and I don’t feel anything at all but MOXXOR is a different story…my body just loves it!
The safest and most reliable way to get the omega-3 fatty acids you need for all these benefits and more that I know of on this planet is MOXXOR And it is great for all oxidative stress and inflammatory conditions as it gives your body the right stuff nutritionally to help activate your own inner healing mechanism. It’s for your whole family including birds, dogs cats horses, etc. See to order. When you have placed your order I will be notified and immediately send you my usage guide. You may then consider me your MOXXOR coach!



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