Beauty and the Beer

BEAUTY and the BEER: A proposal for my personal memoir

Celeste Yarnall, Miss Rheingold 1964

Celeste Yarnall, Miss Rheingold 1964

Before American Idol, the Mad Men created Miss Rheingold, America’s second largest election!

If you were ever to attend one of the hundreds of celebrity autograph shows, such as the Hollywood Collectors Show, a Comic Con, or the Creation Entertainment Star Trek extravaganzas, you’d see an amazing gathering of stars that occur regularly every weekend all over the world. At these conventions, you’d also find 100s of celebrities from all parts of the media assembled in rows or in piped and draped booths, seated behind 8 foot tables with their photo’s, books, memorabilia, and posters dotting their set up. Milling around the aisles along with the elaborately costumed attendees–both young and old, where Halloween occurs every weekend of the year–you’d also notice that there would be 100s of people who are very serious autograph collectors. Every one of the attendees has paid a fortune to get into these events, but they don’t care. Some save up all year round for their new costumes, as well as their gold ticket entries.


The serious collectors come to these shows with their agenda clearly outlined, their photo albums or books to be signed at the ready to get the requisite signature on an item they may have bought from one of the many vendors hawking their wares that pertain to the theme of that particular event, or perhaps  the collector has cherished a special item for years and has brought it with them, just for this once in a lifetime occasion. That signature from one of these celebrities on a photo alone could cost the collector anywhere from $10 to a $100 or more.  Some  of these people are professional collectors, who know all too well that the value of their signed item will go up when that celebrity passes away. They usually take a photo of the celebrity signing the item often posing the picture themselves when they get their item autographed , This is done to authenticate it or just because it is a personal treasure. These treasures will often be planned in advance as items to be cherished now but also to be passed down to the next generation. With that in mind, some fans might not want their own name on the photo. But they simply must get that signature up close and in person, as it becomes a special keepsake for them. They will tell these stories of meeting the various celebrities for the rest of their of lives. This is something that we all do.

Collector’s personally autographed photo

Collector’s personally autographed photo

As a newcomer to this amazing world of media conventions, you might recognize some of your very own favorite celebrities that you admired when you were growing up. You might see a 103-year old actress with photos from when she was a famous silent film star, or even one of the  Munchkins from The Wizard of Oz,  even a series regular as a child star now an elderly person who  perhaps overcame a drug problem, or the entire cast of almost every episodic show or feature film imaginable. You might find a platinum blonde bombshell–now in her 80s–any of these and more might catch your eye. You might stand in line to pay $60 for the real Captain Kirk or Mr. Spock’s signature or anyone from the new cast of Star Trek feature films.

There will be others that you wonder just what their 15 minutes of fame might have been. You get to walk right up to nearly all of them and chat about who they were and what they are doing now. You name the celebrity, and you can find them at one of these conventions somewhere in the world. These show promoters make it financially impossible for even the A-listers to say no.


At one of these events somewhere in the world we might have had the opportunity to meet. I hope to share with people that  before becoming noted as an actress, especially for my guest appearance on Star Trek or co-starring with Elvis or any of the rest of my  work, which allows me today to where various hats, such as, blogger, book author, producer, and holistic health care advocate–but before all this I was part of a phenomena that had earned me, not just the requisite 15 minutes of fame (an expression coined by Andy Warhol), but 25 years of fame. I was the last of the 25 elected Miss Rheingold’s. As one of the final six contestants via for the title of Miss Rheingold, I received 20 million votes in what had become America’s second biggest election.


I am hoping to share with everyone what this event was all about that spanned 25 years of American history. I hope to help keep its memory alive by writing a memoir which is tentatively titled, Beauty and the Beer. Right now it will make the rounds to find it just the right publisher and bring back that bi-gone era of mad men and women that used image to sell product! Many famous celebs were used to promote Rheingold beer through the years but Rheingold created their own peoples princess. They could take a girl from the sticks and make her a star. I was lucky enough to be the last of the elected Miss Rheingold’s. Rheingold even had their own pavilion at the 1964 Worlds Fair and even ride in the opening and closing day parades. The big globe you see below on the cover of the Rheingold Reporter is still standing in Flushing New York. A wonderful new DVD entitled Brewed in Brooklyn, which I am very happy to be interviewed in can be obtained at where the trailer for the film can be seen right now. This whole epoch period in history is virtually dripping in nostalgia, so much so that re-branding has become quite fashionable with even a Rheingold Beer facebook page proclaiming its comeback.


The media shows are amazing to attend! You never know what you might encounter and I never know what I might be asked to sign. Once a man whose head was completely shaved asked me to sign his head in permanent marker.


I was once asked by a fan at one of these media conventions, for a DNA sample, so that he could clone me. I was also told by a young fan that it was very important to her Mom and to her to obtain my autograph while I was still alive.

I have one heck of a Cinderella story to tell you that is of course thankfully an ongoing saga.  My literary agent in New York is currently sharing my proposal for a memoir about my becoming Miss Rheingold 1964 and the events that led up to it and followed it to a few select publishers .You can get a little glimpse as to what this Rheingold contest/election was about by seeing the documentary film which is currently in progress about Miss Rheingold here:


I will share here on my Celestial Musings Blog bits and pieces from time to time that you may find to be a fun read in preparation for the actual writing of this book! In the meantime I hope to see you at the next media convention somewhere in the world. You can help by telling the promoters of your favorite shows to invite me. Please visit  or share my Celeste Yarnall website and visit my Celestial Musings Facebook page.

I have also created the Miss Rheingold Facebook page with the banner heading of the 6 finalists for Miss Rheingold 1964.

The final 6 contestants campaign in 1963 for the title of Miss Rheingold 1964. I am the third from camera left!

The final 6 contestants campaign in 1963 for the title of Miss Rheingold 1964. I am the third from camera left!

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