Omega 3 and the Prostate Gland

Many men saw this article and went into panic, high gear about fish oil and their prostate!  I can’t say as I blame them however as one of the commenters said so eloquently after the article:

“Is there no limit to the amount of nonsense Big Pharma will fund and promote? Research papers are now so tainted with pharmaceutical lobby money that they’ve become, in the words of the majority of scientists: useless. These huge global corporations are constantly being dragged into court for falsifying results. Year in, year out. They’re paying out billion$ annually in fines, yet they keep going on… And newspapers keep reporting it, instead of chasing the REAL story: why are they making it up and why isn’t any one going to jail, who’s in their pockets and why doesn’t the government do anything about it?”

On the flip side we have this wonderful rebuttal article acting as the voice of reason:

omega-3 and prostate cancer

I would like to remind folks here that my specialty is nutrition and supplementation with super foods and nutraceuticals and has been for over 20 years now. I might add that I serve on the MOXXOR HOLISTIC ADVISORY Board as an unpaid expert. I have researched MOXXOR thoroughly, trust it implicitly and take it regularly as does my husband Nazim.


I would like to also make it perfectly clear since you all read my posts about the benefits of MOXXOR often that MOXXOR does not contain ANY fish oil. You can learn all about what MOXXOR’s ingredients are and just how different it is from fish and flax oil right here at my blog, in my article entitled, “What on Earth is a GreenLip Mussel?” Whilst it is true that, high doses of fish oils (again MOXXOR is not from fish oil) are related to a higher risk of prostate cancer, I will tell you  with help from our MOXXOR science advisor, why that is and it is a little complicated but I’m going to try to make it clear:

The prostate is an organ that basically is related to the sexual cycle and sexual hormones in men, (it’s the equivalent of the female uterus), and this gland is tightly related to testosterone (the most important sexual hormone in both, men and women), when the testicles and the kidneys produce testosterone, it has a short life; if it does not do its action, then it converts into dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which is twice more powerful; and this DHT has to get into the prostate gland to get inactivated, so once inside the prostate, the DHT stimulates specific cells that release a special PG that stops the testicles and the kidney from producing testosterone. Fish oils inhibit this mechanism, so the DHT fails to degrade and inactivate itself and this leads the prostate to grow and become larger and larger,  so cancer appears over time. BUT, the dose you need to cause this action is HUGE, (we do not know how big yet) and you have to take fish oils for a long time, more than 4 years to develop prostate cancer according to some studies using some sort of fish oil. And it is not true that fish oils from fresh fish have the same effect. Fresh fish is safe for that issue, however there are other issues such as pollution that come into play. In the opinion of many experts (myself included) this is caused by additional factors:

1, the fish oil supplements are refined, concentrated and altered, this produces massive amounts of DHA and EPA and eliminates       the other all important omega 3s. (these fish oils are very dangerous for our health because of the process used to distill them which is called molecular distillation or estherification)

2, fish oils are produced by high heat which converts the CIS- form of fatty acids into TRANS- form fatty acids, and these TRANS fats are (all of them) carcinogenic.

3, the fish used to produce these other supplements are from fish farming (you’ve heard about the Frankenfish), and these fish are fed kibble and artificial foods, which also leads the fish to produce more saturated fat, and trans fat by itself,

4, the fish have a very high capacity to store heavy metals in their meat and liver, so the heavy metals present in the supplements used in these studies are concentrated exactly the same as the fatty acid, and heavy metals present in fish, like mercury, aluminium, bismute, etc., which inhibits the absorption of zinc, which is a critical oligo element that works as a catalyzer of several reactions in the prostate gland.



It’s VERY SIMPLE:  MOXXOR is extracted from  greenlip mussels which are a bi-valve mollusk and as I explain to those who read my posts; they come from the pure and pristine waters of the Marlborough sounds region of New Zealand, where the waters are tested regularly for heavy metals, chemicals, and pollutants. The harvesting of the mussels is suspended if something is detected in the water and harvesting must wait until they are tested perfectly pure again.


MOXXOR’s green lipped mussel are grown in wild aqua farms, they are not fed kibble or anything, they feed naturally from the microplankton that naturally thrive in the waters of the Marlborough sounds which flow in from the South Pole and flow out through the South Pacific. The dolphin are frequent visitors and our boats put no exhaust into these pristine waters.


MOXXOR  extracts all of its ingredients by cold processes (this means we do not use any kind of heat), and it is encapsulated exactly as nature gives it to us. We do not alter, change, concentrate, or degrade any of the ingredients for the final formula.

MOXXOR contains a full spectrum of the omega 3s (18) not only DHA and EPA, so we help the negative impact of high doses of these 2 single omega 3s.

MOXXOR is 100% bioavailable and our body absorbs it exactly the same as it will absorb it from the green lipped mussel itself which was discovered by scientists to be the post potent source of Omega 3 including a category not found in any other life form to any measurable degree called ETA (eichosatetranoic acid). With MOXXOR brand Omega 3 anti-inflammatory and antioxidant supplement we can be sure to have the biggest therapeutic impact on inflammation and oxidative stress with no harm only benefits to our health.

See our video showing the home of MOXXOR’s Greenlip mussels at my website or click the link below

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