Walking with BungyPump walking poles!

We’ve got to use it or lose it, so they say!


My fitness and exercise coach just got me started walking with BungyPump walking poles and I must say I am really enjoying this regime. They are great for people of all levels of fitness and even those people going through rehab! Now, I start my day with my Rejuvenate Plus shake, take my MOXXOR Omega-3 anti-inflammatory supplement,  and then do my morning BEMER session.  Fortified by this healthy start to my day, I am ready to BungyPump! But I bet you will have many of the same questions that I had regarding how to get them and then getting started, just like I did (andI had a set of poles that I got at Costco. Believe me there is no comparison to Bungy Pump). So here at my blog, I am sharing why I upgraded to BungyPump and also hopefully answering for you some of the most frequently asked questions people want to know about BungyPump. I felt there was no comparison to what I already had purchased and I am delighted with my new BungyPump poles.

Please feel free to contact my fitness coach for more information and also to order the right ones for you. And watch this informative video to see them in action:

Q. How is BungyPump different from traditional walking poles?

BungyPump only resembles the shape of other fitness poles, everything else is very different. BungyPump is a multifunctional training pole that can be used for much more than just walking. It can be used indoors as well as outdoors, for warm up, strength and stretching exercises. BungyPump can help with weight loss, rehabilitation, improving endurance and fitness level.


Q. Which BungyPump model should I chose, the Number One or the Energy?

The Number One has 8.8 lb built-in resistance, and is more suitable for someone that does everyday exercise or for someone using them for rehabilitation purposes. The other model Energy has 13.2 lb built-in resistance, and is suitable for someone that is more active and wants a more challenging workout. I chose the Energy with 13.2 lb of resistance even though I am dealing with arthritis in both hips and consider myself rehabilitating, because I just liked the way they felt when I walked with them. But really, I liked all of them. When I tried them I was not told which was designed for what purpose and that way I could let my body choose the right one for me. If you cannot try before you buy I recommend the Energy as I have had everyone I meet try them and they all the love the way they feel.

Q. When do I need to use the rubber foot or tungsten tip?

The poles come with an extra tip which is great for walking on the beach in the sand where the pole might sink in too deeply without this bonus tip.

The rubber foot is suitable to use when walking on asphalt roads or other hard surfaces. This is the tip I keep on mine as I am mostly going for my walk on a sidewalk and then a dirt trail in our local park. It feels great! The tungsten tip is excellent for use on both soft and hard surface, for example walking in the park or forest, as well as on icy or slippery surface.


Q. Can training with BungyPump help me loose weight? 

When using the BungyPump you get up to 77% increased calorie consumption compared to regular walking. BungyPump works both your upper and lower part of the body’s muscles. You get a multifunctional workout that promotes increased strength, endurance, flexibility and improves your overall fitness condition. For information about BungyPump warm ups, strength and stretching exercises read the Instruction Manual that comes with your set of  BungyPump poles.


Q. How can I adjust the length of the BungyPump training pole? 

It is simple! In order to adjust the length you simply hold the poles middle part of the shaft and twist the bottom part of the shaft until you feel it release. Pull it out. Hold the middle part of the shaft and insert the bottom part of the shaft into the middle one. Turn the training pole upside-down, adjust the height of it according to the level of your chest or armpit.  I adjusted mine for armpit height. Make sure the height feels comfortable for you. In order to fasten the height of the training pole, simply hold the poles middle part of the shaft and twist the bottom part of the shaft until it is secure.

Q. Where do I store my BungyPump training poles when I don’t use them?

When the training poles are not in use store them inside where it’s covered from rain and snow. I got the carry case for my BungyPump poles.

Q. Can I use my BungyPump training poles to walk on the beach, or other type of sandy surface?

You can use the training poles on the beach and on sandy surfaces, but make sure that you don’t lay them down in the sand and get them covered with sand, this can result in damages due to the stand that enters the inside of the pole. You can zip them back into their carry case when you finish your beach walking training session.

Q. What about use after a surgery?

The BungyPump poles are often used for rehabilitation purposes. They help to build up muscles and strengthen the body. But please consult with your physiotherapist and make sure that your condition after the surgery is good enough to start with physical activity and exercising again. Usually if you have been cleared for walking an upper body light weight training the BungyPump poles are a great way to get back into shape and stay in shape. They give you an all over body toning and cardio-vascular workout!

Think of BungyPump as a Resistance Type Nordic Walking Pole

BungyPump – Resistance Nordic Walking Pole

BungyPump is a training pole with built-in suspension creating a 4 kg resistance. The suspension provides extra resistance for the body when the pole is pressed down. With each step using the pole, you press down with a force of 4 kg.

You use more muscles when BungyPump walking than when walking with conventional Nordic poles. You quickly notice this since your pulse rate increases and your back perspires.

BungyPump is intended for all those who want to improve their condition and at the same time acquire a strong and supple body. The anti-shock design also eliminates hard shocks from the downward thrust of the poles. This means that elbows and shoulders are not overexerted and, just as with ordinary walking poles, the pressure is relieved on the knees and hips.

If you have ever trained on soft marshland or wet sand, you will understand the way BungyPump works. Just like when walking on a marsh, the training poles require more of your body to produce the same movements.

The poles are acclaimed by everyone from top athletes, joggers and walkers to medical experts and yes even ME!

Contact our fitness coach for help and more information!


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