Feel Good Without Taking Drugs!

The BEMER alternative to the International Anti-Drug Day.

 In 1987 the United Nations declared July 26, which just happens to be my birthday, the worldwide Anti-Drug Day.

In addition to combatting drug producers, the UN declared its goal to be the prevention of addiction. BEMER is designed and engineered by Germans but manufactured at their headquarters in Liechenstein in Europe. It seems that drug addiction is as deadly in Germany as it is here in the states. Figures quoted by the German Council Against Addictions [Deutsche Hauptstelle gegen Suchtgefahren] show that this topic is more urgent than ever. They estimate that 6 million German citizens need treatment for tobacco-related addiction, 2.5 million are dependent on alcohol, 1.4 million are addicted to medication and 150,000 are addicted to illegal drugs, and also in need of treatment. The declared goal of addiction prevention can only be tackled when the causes are recognized. Some of the most frequently mentioned reasons for drug use are “forgetting problems”, “increase performance”, “pain”, “feelings of happiness”, and “boredom”.


Foto by_viocat_pixelio.de

Offering alternatives is also an important aspect of addiction prevention. On the occasion of the worldwide Anti-Drug Day, Dr. Ralph Burger from the manufacturer BEMER Int. AG put it this way: “Even if BEMER therapy cannot provide alternatives to all the causes of drug use, it offers more possibilities than one might think.”



The devices also known as “BEMER® Physical Vascular Therapy” from Liechtenstein generate a physical signal, which is understood by the human body and which improves the circulation in the smallest blood vessels. The cell metabolism optimized in this way is the basis for many positive changes in the body – and this is precisely where some interesting alternatives to drug consumption arise: Top sportsmen have long known about the physical and mental improvements in performance that BEMER therapy can bring about.



Pain patients also give accounts, regularly of successful results after BEMER treatment. BEMER regards the feeling of happiness that people experience when they feel healthy, the indirect motivation to a healthier life or sporting activities as being a modest contribution to the topic. “We cannot work miracles and we cannot do everything. However, we can definitely add a few interesting “new colors” to the spectrum of alternatives in this area”, Dr. Ralph Burger said.

Please watch this video for a bit more about the BEMER.

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One thought on “Feel Good Without Taking Drugs!

  1. Hi Celeste,

    I really enjoy your blog. Have you ever thought of adding a monthly vlog section? With your presentation skills it would be wonderful. I also wanted to say how lovely you look and wondered if you will be thinking of a blog entry on make up and beauty, your life story and personal philosophy and perhaps a tour of the Celestial Gallery for those of us who are too far away to enjoy it.

    Thank you for all the positivity and kindness you exude. I think you are a great role model for women and although I love hearing about your glamorous roles, I and others would love to hear about what it was like for you as a single mom and how it was building a business at a time when many women were still treated as though they were inferior.

    I hope you don’t mind my suggestions but I think you are a fascinating lady and your real life experiences will be just as interesting and inspirational as your on screen life.

    With best regards and much appreciation,


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