How About Working Out With Your Dog?

Here’s some good advice, MOVE your body!   I know as an actress, speaker and writer I end up sitting too much so I have taken to set the kitchen timer every 20 minutes which causes me to get up and go to the kitchen to turn the annoying thing off. But many of you live with a work out companion right now, your dog! We have cats so this is not so easy for us but I am taking a walk every day and my husband Nazim is cycling several times a week. We also dance Argentine tango.  We do our BEMER routinely before we exercise and we also take 2 MOXXOR before and afterwards.

Basically  since we all need to get moving and for many people exercise is easier when you have a friend who can work out with you. If you don’t want to wait for a human to take that walk with you might consider a truly tireless buddy who’s usually ready for some exercise and pushing you to get some, too — you guessed it… man’s best friend will always get you moving.

Dr. Jean’s and my new dog book will emphasize how important walks and play time are for both you and your dog. Your dog needs to be walked as much as you do. They need someone to run and play with them — and that’s why dog owners tend to be more active than people with other types of pets.

That’s also why dog owners are 54 percent more likely to get basic recommended levels of physical activity than everyone else, according to studies. As a result, the American Heart Association recently released a statement saying that canine companions are great for the heart and may lower the risk of disease.

But it’s not just dogs — the AHA statement says all pets are good for the heart whether they get you moving or not.

cropped dogs-cats3

Yes, and your kitty, turtle, bird, or hamster can help — because the very presence of an animal companion alone is proven to help lower levels of stress, including levels of stress hormones, and increase your sense of calm.

And lower levels of stress are almost (but not quite) as good for your cardiovascular health as playing Frisbee with Fido.

Your dogs and cats diet is just as important as yours perhaps more so because you have a choice about what you eat and they don’t. Learn all about how to make your own homemade food and how to supplement it properly for your best friend. You will not have to worry about recalls and all the disgusting things Big Pet Food puts in those bags and cans. Please visit Celestialpets and check out all that we have to offer. For more information and help on getting started with the best diet on the planet, just email or phone 818 707 6331 and don’t forget to give MOXXOR to your companion animals as well. One per day for cats and one per each 40 pounds of your dogs weight daily should be just about right!

Click here to order your MOXXOR now!

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