Investing and being a part of our film project entitled UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!

Stay updated at our  UNBELIEVALBLE !!!!! website on all the exciting things happening with UNBELIEVABLE !!!!.

Nichelle Nichols is one of our Celebrity Star Trek producers and is very active in helping get UNBELIEVABLE!!! made!

The cast of actors is growing with even more Star Trek Stars and so is our budget! We need more Angels!

Let’s get creative and find some investors! We are happy to pay finders fees for this and all you need do is connect us and our producer will share all the pertinent details and also discuss product placement and other perks, as well.

The next big launch event  for UNBELIEVABLE !!!! will be San Diego Comic Con this July and  there you will see some of the exciting surprises we have in store for you!


Dear Friends,

I will have a cameo appearance  in a new feature film project in which I am also one of the producers. It is entitled, “Unbelievable!!!!!”

There are still a few openings for investors at the moment and that is good news for some special people who have always wanted to be FILM PRODUCERS JUST BY MAKING AN INVESTMENT. Please check out our UNBELIEVABLE!!!! website!ourlatestwork/c1t44

The project for the year 2013 offers a 100% tax write off (do check with your own accountancy)  and our projects writer/ producer is paying gross points (check this out with your own legal advisors). The minimum investment is $10,000. Our investors would also have a producer credit.

My talented husband, Nazim Artist is doing the drawings for the story boards, which will spin off to a graphic novel/comic book. The film will be launched at The San Diego Comic Con in July this…

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