My Favorite PEMF Device!


A friend recently asked me what my favorite PEMF device is and I had to answer the BEMER device which is actually not an old fashioned PEMF device but rather a totally new patented technology from Europe that uses PEMF as its carrier for their multi-dimensional signal. I explain it as best I can this way:

CY: For people like you and me, the BEMER Professional and Classic devices, are a technology that dramatically improves your general blood flow. BEMER is an FDA registered class one med device that besides enhancing general blood flow, they also enhance the bodies nutrient & oxygen supply, waste disposal, cardiac function, physical fitness, endurance, strength, and sleep management.

Now, imagine what this technology can do for someone who’s blood flow is sick, and tired, and looks like a rush hour traffic jam?


Q. Why is that important?

CY: It’s important because if your blood isn’t flowing in your tiny capillaries that make up 74% of your circulatory system, you’ve got serious problems… even if you aren’t aware of them?

Q. What do you mean?

CY: Your blood supports your body’s infrastructure. Muscle tissue, bone density, and all the wiring in between. Now, if you have circulation problems (and most people do), at it’s worst, you’ll experience some sort of breakdown… like that bridge in Portland that collapsed some years back, because even though it had a problem, it wasn’t taken care of. So, how long do you suppose the 70 trillion cells that comprise your muscles, brain and organs, etc.,….will last if there’s a problem? Do you think you’ll end up feeling better, or progressively worse?


Q. Yeah, but I can always see a doctor about that. They’ll prescribe me some medicine.

CY: Circulatory, (cardio vascular disease) is the number one cause of death but doctor prescribed drugs and procedures are the 4th! Have you noticed what side effects people are having by taking drugs? Are you willing to risk that?


Q. Yes. If it’ll make the problem go away.

CY: Fair enough. Some of us are willing to risk our lives on medication, which could further complicate things, and some of us aren’t. Meanwhile, do your best to keep yourself, your family and your animal companions healthy, because relying solely on prescriptions to fix you or them is a risky road to take. However, since there is no drug or surgery that can do what BEMER does is, increase your microcirculation by up to 30%… many like to tease and offer that BEMER is like Viagra for your whole body.

Q. What is Microcirculation?

We all think our heart, which physically is about the size of our fist, does all the work for our whole circulatory system, but it doesn’t. We have a separate system called Vasomotion that causes the walls of our venues and arterioles ( what we think of as tiny capillaries) to rhythmically contract and pulse (profuse) your blood and all its components through your body. This is what I mean when I use the term Microcirculation. Here is where the exchange of nutrients and waste removal occurs.

BEMER sends a precise patented multi-dimensional wave signal to the tiny smooth muscle fibers that wrap the large caliber arteriole walls. Specifically this signal is carried on what is known as a pulsed electro magnetic field. This is just like the magnetic field the Earth has and that birds navigate by.

Q. How do I use the BEMER?


CY: You just lie down or recline on a luxurious pad, push the start button and rest on it for 8 minutes. You really don’t feel anything but rest assured it is working on a level that is not necessary for you to feel in order to know it is working. Watch this film to see what I mean in real time. Can you make time to do that? You can even get a seat cushion for your desk chair or someone you know confined to a wheel chair. There are also special pads and spot devices as well as a lens cover for one of them to treat skin problems with pulsed LED red light therapy.. You can use it in a facial regime as well. I have so much more to share with you about BEMER.

bemer wall mount

Q. What happens when I push that button? Will I feel anything

CY: Just watch this little video and I will show you what happens inside a few of these tiny roadways which we call capillaries, (many are smaller than a strand of hair, but you have enough of them in your body that if you laid them end to end they would wrap the Earth 2 and 1/2 times). With $20,000,000 worth of technology we can go right inside the body and see what this looks like, before, during and after 8 minutes on the BEMER. However, you really don’t feel anything. We are talking about a heating pad or vibrating chair. Watch this and see how subtle the BEMER is. But this is not a placebo effect. It will improve everyone’s microcirculation by up to 30%. This is an FDA registered Class one medical device that produces no harmful side effects. We like to say BEMER produces side benefits because it wakes up your own inner doctor and your body will have the ‘right stuff’ coming to it more efficiently so it can simply do what it does best; heal itself.


I think you can now see how even the best diet, and supplements like MOXXOR  can be delivered to your cells more efficiently (in fact I take my MOXXOR 20 minutes before I do the BEMER in the morning and night) and this along with your own oxygen, once these tiny capillaries begin to rhythmically contract again by regular use of the BEMER gives me a cutting edge.

BEMER is like brushing your teeth; you have to do it twice a day every day to see results. It has taken many of us years to get ourselves into our present health condition or crisis condition. We need to be patient with BEMER and give it time to help your body to heal itself. The body is amazing if it gets the right information. This is what our food and everything else including BEMER is all about; information. BEMER has discovered virtually a new letter (symbol) in the information alphabet.


People who are stressed, sick and tired have only one of these tiny small caliber vessel contractions every 10 minutes and today this is happening to people in their 20 and 30s. A healthy small caliber vessel has 2 or 3 rhythmic contractions per minute. It’s like a log jam in a river and when this happens inside your small caliber vessels and tiny capillaries; this then cuts your cells off from their food and oxygen supply as well as efficient waste removal.

Watch  []

Once you own your own BEMER you can use it twice daily for as little as 8 minutes and get results that last for 12-16 hours following each session. After your body gets used to BEMER therapy, over a 6 to 8 week period you can being adding the sleep program.


Q. How do I do that?

CY: You just move the BEMER control box next to your bed and slip the body mat under a thin mattress pad. By night BEMER helps your body regenerate, detox and get rid of acidic waste.

If you would like to learn more feel free to contact me and I will be happy to set up a presentation and share how you can have a BEMER of your own. You can learn about the business opportunity that BEMER offers as well.

Just click here to learn a bit more and I can be contacted at my website as well. I have a wonderful presentation on the science and technology of BEMER which you can watch on your own computer from my YouTube Channel. We have an exciting new device for animals as well called the BEMER Vet and there are video’s on this at my YouTube Channel, as well

Don’t hesitate to ask us Nazim or I and or a member of The Art of Wellness team to be of service. You can phone and leave a message for Nazim or myself, as well. We are honored to pay BEMER forward and be of service. We want everyone to Live Long and Prosper!




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