Will you help me in my personal cancer recovery journey?


As you can see by the smile on my face in the photo below I am overjoyed to have the BEMER in Nazim’s and my paradigm which we call the Art of Wellness Collection.


 I had no idea when this photo was taken that in November of 2014 I would go in for a routine doctors exam with my GYN and I would diagnosed that night with stage 3 cancer. At the time I went into the hospital that very evening after they saw my CAT scan, they said I had a form of cancer that I had never heard of which was called ‘primary peritoneal’ cancer but later after my surgery we found it was actually ovarian cancer because the ovaries were where it started. the symptoms of both these forms of cancer are pretty much identical.
I have not been able to work this year towards my goal of introducing the Bemer to as many people as possible because of the chemo and surgery recovery time. Our financial resources and savings were so devastated, even though we thought we were prepared for emergencies, that my husband created a GoFundMe lifeline for me so we could as they say stay afloat and pay the bills the insurance doesn’t cover and also do the alternative therapies so necessary today to survive the traditional modalities such as surgery and chemo.
Traditional therapies often have terrible side effects including pain, nausea, fatigue, loss of appetite, loss of hair, eyebrows, eyelashes, etc — and what really need to do during these treatment modalities is enhance our immune system which gets devastated during chemo and what we want to do is try to improve our quality of life when we  cannot go out or be around other people because of the immune system suppression that occurs during chemo. 
Complementary alternative medical (CAM) treatments, such as Bemer are not covered under health care plans so most of us have to create a funding resource such as GoFundMe just to keep going. Please check out my GoFundMe and just know that every donation, the minimum hat my gofundme is $5, is cherished and we don’t consider this a small donation by any means.
I would appreciate your sharing this message/blog with the special people in your life to help me continue my journey and this also helps me to continue to share my findings about holistic alternatives.
Here is the link to my personal
Thank you kindly in advance, for any and all support you may give us!
Warm blessings,
Celeste Yarnall, Ph.D
Independent BEMER Distributor (IBD)

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