EVER HEAR OF YEKRA the On Line Movie Distributor?

Now Streaming on Yekra at http://www.ArtofWellnessCollection.com

Now Streaming on Yekra at http://www.ArtofWellnessCollection.com

Yekra,  is an online movie distribution startup,  that has launched a new service that allows you my fellow bloggers, Facebookers and tweeters to become part of the team that shares our award winning documentary film Femme Women Healing the World to pretty much anyone with an online audience. Yekra is a Los Angeles company that has landed a $3 million Series A funding round to help it help us take Femme viral

You can easily become a Femme Affiliate through their Affiliate Connect program. Through that program, bloggers and websites can distribute movies using the Yekra service, and take a cut of the rental fees that streaming our film Femme brings in. That’s a 20% commission folks, or $1 per stream from your Website or Facebook page and it is as if every blogger has a shot at becoming a mini movie theater screening our beautiful new film FEMME.

You, lovely  people who want so much for the higher consciousness, paradigm to shift and the healing to begin can become our FEMME affiliate’s because you can all use Yekra.

Yekra is positioned perfectly to help FEMME soar as premium online video is exploding, with Netflix’s audience increasing and even YouTube considering introducing paid channels.

Yekra was launched last year as a way for movie creators to distribute their content online, with creators retaining control over their films and renting them to users for set times, similar to on-demand video services from cable companies.

With the new program, affiliate connect, third parties such as bloggers or specialty websites are now able to grab code and embed a movie player on their sites, in essence we are taking over the function of a movie theater. We the supporters and fans of FEMME are now able to collect a percentage of the rental fee that is charged to stream, download or gift FEMME.

Yekra has pioneered the first system that both protects the content it distributes and makes it accessible for anyone—anywhere—with the capability to generate revenue on a cost-effective basis from day one.

To support the technology behind all this and continue marketing the service, Yekra has raised $3 million from Las Vegas angel investor Maurice Gallagher, and UK firm Bray Capital and angels Shay O’Brien and Michael Rogers.

Yekra is actually disrupting the film distribution business in a very big way. Please help us heal the world by empowering men and women to partner up and not be at odds with each other or compete with each other and use our empowering  film as  a great healing tool which can be shared in private screenings, conferences, and empowerment gatherings. It’s our PRIME DIRECTIVE to protect our beautiful jewel, planet Earth and all those who have the pleasure to call it home.

See Femme now at http://www.ArtofWellnessCollection.com

You can install Yekra at your blog/website/facebook page and earn commissions!

You can install Yekra at your blog/website/facebook page and earn commissions!

And stream/download/gift and/or sign up to be an affiliate of FEMME! Click my Celestial Musings Facebook page as well: https://www.facebook.com/celestialmusingsblogpage to see FEMME Women Healing the World!

Use the SHARE feature at the end of this post to spread the word about healing the world and monetizing at the same time! That’s what we call paying it forward with FEMME!

If you would like to be a host to the Femme Yekra player on your blog/website/FB Public Page and have a link for your newsletters as well please use this link: https://www.yekra.com/tools/affiliateconnect/enrollment/?products=femme&referrer=72747140mt2v8d

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